Thursday, April 19, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge: March

Well, I'm a little late, but I wanted to share my photos from the March Photo A Day Challenge.  Here are the prompts:

And here are my photos:

Day 1 
It just keeps going (up).  Check out 3:00.

Day 2
big bowl o' (fruit) 

Day 3
lazy Sunday afternoon in all directions in (my neighborhood)

Day 4
funky lamp, vintage clock, dish from the Antro, AppleTV remote, A Charlie Brown Christmas, 7 by Jen Hatmaker- my (bedside)

Day 5
(a smile) from me and (a smile) from Minnie.  Excited about the opportunities for service and friendship.

Day 6
a day late, but here's what our fam was doing at (5 PM)- reading, playing driving

Day 7
(something I wore)- one of several pieces of apparel form the sleepwear/loungwear deaprtment of Anthro that I use as streetwear
Day 8
(window) project I'd been procrastinating for months

Day 9

Day 10
This guy was definitely the most (loud) of all the friends we saw at the zoo yesterday.

Day 11
My favorite little conversation partner, in the most Southern toddler-speak you've ever heard in your life, "these are NOT footie pjs!" (someone I talked to today)

Day 12
If you're married to Peyton and have a (fork) like these, you wash and reuse. Even when you have a Sunday School party with thirty people. 

Day 13
I really wanted to get a picture of a Ron Paul sign and the fanboy that lives in my house, but I ran out of time and had to settle for this lame-o pic.

Day 14
I had to look hard to find these- hardly a (cloud) in the sky

Day 15
skipped the mom (car) and went straight to the grandma mobile.  Good thing I'm not high maintenance! 

Day 16
I know these (sunglasses) make me look a little buggy, but I love them.  Peyton picked them out for me when he was out of town- "just like you, Sweetie, cute and bubbly" ;)

Day 17
This (green) guy provides hours of toddler fun!

Day 18
The most magical (corner of my home)

Day 19
lots of laughs being married to this (funny) Elton John impersonator

Day 20
It'd been that kind of day. (Before/After)

Day 21
These (delicious) bites are so nostalgic- remind me of the place where I met my husband and my sweet second pregnancy

Day 22
My (kitchen sink) looks like something straight off The Real World (minus the rocket sippy).  I am too old for this.

Day 23
Goodnight (Moon)- toddler and Momma favorite

Day 24
The General, enjoying Papa's shoes

Day 25
My favorite (breakfast)- Great Harvest wheat bread, Nutella, and fresh strawberries

Day 26
pithy little helpful reminder on my (key) chain

Day 27
(my name) and his, framed in our book cabinet

Day 28
Recyclable (trash) waiting to be sorted into green bins (three more outside) 

Day 29
Taking a cue from my adorable sister, I've started wearing "fun" socks on my (feet) under my sneaks.

Day 30
Despite all the fun other stuff, oatmeal containers and chapstick are Graves's and Ann Peyton's favorite (toy), respectively.

Day 31
(Where I relax) when I get the chance

 I really enjoyed capturing glimpses of our lives this way again this month and I love thinking of fun ways to approach each prompt!

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