Friday, April 6, 2012

Letter to (Three Year Old) Ann Peyton

Monkey Princess,
Let's open with a song we love by Monkey Elton John...

 I've been enamored with you as you've developed. You're so inquisitive; everything that happens to you is typically followed by some sort of question....why did the monkey see a dog? etc. And while we're on questions, I should answer one for Momma. She's always worried that you're my favorite child and that Graves is in the backseat. To be honest you are my favorite child right now. Not because I dislike Graves; I've just never favored itty bitty babies so much. They're cute, that's for sure ( and your brother has the sweetest smile), but they don't interact in the same fashion. I very much treasure your questions and observations. I'm watching you take in and try to understand this world and I love that. Graves will be there in a couple of years, and I'm enjoying how sweet and clingy he is while it last.

 This brings up another point- you want your independence. Over the past year you've made it quite clear that anything you can do, you want to do "all by myself". It's great to watch you challenge yourself, but if you can't meet the challenge (open a car door that's locked) you'll still ask Papa/Momma to help. I feel like our relationship has changed over the past year as well. I think a year ago you favored me strongly, but now I think you favor neither me or your mom. You do, however, feel more comfortable with your mother and I think you're more weary of my correction. I'm trying to work on not being so hard on you, or when I do have to correct you being mindful of my tone.

 With that being said, we have a great amount of fun together. You and I both love long walks (and generally any activity) outside. Last weekend we walked 9&1/2 miles (2hr 15min) from Grandpa Randy's house to Minnie's and back and you had a blast! Grandpa Randy didn't think you'd last so long in a stroller, but I knew you'd love every minute of it- and you did. In fact, you were tired of sitting down, so you got up and ran for 1/3 mile without stopping (well, you tripped three times but quickly got up and ran again). I couldn't believe you made it so far and mom reflected that this sort of thing certainly came from my side of the family. You enjoy any type of physical activity really. You love to dance with me and Baby Graves in the kitchen; and there are times when you hop to the car so you won't have to walk (ugh, so boring, right?). It's a pleasure to watch you play so joyfully.

 You've begun to branch out and explore your fears also. Your first contact with bees at Minnie's house was met with apprehension. So as one buzzed near you, Minnie shooed that booger away. Later we talked about how nice bees are and how they give us food when they move from flower to flower and now you say "hello little bee" when they buzz by you. This isn't to say you don't have fears. Last night you woke up screaming because "worms are in the bed". I thought it was a nightmare, so we spent the night on the couch together. But when you woke up this morning you told me to get the worms out of your book in the bed. We went to the bed and to our surprise there were no worms in the book. Later this afternoon you told everyone at Mother's Day Out that "Momma cleaned the worms out of my book." Then while Momma was out to church you got so scared by the mosquito truck. I told you it was OK to be scared and that Momma and I were scared of things also. A few minutes went by then you turned and asked me what Momma and I were scared of.  Once again, I love all the questions! (and for the record I told you we got scared when you played near the street and when Papa climbs on the roof he gets scared sometimes).

 You still enjoy living vicariously as a monkey much of the time. When you're scared you say "the monkey is scared" and this week Mrs. Kelly at mother's day out asked you if you'd like a banana and you said you didn't; she then asked if the monkey wanted a banana- the monkey gladly accepted.

 I cannot express how much I enjoy watching you learn and grow with us. You're our princess monkey and I only look forward to getting to know you more.

Papa (and Momma)

P.S. Your outfit is a 2T.

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