Saturday, April 14, 2012

Letter to (One Year Old) Graves

Baby Graves,

It's hard to believe a year has passed since you first joined our family. You've certainly been your own person and quite different than your sister. It's been both a struggle and a joy to get to know you; and I don't mean that in a negative light. I've never been a big fan of little babies (1-2 years old), but I can recall many nights I've enjoyed settling you down at night and woken up with my sweet little boy in the morning.

You've the sweetest smile and most joyful face (when you're happy) that I have ever seen. I treasure that about you. Your personality has very much surfaced in the past year. I look forward to its further development as this has been the most exciting part of getting to know your sister. I look forward to using the box of GI Joe fort building supplies with you and teaching you to camp in the woods. I'm excited about you as you develop, but cautious to not allow the sweet innocent stages of your development to slip past me too quickly.

Papa (and Momma)

P.S. Your outfit is a 12 mo.

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