Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Three Decades = A Bucket List Concert with the Boss

Y'all, I cannot stand it I'm so excited.  Peyton is turning thirty next week and we're taking a trip we've been dreaming about for years.

We are going to see...

I know it's not really typical for people our age, but Bruce Springsteen is one of mine and Peyton's all time favorite singers and we're pretty big music fans.  Like, he's definitely in my top three favorite artists and could well be in the number one seat on a given day.  He just has such an extensive collection of great songs and lots of his albums are really unique and different from each other.  

We decided a LONG time ago that if he came anywhere near us (like within ten hours), we'd pay whatever and go see him.  I always say I want to make a "bucket list" and just never have, but this is something that's been on a mutual mental bucket list for so long.  

Well, about a month ago, Peyton found out that he was coming to New Orleans (only a few hours away) and since the venue is festival style, the tickets were really pretty reasonable.  Of course, we were faced with the question of what to to do with the kiddos, namely the boy babe who refuses to drink more than an ounce from a bottle, cup, or anything that's not a um...body part.  Ahem.  Especially since, as we found out today that he's in the .4 percentile, I just didn't see leaving bottles and going with the "if he takes them he takes them, if he doesn't he doesn't" option  to be a good one, even for a short trip.  

Enter MINNIE from stage right.  When pitched to my mom as "all Peyton wants for his thirtieth birthday", she just jumped at the chance to spend the night in the hotel with us and two ill sleeping toddlers.  [I kid about the "ill sleeping", but Graves has had a bad few weeks due to being sick and poor Annie has a hard time keeping her covers dry, but I really am trying hard not to go backwards toward diapers.]

Peyton has to work on Saturday and I have a Junior League obligation, as well, but the concert isn't until Sunday night.  So, we're headed down Sunday morning to enjoy the day in the city and then we'll go to the concert and probably channel our younger selves with a bit of New Orleans night life and then turn in and head back home on Monday.  It's going to be a whirlwind, but I'm so thrilled. 

Several months after we started dating, this song was playing in Peyton's car one night after I ran out the front door of my parent's house and hopped in.  We just looked at each other and we both felt something there we had never felt before.  I remember we both had tears in our eyes and I kept asking Peyton "What? What is it?" and he said "I think we're falling in love" and I said "I think that's it" and we cried and hugged and kissed.  I will always love this song and that memory.

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