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Weekly Happenings Post #155 (February 27- March 4)-- Withdrawls, More Sickies, and A Little Bit of Subbing


I promise I will not bemoan the absence of caffeine and harp on my Lenten sacrifice at length, but I'm pretty sure the dominant theme last week was caffeine withdrawals.  I actually committed to drink only water, so I've had some caffeine in other forms (hello, BC Powder!).  I'm not abusing over the counters, I promise.  Anyway, I'm sure I'll do a big Lent post at some point, but that was a big focus last week.

I took hardly any pictures and this is so late.  I feel like I've done a better job cleaning and actually doing stuff around here, but that leaves so much less time for blogging.  I feel like I have SO many posts I want to catch up on and there's so many other things I want to do.  It asked this week in my Beth Moore study what was one thing you'd love to have if you could have anything in the world.  My answer? More TIME.

We also decided that we'd do the "Waste" chapter in 7 this months, because I think it would be really hard to do clothes with the weather as inconsistent it's been.  I'll blog more about it, but one thing we're doing is only cloth diapers and the other HUGE thing is using only one car (with the exception of work and church commitments).  I'll blog more about the details, but it's definitely making a difference in our weeks!

One of my old high school teachers had called me Sunday night to ask me to sub for him on Monday, so I was up before the kids getting ready for my day as a "working momma".  I had actually told him I couldn't at first, but then Peyton reminded me that he didn't have to work until 2:00 and told me to call him back and see if I could help him out until then.  It ended up that his last period is his free period and as I should have known since he called at 8:00 the night before, he was in a bind.  I have to say, I love subbing at Prep, but I so prefer it when I have a week or so of notice.  Anyway, the kids are so good, and it ended up being easy and stress free. I actually did a TON of reading.  I read a couple of parenting books, some Christian Believer readings, and did three days in my Beth Moore study.  I also filled out my planner and made some lists for the week and I also almost finished a random book about baby products I got when Annie was little.  I know that's SO weird, but I have a thing where I can't not finish a book.  I'm SO OCD.  Ha!  Anyway, Peyton met me at school and dropped of the kids and headed to work.  Of course, he did a wonderful job with them, but he had put Graves down for his MORNING nap at noon.  Ahh!

Neither kid napped when we got home.  I straightened up the house and played on Twitter while they attempted naps.  I made AP stay in bed for an hour and a half and Graves was up with dirty diapers and wanting to nurse more than usual (which I was happy about, actually, because he didn't take his bottle very well- big surprise- and I didn't have a chance to pump at school). After they got up, I was just bored and a bit frazzled so we went over to my parents' house.  We had a good visit and enjoyed some leftovers for dinner and then came home.  I had really expected AP to fall asleep in the car or at least crash immediately, but she had a rough night.  She kept wanting to change her CD a million times and was just so whiney and gripey.  I was getting super frustrated and was having a hard time keeping control.  I really don't know how legit working mommas do was such a challenging day for me.  I ended up just snuggling with her on the couch for awhile and maybe she just needed the extra cuddles because afterward she was much better. I got on the computer and then went to bed.
[reading the Bible in my t-shirt]

I was up and getting ready for Mothers' Day Out on Tuesday when Graves woke up all stuffy and crying.  We got him up and his cold seemed like it was sort of in his chest and he was wheezing a little.  It was super sad and I called Darlene and decided not to go to MDO.  He sounded awful so I decided to take AP on to school and make him a doctor's appointment.  The appointment was at 9:30, so we took our time getting ready and I fed the kids breakfast and then dropped AP off.  Graves slept all the way to and from the doctor and the appointment went well.  He had actually gained a pound and his ears and chest looked and sounded fine, respectively.  They did swab him for RSV and the test came back negative.  It ended up just being a yucky cold.  We picked up AP and then came back home and I fixed their lunch and mine and then they played some.  I put them down for naps and caught up on some Twitter happenings and texted a friend about a consignment sale that night.  The kids woke up and Peyton got home and we all just hung out for a bit and then he headed to a church meeting and I dropped the kids off with my in laws and headed to the sale.  The sale was really good and I got to be a personal shopper for Ashley and Carrie's kids, which was fun!  My mom met me and I saw several friends there, so it was fun to compare stuff.

 [Annie and Graves's stuff- ignore the "Alex"; I'm going to find a way to fix it!]

 [Aubrey and Jude's; Alaina was set!]

[Evy and Liam's]

I had Bible study on Wednesday and I woke up a bit early to try to finish it up last minute.  I didn't get all the way through, but I got a lot done.  Peyton had the day off and he kept the kids, so that was really nice.  Bible study went late, but it was SO good as usual.  I came home and fed Graves and then went over to Carrie's house to take her the clothes from the sale and just visit.  It was really good to see her and when I got home the kids were down for naps.  I read for Christian Believer and then when they woke up we got ready and headed to church.  It was a good study, in spite of me forgetting to bring the video and some of the readings being a little dry.  We got home and I straightened a bit and then got on the computer and worked on my blog design.  I made some white rotel dip and went to bed really late.

We had MDO on Thursday.  The kindergarten was having Family Fun Night so the gym wasn't available.  To break up the day we took a "field trip" around the church and we ended up stopping in one of the Sunday school rooms for a birthday party for Jennifer, one of the girls I work with.  That as fun!  We got home and I fed the kids lunch and finished up my blog design.  I added some details to an old Christian Believer post and checked Twitter.  I put the kids down for naps and then ran back to the consignment sale I had been to earlier in the week because I was having second thoughts about an outfit I put back that I wanted for AP.  Of course, it was gone.  My mom had said it was too babyish, and if Minnie says that it probably really is.  Oh well.

I got home and got back on the computer and finished a post and then I started cooking for a family we were taking a meal to that night.  I made them muffins and chicken salad, pasta salad, and fruit salad.  Since everyone had brought dinner, I thought it would be nice to have some "snack" foods around. I dropped a cartoon of eggs on the floor and luckily it only had three eggs in it, but it was still a yucky mess. When the kids got up, we all loaded up and dropped off the food.  We ran by Dairy Queen and then dropped something off at a friend's house.  We put Graves right to bed when we got home and Peyton fed AP supper and let her play a bit and then it was her bedtime, too. I straightened, did dishes and scrubbed the counters.  I ended up going to bed sort of early.

I woke up really early for some reason on Friday and Peyton woke up, too, so we chatted some and then I went back to sleep for an hour.  Graves was up with Peyton and Annie was waking up when I got up.  We all got ready and packed up some snacks and went to the park for awhile.  When we got home, Peyton bathed Graves and changed the crib sheets then I fed him and put him down for a nap.  Peyton gave AP her bath and I took mine and got ready and got some things together while he took his and then we ran some errands.  Peyton needed to go by Cokesbury and I had to go by the bank to deposit a couple of checks and to the post office to mail Ashley the clothes I got Evy and Liam.  We also made a potty stop at Newks and y'all I don't know how she was holding it because it was like a five minute waterfall when I put her on the potty!  We came home and Peyton left for work.

Ann Peyton had a little accident on the way to the potty, so I cleaned that up and then I took AP's monthly picture and fed the kids lunch and started some laundry. 

 I changed the sheets on Annie's bed and started steaming some carrots for Graves.  I was taking out the trash and the bag busted.  It had the whole egg mess from the day before in it, so that was a pain.  The kids played in the nursery while I organized a bunch of their clothes and tried to find some things they can wear now that don't look too Summery, since it is only March.  I took some pictures, too, because I'm planning on doing a post of some of my recent finds.  After that, I made both kids have "rest time".  Annie had napped in the car and Graves fell asleep for a few minutes, so I decided I'd just make them stay in bed for an hour.  Graves fell asleep and AP stayed in bed for a solid hour without much fuss.  I didn't do anything but waste time on the Internet.  Once I got them up, they played a bit and I just straightened up the house.  There was really bad weather, so I turned on the radio. I fed the kids dinner and while they were eating I vacuumed in the kitchen and the living room.  I put Graves in his crib to try to finish the bedrooms, but he didn't want to be trapped even with a bunch of fun toys, so I busted out the sling and he "helped" me.  It's been ages since worn him, but he seemed to enjoy it.  My back, not so much :(  I let him play a little more and then nursed him and put him to bed.

AP stayed up and colored some while I straightened up the house and deposited stuff from room to room.  I read her a Bible story and got her ready for bed, but she had already told me that MonkMonk was "crying so hard" due to the thunder, and I knew it was going to be rough. Sure enough, she was terrified when it thundered after I put her in bed.  She wouldn't even stay in our room without me, so I brought the laptop in our room and got on the computer while she rested.  Of course, that made it hard for her to go to sleep.  Peyton got home and she told him "Papa, you go sleep on the couch".  His told her "This is my bed and you will not be ugly to me when you are a GUEST in my bed".  I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing.  Anyway, I fixed myself some oatmeal and had some ice cream and Annie finally went to sleep around midnight after the storms passed.  I worked on Annie's monthly letter and then went to sleep.

Saturday was a long day, so I'm really thankful the kids both slept late.  I was surprised Graves did, but he woke up around 8:30 and then AP woke up an hour later.  I got a bath and fed them breakfast and emptied the dishwasher.  They played some and then Graves took his morning nap and I washed dishes and reloaded the dishwasher.  I folded some laundry and then he woke up.  I finished putting sheets on AP's bed (she only has one top sheet because I used one from another set for her shower curtain) and hung up clothes in the nursery and then Annie and I had lunch.  I folded more clothes and we all read some books and then Graves ate lunch .  He got bananas all in his hair so I gave him a bath and then it was naptime for both of the kids.

I got on the computer and did a few things and I had to wake AP up it got so late.  She watched a movie while I finished up what I was doing and then Graves woke up.  Peyton got home and we visited and then we all went to run some errands.  We ran by Target to get some bins to sort recycling, to Victoria's Secret for some new panties, and to Babies R Us for onsies for Graves.  We also stopped by the grocery store.  We fed the kids dinner and put them to bed. Peyton watched a movie and I played with my new sewing machine that's been sitting in the box because I knew I really needed to go take a new owner's class before I'd feel comfortable with it.  I couldn't really figure much out (it's way different from my old one that was my mother in law's) and so I went on to bed.

We all got up and got ready on Sunday and we were a little crunched for time.  Getting all the cloth diaper stuff together took a little longer than usual and I was late waking up. Since we're doing the one car thing and since he has to leave church early anyway, I dropped Peyton off at work and then headed to church.  I made back without incident or injury and I was pretty proud of myself!  We're still in Colossians in Sunday school and it was interesting and then we had communion at church.  One of our good friends brought Annie some smocked dresses her girls had outgrown so that was fun!  We got home and I fed the kids lunch and washed a bunch of dishes and unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and did some recycling and composting.  I started some laundry and straightened up a bit and then I put the kids down for a nap.  AP's sheets were sopping wet.  I guess she had an accident and Peyton didn't notice when he was getting her up that morning.  Anyway, I changed them and got the kids down.  I worked on finding a nursery worker for our circle meeting later in the week and got on Twitter and caught up on my Photo A Day Challenge.  I also put some dates in my planner.  I didn't really accomplish much else because Graves woke up fussing and it took me several tries to get him back to sleep.  AP was in and out of bed getting books and then she had an accident on the floor of her room.  I feel like she was doing so good, but she sometimes (often) waits too long.  When she did go to the potty, she started SCREAMING about it hurting.  She had mentioned it a few days ago, but she didn't say anything else and forgot about it.  Well, this was heartbreaking.  She was holding down there and just crying and walking all funny.  She kept asking for "Dipey Cream".  I finally just put some on her booty to try to distract her.  Anyway, she finally calmed down and rested and Graves fell asleep and I read the chapter in Radical.  I waited to late to get them up and fix their snacks to take with them and we were late, of course.  The group was good, but I feel like it's kind of getting redundant.  We lefts and picked up Peyton and both kids fell asleep in the car on the way home.  We transferred them and I did a ton of straightening around the house.  I did dishes and laundry and picked things up and then I went through some piles on the kitchen counter and on the buffet.  I did my Beth Moore study and organized some pictures to upload to Flikr and got my planner ready for the week.  I also went to the attic and organized some stuff up there and then we went to bed.

This week has turned out sort of the same...busier than I anticipated.  I'm making it, but I'll be happy next week when (I think) things slow back down!

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