Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekly Happenings #160 (April 2-8)-- Celebrating the Risen Lord with Pink Eye and Such

 [Of course, this one need an explanation.  We had to wake Graves up for his medicine that night and I insisted we take a family picture while he was up.  Peyton decided he'd try his best to look "groggy", too.  To bad he looks doped.  And I'm thinking the Snoopy shirt may become a regular in these things, especially since I have a "no skivies" on the blog rule now.]

It took everything I had to convince him not to wear the "popcorn shirt" he brought AP home from Walgreens for the family picture...

Oh, y'all.  This past week.  It started out good, but then poor Gravey got sick.  And then AP got sick.  Luckily, hers was really short lived.  His has been harder to kick, but he's on the mend now.  It really started Wednesday and today (Tuesday) I feel like he's finally on the tail end of it.  I know it could be much, MUCH worse, but it just breaks my heart to see my kiddos sick and really I think (praise the Lord!) this is the longest stretch either of them has dealt with anything!

Monday was Annie's THIRD birthday.  We all got up, got ready and went out to celebrate.  We were going to go to Great Harvest but they didn't have cinnamon rolls, so we ended up at Primos.

We had a good breakfast and hurried home to get ready for our company.  Carrie and her kids were coming over, so I straightened a bit, took AP's picture with PigPig and briefly cleaned the guest bathroom. 

  Carrie got here and we had lunch while the kids played.  Peyton came in from outside and asked if we knew the girls were on our bed.  Um, no, we thought they were playing in the nursery.  Ha!  When Carrie got ready to leave, she couldn't find her keys and we looked everywhere.  Anyway, Peyton ended up putting the carseat base for Alaina in my car and she went home to get her spare while I watched the other four kids.

When she got back I fed Graves and put him down and then AP helped me clean up.  They rested and I played on the computer.  AP never fell asleep and when they got up we got ready and headed to my parents' house.  We had a fun time and both kids fell asleep on the way home.  I straightened up a bit and started laundry and then got on the computer.  I did my Bible study and went to bed late!

Tuesday we had Mother's Day Out.  Peyton helped me get the kids ready and we left on time!  We had a good morning there and when we got home, I fed the kids lunch and cleaned up the kitchen.  I changed over laundry and unpacked their bags and then Peyton gave AP a bath and I bathed Graves.  They played a little and then it was naptime.  Graves took an okay nap, but Annie wouldn't go to sleep.  I got on Twitter and looked at some articles Peyton had emailed me.  I also tried to email our aldermen about how full the recycling drop off has been.  I let AP get up and I went through some piles and wrote a few thank you notes.  I folded laundry while she and Graves played.  She got cranky and had to go to the "cool down chair".  After I finished some dishes, I started looking for her and couldn't find her anywhere.  I was starting to panic and then I found her asleep in the calm down chair.  It was 5:00, but she didn't want to get up and I felt bad so I let her watch a movie.  She got upset when it ended and went back and fell asleep again in the chair! I figured skipping naps just had her exhausted.  Anyway, I fed Graves dinner and straightened up the house and then I transferred her to her bed and put Graves to bed.  They were both in bed at 7:00!  I got on Twitter and tweeted about someone who compared her forced C-Section to being raped.  Of course there was a good deal of discussion and I was on the computer for several hours (doing other things too).  I tried to upload pictures but my Picassa desktop client was broken. I did it manually and finished last week's WH post. Peyton got home and we went to bed.

On Wednesday, I got up with the kids and Peyton left for work.  I took a quick bath and then we all had breakfast.  I took out the trash, did dishes and started laundry.  I put Graves down for his morning nap after changing his sheets and stripped ours and AP's beds.  My sister in law was coming over to pick up some baby clothes that were AP's for her little girl that's coming soon and AP had a fun time playing with cousin Simeon.  I had a nice visit with Elizabeth and Graves woke up shortly before they left.  After they went home, I booked a hotel for our beach trip this Summer(!!!) and folded some laundry.  We went outside and "chalked" as AP would say on the driveway because it was too wet to go in the backyard.
One benefit of being petite: Graves and I both fit in this little rocking chair.  HA!

We had lunch and then I put the kids down for naps.  AP fell asleep really quickly (I had to pick her up off the couch a few time before lunch because I could tell she was dozing off) but Graves had a terrible time.  He was just screaming even in my arms.  He finally wore himself out and I put him down.  He didn't sleep long though- I ate lunch and checked Twitter and he was up screaming.  I couldn't figure it out but I just snuggled with him on the sofa and he fell back asleep and I dozed off, too!  AP woke up and Peyton got home and we headed to church by way of UPS.  A lady in our Bible study had a friend who is a missionary and works with women in the sex trad in China come speak to our group.  It was AMAZING and so inspiring.  Both kids were really tired and we put them right to bed when we got home.

Thursday was pretty crazy.  Peyton was off and was subbing at MDO since a lot of teachers were out for their older children's Easter parties.  Anyway, we all got ready  and arrived pretty close to on time even though we way overslept.  We had a fun day with an Easter Egg hunt in the gym but poor Graves just felt bad.
 The resident "P.E. teacher" at MDO hid (or rather, scattered) the eggs and he made this little bunny face, as well.  I love my cheeseball husband.

We had thought his eyes were puffy from allergies, but he seemed weird so I made him a doctor's appointment.  AP was acting sort of clingy and cranky, too.

After we left MDO we started errands.  Peyton dropped something off at the MPhA office and I took a dress to be altered and then we had a super quick lunch at Subway and went to the doctor.  We found out Graves had pink eye and an ear infection.  YUCK.  We ran some more errands- Stride Rite, the bank, Walgreens, Hobby Lobby and Great Harvest and then came home.  Graves had slept most of the time in the car but he wanted to sleep some more.  Peyton took AP for a walk and I tried to fix the Picassa desktop program on the computer but it wouldn't work.  They got home and I got ready and headed to a church service at The Pointe.  It was really need and very experiential- we watched clips from The Passion of the Christ, had communion, nailed sheets of paper with our sins written on them to a cross, and even tasted bitter wine like Jesus drank.  I got home and Graves was sleeping again.  I woke him up to nurse him and then we decided to take AP's temperature and realized she was sick, too.  She went to bed and we just had a relaxed night after that.

Peyton and I got up and chatted some on Friday morning and then the kids woke up and I snuggled with Graves some on the sofa.  I cleaned up a bit around the house and fed Graves breakfast and then Peyton and AP went to Lowe's and I put Graves back down. I talked to one of my dad's techs (he owns a computer business) and got my Picassa problem solved.  When Peyton and Annie got home I went to the gym for the first time.  It was actually okay.  I walked/ran on the treadmill and it was kind of a treat to watch some TV since we don't have cable anymore.  Of course I'm boring and I picked the news.  When I got back Peyton and I talked some and then I took a shower and took some things to the attic and organized some.  Peyton left and Graves was still asleep.  I put Annie down and had lunch and then messed around on the computer.  I watched a Christian Believer video and made a couple of phone calls and then my dad came by so he could help me give Graves his eye drops.  He was up for a bit and we visited with my dad and then I put Graves back down and took Annie outside to play and water plants.  We came in and I folded and put up some laundry.  Graves woke up and actually seemed to have a little energy so I decided we would go to my parents' for beans and rice even though I hadn't planned to. We had fun and my mom had some birthday present for them- stickers, a crayon holder, books, a Veggie Tales dvd, some SpongeBob yard tools, a monkey rug for AP, a bunny cup and sunglasses, an adorable book and a slinky for Graves.  We got home and I put the kids to bed and got on the computer and then worked on invites for their birthday party.  AP woke up to go visit with Peyton around midnight....it was so weird.  She talked his ear off, but then went back to bed pretty easily.  I went to sleep SO late!

Saturday was a great day at home.  I always dread the Saturdays Peyton works, but lately I've begun to enjoy them more.  Peyton was running late so I got up around eight and packed his lunch.  Graves woke up and I nursed him and he went back to sleep.  He and AP both slept until after ten and it was SO nice.  I got up when they did and we had breakfast and I did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen while they played.  I put Graves down and took a bath while AP watched Elmo and then Graves got up and they played some more.  Annie had lunch and I bathed Graves and then they both took naps.  They neither one stayed in bed very long and when they got up we just hung out some more and I read to them.  I put Graves back down and AP and I did a sticker book together-matching seasons and colors and stuff with the correct sticker.  Graves woke up and we spent a good while outside and then came in for snacks.  Graves fell asleep again and I folded laundry and put it up while Annie played.  Peyton got home and we loaded up and went for a walk on a nature trail near our parents' houses.  We dropped something off in a friends' mailbox and just drove around until both kids fell asleep.  When we got home I got on the computer and planned the Sunday school lesson I was teaching.  We had frozen pizza for dinner and I read my Bible and wrote a blog post and went to bed.

Sunday was Easter, but it really didn't feel like it.  Peyton had to work and I had children's church and was teaching Sunday school for Peyton, so my mom came over to keep the kids.  There ended up not being any children's church so I got to go to the service unexpectedly and that was a blessing.   I love singing all the Easter hymns!
 "Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he is risen!"

 "An empty grave is there to prove my Savior lives."

  Sunday school was really good and there was a lot of discussion.  We're still in Colossians and discussed how we can pray for "open doors" with nonbelievers.  When I got home, I fed the kids lunch and put them down for naps.  Graves had been pretty fussy for my mom, (which I expected) and the house was kind of torn up (which I also expected, hehe).  I straightened up some, put pictures on Facebook and Flikr, had my own lunch and then Graves woke up.  He just wanted to snuggle and we held.  So pitiful, but part of me loved it, of course!

  AP woke up and I could tell she was still tired (and so was I!) so we lazed around and watched a little Sesame Street.  Graves woke up and we played outside for half an hour and then came in and unloaded and loaded dishes.

 I fed the kids a snack and bathed Graves and put fresh sheets on his bed.  I gave him his medicine and put him down early for the night.  Annie wanted a bath, too, and she ended up soaking until Peyton got home.  I decided to have a little "pamper Annie night and I painted her toenails and fingernails and she picked out her Snoopy shirt to wear to bed.

 Peyton and I talked and ate leftover pizza and then he took her to the grocery store and I worked on our finances for a couple of hours.  We read her her Bible and it was all about Jesus washing the disciples feet and Peyton made a little connection with her pedicure.  It's really neat to watch her learn to recognize and appreciate it when we serve her! I put her to bed and then I got on the computer and wrote a post and uploaded some more pictures to Facebook.  Peyton and I talked and went to bed.

This week has started off good.  The kids' joint birthday party is this weekend and I, of course, have waited until the last minute to do EVERYTHING.  So it should be an interesting week!

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