Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Happenings

This month I finally went back to using "real" pictures in the header.  I like them, but I'll probably be back to the Instagrams next month!  Also, I used my quote from last April.  I just love it so much...definitely one of my favorites!

I think April is going to be a fun, busy month!

- We actually ended up cancelling our trip to see relatives in North Mississippi; we were busy and they were busy and it was just too many conflicts!

- We have two birthdays, but one birthday party.  Annie will be THREE tomorrow and I'm in disbelief.  And then less than two weeks later Graves will turn one.  I kind of feel like April may become "sucker punch" month.  I love that they're growing and developing, but birthdays are just bittersweet, aren't they?

- As I said, one party.  I kind of feel like a bad mom, but until they tell me they'd like to do otherwise, joint birthdays are the way the Herringtons do it. Obviously, Graves doesn't care and I think Ann Peyton is going to be so thrilled with the theme of the party, it won't phase her, either.

- The party won't be for a couple of weeks, but I did try to think of something fun to do on AP's actual birthday tomorrow.  I think maybe we'll take her to breakfast.  Her friend Aubrey is coming over so that will be wonderful and I'll probably take them on an outing to see Mickey and Minnie.

- We decided to opt out of the Easter bunny, but we are going to give them "Spring baskets" with a few happies in them one day this week and maybe hide some eggs.  We just want the focus on Sunday to be on our Risen Lord. [Not that you can't do both, but I think for our family this will be easier.] 

- I was going to dye eggs with AP, but I think that'll be something she will enjoy more next Spring.  I've come to the conclusion that a lot of the things I see on blogs/Pinterest/ect. that make me feel guilty or inadequate are more for the parent than the child and I'm going to make things easy on myself until I think the children will actually enjoy it.

- I have two big weekends the end of April and the first of May- the first is my first big Junior League thing and the second is the garage sale that our Circle (of which I'm now the president) is in charge of.  I'm excited about both those!

- In between all that, I'm going to be tutoring again a couple of afternoons a week.  I loved it last year, so I'm excited to have the opportunity again! 

An update on 7: we actually ended up not doing clothes last month because I thought the weather would make it really difficult (going from super hot to somewhat cold).  Last month we did "waste" and I'll do a post in the next week or so and now we're gearing up for clothes.

Lastly, my goals.  Here were March's:
1. Start an exercise routine and stick to it.  So I actually went to the gym and signed up and had my initial free "consultation" that our gym does.  That's as far as I got, though! Ha.  Right after that I ended up getting sick (I think it's just allergies) and I decided I wanted to be on the mend before starting up.  I think I may actually try some of the cardio classes instead of just using machines and I'm considering using the gym childcare.
2. Be intentional in my use of the computer/phone.  I did do a little better job at monitoring, but I'm going to leave it on my list because I could still make VAST improvements.
3. Use part of that time, at least weekly, to really write.  I didn't do as well as I'd like, but I did more creative writing than I typically do.  
April's goals:
1. Continue to be intentional about use of the computer/phone.  Again, this still needs improvement. 
2. Do at least one fun, focused activity with AP daily.  This could be something like taking her and Graves to the park, library or museum or it could be something like making up stories using her finger puppets or sitting down and drawing a picture with her during Graves's nap.  It could be working on letters or it could be a craft or project.  Nothing elaborate, but something more than just turning on a movie or slinging some play dough on the table.  I talk to Annie but it's usually in the middle of other things and I don't think that's bad at all.  But I do think she benefits immensely when I'm intentional about stopping what I'm doing and focusing on her.  I did that a good bit last month unintentionally and it really opened my eyes. 
3. Make an effort to not be looking at my phone every time I nurse Graves.  This is related to the above-- Annie is not the only one who needs my direct attention.  When she was a baby I made a commitment that when I nursed her I wouldn't talk on the phone, watch tv, play on Facebook, ect. but I want to be more intentional about not doing it ALL the time.

I think that's it. I'm excited about all this month has in store for us!

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Amy said...

i feel like i could have written this post!! first of all, love the header - you always choose the most perfect pictures to go along with the month/theme.

now...happy birthday to AP! i can't believe she will be three (or that my baby will be in just a few short months!!!) and how in the world are our littlest babies turning ONE?!?! we would totally do the joint party, too even though my girls bdays are are about a month apart. but i think i'm just going to have laney's first bday separate and then next year combine them...maybe.

i've started going to the gym (oh, joy) and taking the girls with me. i'm still not thrilled with it, but it hasn't been as bad as i thought. i don't know why it makes me feel so guilty to take them, but it does. it does help that we go in the mornings, so the majority of the "crowd" is all SAHM's and it's not random teenage girls manning the childcare.

and girl, i am the WORST about being on my phone when nursing laney. it's shameful really. i'm going to be try to follow your lead and be much more "present" when nursing her and when interacting with my girls in general.