Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekly Happenings #162 (April 16-22)-- Meetings and Maladies

This week was way busier than I realized it would be.  Peyton had an overnight shift I had forgotten about and I subbed on Friday.  Peyton also had really full days at the beginning of the week and Graves and I were still congested and feeling gross. 

We stayed at home and took it easy all day on Monday.  It was kind of a dreary day and I was tired and feeling yucky with sinus junk.  Graves woke up early (six something) and wouldn't go back to sleep, so I fed him breakfast and took a bath and then put him down for his nap early.  Annie got up and we had breakfast and I tried to figure out how to upload their slideshow to YouTube or something.  It was too big so I just snuggled with her and rested on the sofa.  When Graves woke up we went outside for a few minutes, but it was to damp for anything except playing with bubbles under the carport.  We went inside and told "finger puppet stories" instead.  I tried something new and made them have sort of a lesson or moral this time.  We sat in the sunroom to do it and that was fun. I fixed the kids lunch and then gave Graves a bath and put them down for naps.  I got on the computer and was lazy.  AP never did go to sleep and she tried to get up a few times, but in general was pretty well behaved.  Peyton dropped by (he had been working at a store near our house) to get some lunch and then he ran to his store for a bit and then to a church meeting.  After the kids woke up, I tried to figure out what to do with my slideshow again and then we just played.  Graves was pretty cranky and wanted to be held a lot.  I did a little laundry and loaded dishes and then fed them dinner.  I put Graves to bed and read to AP and then it was her bedtime.  I got on the computer and went to sleep.

Graves was up super early on Tuesday and after I fed him I felt so bad that I moved to the couch and Peyton stayed up with him.  We had MDO that morning so we all got ready and left in the rain.  It was a good morning but I still felt pretty rough.  I was ready to get home for naptime! I fixed the kids lunch and then put them down for naps.  Neither one napped well and so I just got them up and we spent a good part of the afternoon working on Graves's closet changeover.  They had early dinners and baths and I put Graves to bed before seven and AP was in bed just after eight.  They both went down pretty easily, but Graves was up a lot during the night.

Peyton went to work Wednesday morning and I got up with the kids and made Graves a doctor's appointment.  I got him and myself ready and we all had breakfast and I started some laundry and then my mom came over to keep AP.  Dr. Denney said his ears were clear but his throat was red.  When we got home, I took the kids outside and we had lunch and then I put them down for naps.

 I ate lunch and played on the computer and then I started reading in Christian Believer.  Graves kept waking up and finally wouldn't go back to sleep.  Peyton got home and I read him some from the Christian Believer workbook  and then we all got ready for church.  We kept Graves with us since he was sick and big surprise, he did GREAT!  We left the church late and went by the grocery store for a few things.  Peyton got ready and fixed AP's supper and then he left to work his overnight shift and I got the kids to bed.  I got on the computer and got the car seat out of the car to wash the cover because AP had teeteed on it and then went to bed myself.

Thursday was busy but super fun!  Peyton got home from his overnight shift and we chatted before the kids got up.  Graves slept until almost nine and AP slept even later!  I got a bath and we all had breakfast and Peyton went on to bed.  I did some dishes and finished getting ready.  I put the car seat cover back on and reinstalled it and then put Graves done for a nap.  He was still kind of cruddy and we were supposed to have lunch at the Howie's house.  Peyton said if he wouldn't sleep, he'd just get up with him and go to bed early that night.  We picked up Newks and headed to Carrie's house.  We had a good time and I think the girls enjoyed playing.  When I got home, I found out Graves had fallen of the bed when he was up there snuggling with Peyton.  I was pretty upset.  Right after we got home, our friends from church, the Deckards, dropped off their kids.  They were going to a parent-teacher conference, so we said we'd watch their three girls.  We played outside a bit and then came in.  Annie had fun and after they left we went to go get some bread at Great Harvest.  We ran by Sonic and then came home.  Peyton played outside with the kids while I straightened the house.  We went out to dinner at our favorite Mexican place.  The kids were so tired and we bathed them and put them right to bed.  I wrote a post and went to bed, too!

I subbed at Saint Andrews on Friday.  We had had a weird night/early morning.  AP woke up freaking out and we put her in our bed and then she teeteed and Graves woke up stuffy and unhappy.  I fed him around 6:00 and got up to get ready.  I put him in his high chair, but when I came back in the living room, Peyton had both kids snuggled with him on the couch. [I have a picture, but there is so much chest hair/back hair involved it's just unbloggable.]  Subbing was really fun and I have to say it's kind of a cake walk compared to the day to day with two little children.
Yep, I got paid to color.  And I had fun telling the little girls about my sweet munchkins. 

Anyway, Peyton had gone to work and my mom was with the kids when I got home.  I fed AP a snack and nursed Graves (for like forever) and attempted naps.  They neither one took one and all I had time to do was make and eat a turkey melt.  We did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen and then headed to my parents'.  We ate beans and left early.  Graves went right to sleep, but AP really fought it.  She ended up falling asleep in the calm down chair around ten.  I got on the computer for a few minutes and then Peyton got home and we visited.  I finished up a post and went to bed.

Saturday was a lazy bum day.  The kids watched too much TV and I hardly did anything productive.  I think we needed it, though.  We got up and had breakfast and I had a bath and after the kids played a little I put Graves down for a nap.  I kind of figured he didn't want to take two so I just let him sleep.  He slept for almost three hours! AP snuggled with me and watched Elmo and then I turned on Temple Grandin, a movie Peyton had gotten on Netlix and told me I needed to watch.  I folded some laundry and Annie played.  When Graves woke up, I put up laundry in their room and we went to my parents.  We ended up staying longer than I planned because I knew Graves would fall asleep in the car and I wanted to wait until bedtime.
My mom had made homemade granola and it was so good with a cold glass of milk.  This was my favorite cup at my grandmother, "Bump's", house.  It made me miss her so much- my breath catching in my chest and I just feel so sad- I wish desperately she had gotten to meet, and love, my babies. 

 They both ended up falling asleep, but Annie was the only one to transfer!  Peyton was home and so he fed Graves some more table food and got him to bed and I just relaxed.  I ate some soup and fell asleep around eight, despite having a little nap while watching Elmo and having a nap at my parents' house!

I woke up feeling some better on Sunday.  Graves was still yucky, so we missed church and Peyton skipped, too, so I could get in a little more sleep.  [He also got up with Graves when he couldn't go back to sleep at 4:30 AM because of his stuffy nose.  So sweet.] After he left for work, I got a bath and we all had breakfast.  I unloaded and reloaded dishes and made a (very simple) key lime pie because we were supposed to be feeding some women at a shelter in the area that night.  [Our group that did Radical decided we needed to do some service instead of just feeding ourselves.]

I gave the kids baths and y'all....this is AWFUL so you may want to skip on to the next paragraph....I was bathing AP and watching Graves out of the corner of my eye and saw him eating something.  Um...it was a kidney bean skin from Friday night.  He had pooped in the tub and was eating it!!! Oh my word!  I snatched AP out and put her on a towel and then pulled him out without one and ran to other tub.  I kept telling AP to follow me.  I got everyone cleaned off and playing happily in their bedroom and then I cleaned out the tub.  We went outside and had a little snack and then it was nap time.
It blows my mind he is big enough for this. 

I was so ready.  I got on the computer and then added some tomatoes to a salad Peyton had made for that evening.  I ate some lunch and then the kids got up.  I told AP how proud I was of her for staying so quiet in her bed for TWO hours and we went outside and played. Morgan came over to pick up the food and let Mary Milton use the potty. We came in and the kids did puzzles and then I put them both in Graves's crib so I could vacuum the bedrooms.  I fed them dinner and Peyton got home and took them to the park before it got dark.  I was so glad to just lay down because my head was hurting so bad.  When they got home, we went to Walgreens and picked up something and then went to Walmart and Target looking for the new Bruce Springsteen cd.  Then we drove out to Peyton's store to get a free NetiPot type thing he had at his pharmacy.  I was so desperate!  We got home and transferred the kids and I used the thing. The experience was kind of traumatic; I kept telling Peyton I needed a doula ;) It cleared me up but I still had a fierce headache.  Peyton and I had leftovers and cereal, respectively and I got on the computer and then went on to bed. 

I felt a good bit better today and Graves seems to be on the upswing, too, although he's slept really poorly so far tonight.  I guess we'll see.  I'm ready for the weather to just get hot and stay hot- that should fix things.

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