Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #161 (April 9-16)-- Party Animals

The kids birthday party was last weekend and it was the most productive week I've had in a long, long time.  Peyton and I really knocked out a ton of stuff around the house.  I guess we just need an external motivator to do things? I'm not sure.  Peyton had a lot of stuff going on with work, too, so it was just plain busy.  Anyway, it was so worth it, but this week had me exhausted by Sunday and sadly, a little sick.

The kids slept pretty late on Monday and I got up when AP did and had a bath.  Graves was still feeling bad from his little ear infection, but he had a little breakfast and snuggled a minute and then took an early nap.  While it was just me and AP, I got a lot done- I took out the recycling, did the dishes and started laundry, found a trashcan outside to use in the kitchen (we had just been using a bag behind the recycling can), put up the groceries that weren't cold from the night before and spent at least half an hour deep cleaning our oven.  I had sprayed the oven down the night before (it's old and doesn't have a self cleaning feature) and I scrubbed it and the stove top and cleaned out the drip pans and took of the knobs and everything.  I'm so embarrassed but I've actually NEVER deep cleaned it like that before.  When Graves got up, we all got ready and went to the pharmacy to get him a new antibiotic and some drops for his ears.  I also got gas and then we made a little Sonic stop.

I fed the kids and put them down when we got home and then I got on the computer and started working on making a folder of pictures for a slideshow for their party.  I noticed that some of the pictures wouldn't open and so I called my dad and he had me email him one.  He could tell by looking at the properties and the file size that there was no way the picture was still on that file.  I got so stressed out and was tearing up (these were newborn Annie pictures) because they looked the same on our external harddrive.  After a few minutes I realized the messed up files were DUPLICATES and I could breath again.  Peyton got home right after that and I worked on picking out pictures.  The kids woke up and the junior high boy I'm tutoring came over for our first session.  It went really well and after he left I visited with Peyton some and then he took the kids to my parents' to pick up something and to do some errands and I went to the gym.  I'm going to write a gym post soon, but I felt really good about it.  I went by Target to make a return and get a storage bin and a few other things and to the grocery store.  I got home and put up the stuff I had gotten and straightened the house and did dishes and then Peyton got home.  He put Graves right to bed and we read to AP and got her in bed.  I started some soup and then worked on the picking out pictures for, um, a couple of hours. I ended up burning the soup and I was so mad at myself.  I too a bath and went to bed frustrated.

We stayed home from Mother's Day Out on Tuesday because Graves still felt bad.  He actually ended up being much better.  I got a quick bath and then we all had breakfast and I spent probably half an hour untangling the cords on our blinds in the kitchen.  I got some thank you notes and the birthday invites addressed and stamped (although AP got into my stamps while I was fixing the blinds and had them all over her and the table) and in the mailbox before the mail lady came.  I started some more beans soaking for another pot of soup and then I gave both kids baths.  It was really too late for a morning nap for Graves so we went outside and played and then came in for a lunch/snack since breakfast was later than usual.

 I put Graves down for a nap and AP and I did a sticker workbork and I read to her from Tasha Tudor's A Time to Keep. Both kids took really good naps and I uploaded pictures and did my Weekly Happenings Post from last week. Peyton got home and the kids woke up and we all hung out a little and then he headed to the gym.  I took the kids back outside and when he got home we got stuff together and all headed to the church.  I had a meeting for the Sunday school curriculum committee and Peyton decided it would be fun for the kids to have a change of scenery so they just played in the nursery while he watched them and read.  The meeting went longer than I expected and when we got home, we put Graves right to bed. Peyton had to drop something off for the pharmacy so I played with AP some and then we read her her Bible.  I got on the computer and started working on the slideshow again.  Peyton and I moved some furniture around and I straightened and went to bed so absurdly late (like around three).  Peyton woke up around five thirty on Wednesday and we chatted a little and then he went for a long walk.  He called me to start his bath water around 8:30 and then I went back to sleep.

The kids slept until ninish again but AP had had an accident, so we started off the day with me changing her sheets and her hitting Graves for looking at her stuffed monkey. I took a quick bath and then we all had breakfast and I cleaned up the kitchen and worked on scouring and scrubbing the nasty pot I had burned the soup in a couple of days before.  I also had to move all the liqueur we had dumped out of the "bar" we moved out of the kitchen so it wouldn't be in the middle of the table where AP was eating breakfast.  We had a relaxing rest of the morning- I started cooking more soup and the kids played.  I snuggled with them and read to them and AP and I did stickers and then I put them both down.  I guess getting up so late made Graves only want one nap, which was fine, but so weird after him sleeping SO much when he was sick.  Peyton got home from his meetings he had all morning and we talked some and I finished cooking the soup.  I got on the computer for a minute and my mom came over and then I worked on the readings for Christian Believer.  We all got ready and left early because I had a haircut.  We realized on the way that we had forgot AP's shoes, so after Peyton dropped me off, he and the kids headed to Walmart.  Annie picked out an $.87 pair of socks instead of shoes.  Whatever.  When we got to church she seriously freaked out about leaving her in the nursery.  We told them to call us if needed.  Christian Believer was interesting and there was a lot of discussion.  When we got back, though, we found out that AP had teeteed on purpose to try to make us come back.  Peyton had big discussion with her and she apologized to our sweet nursery workers.  We got home and I cleaned up the house and did dishes.  I vacuumed the kitchen and the den and then got on the computer and wen to bed.

We had to be up early for Mother's Day Out on Thursday, but Peyton helped us get ready.  AP had had an accident, so he gave her a super quick bath.  Thursday was just kind of a long day.  Peyton worked a double and Annie was not in the best spirits a lot of the day. However, it was a special day because Baby Graves turned ONE. We had a good morning at MDO and on the way home, I realized I needed something for dinner.  I decided to be ambitious and go ahead and do my big grocery trip for the birthday party.  They're moved everything all around in our grocery store and I needed a couple of things that I've never gotten before and the kids were cranky, but we made it!  When we got home, they ate lunch while I put up the groceries and then I remade AP's bed.  I needed to put on the dust ruffle that I had washed a few days before so I had to take the mattress entirely off the bed.  I also had to move around a chair and I realized I needed to vacuum under it.  So I vacuumed their whole room.   I took Graves's birthday picture and then (since it was such an important one!) redressed him in an outfit I liked better.


 I put the kids down for naps and Annie was just difficult.  She finally went to sleep, but only slept for an hour and woke up in the worst mood.  I ate lunch, checked Twitter and tried to upload pictures from my camera.  The connection kept getting lost and I was so frustrated.  AP got up and then Graves did and I got dinner in the crock pot and got us ready and we left for my Susannah Wesley Circle meeting.

Ann Peyton had a hard time and since it was kids from the youth group keeping the nursery, I went and got her.  Our old president stepped down and I'm in charge now and I was pretty frazzled at that point.  We have a big project coming up and I was nervous enough trying to organize it without a clingy, whiney toddler.  Anyway, it all got done, but I was so tired by the end of it.  I put Graves to bed right when we got home and read to AP and got her ready for bed.  She was mad about going to bed again and there were a good many trips to time out.  I felt so defeated and after she finally went to sleep, I talked to Peyton and emailed my best friends about the situation.  Some encouragement helped and I felt better.  Peyton got home and had dinner (pork loin with Italian seasoning and banana peppers- so easy!) and we visited and then I got on the computer.  I cleaned up the kitchen and exported the slideshow from iPhoto to iDvd and worked on a birthday banner and some canvases.  I went to bed really late again.

Graves was up around eight on Friday.  I wanted to just doze on the couch while he ate breakfast, but I made myself work on the canvases some more and finished up making the dvd of the slideshow.  I took a bath and AP got up while I was drying my hair.  I gave Graves a bath and put him down for a nap and then AP and watched the video of the slideshow.  Of course, she loved it!  She told me "All these songs are so pretty, Momma".  I did realize, though, that the music cut off before the pictures, so I redid the whole thing.  Luckily, I knew exactly what I was doing so it didn't take long!  I finished up some decorations and then Graves woke up.  They played while I folded and put up laundry and then we all had lunch and went outside.  We came in for naps and I just chilled out and got on the computer.  I was going to take a nap, but Peyton got home and I decided to run to Hobby Lobby and Target.  I picked up Graves and then met the girl who made their cakes and ran by my parents' house to pick up some things.  I picked up Wendy's and when I got home, it was time for Graves to go to bed.  I got him to sleep and Peyton left to run some errands and AP and I hung out.  I had a headache so we just laid on the couch and talked.  When Peyton got home, I took a bath and that helped.  We put AP to sleep and I cleaned out some stuff in the study and organized the filing cabinet.  Then I started cooking for the party.  I did that most of the rest of the night- I made two trips to Kroger between eleven and midnight. I made cupcakes, brownies from scratch and chocolate cover bananas. Peyton finished up painting some furniture for me and I cleaned up the kitchen and picked up the house.  It was way late when I went to bed.

Graves woke up early on Saturday and I nursed him and Peyton took him so I could get a little more sleep.  I got up around eight and got busy!  I cooked some caramel puffcorn for the party and cleaned up the kitchen and started a load of dishes while Peyton worked in the yard.  AP woke up and I put Graves down for a nap.  Peyton went to the gym for a consultation and I hung the birthday banner, put out decorations and printed all the kids' monthly pictures.

He got back and Graves woke up and I iced and decorated cupcakes and straightened up the house.

I unloaded dishes and cleaned the kitchen up one final time and then hopped in the tub.  I got ready and made some lemonade and then our guests started arriving (actually Peyton's sister and her family were already here and that helped with the antsy kids ;)
 The rest of our friends arrived and the birthday party was a blast!  We had so much fun visiting and the kids loved their treats and seeing their little friends.

[More pictures to come later!]

After most of the guests trickled out, we played in the backyard with my sister in law and her family and then my mom helped me clean up a bit.  She stayed and rewatched the slideshow.  We all had leftovers for dinner and I finished cleaning up and then we put the kids to bed.  I got on the computer and then I started feeling really bad.  My nose was running and I was coughing.  I decided to go to bed "early" at 10:30.  I slept TERRIBLY all night and when I woke up on Sunday morning I had a low grade fever and felt just awful.

I kind of panicked worrying it was the kids' sickness from earlier in the week, especially for the little babies that had been at the party/had siblings at the party.  Peyton said he thought it was a sinus infection, but I stayed home from church anyway.  He got the kids ready by himself while I rested.  I spent the first part of the morning on the couch resting and the moved outside with a book.  I took a bath and started feeling better, so I uploaded the pictures from the birthday party.  Peyton picked up a rotessire chicken and when they got home, I shredded it and we all had lunch.  Peyton helped me clean up the kitchen and we got the kids down for naps.  I just relaxed during naptime. I had decided to take some Sudafed even though I was worried about it effecting my supply and it really helped, so I figured I could go to our Sunday night group.  I made some fruit skewers for the pot luck we were having.  We dropped the kids off at the church and headed to the potluck (it was at someone's house).  We had a good time, but Peyton and I ended up going back to the church before it ended so we could relieve the nursery workers.  We just took the kids outside on the playground.  We stayed kind of late talking once the other parents got there and then we had to make a "drug run" to Walgreens.  We got home and put both kids right to bed.  I straightened up the house and uploaded pictures to Flikr and Faceboook.  I went to bed feeling pretty crummy again- I felt like my nose was a faucet and it was getting raw from being so runny.

Peyton has a lot going on the first part of this week and I'm kind of dreading that, but otherwise it should be pretty low key, thankfully.  My big goal is just to take it easy and get over this junk!

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

Happy Birthday, Graves and AP! YEAH, for being productive, I need an external motivator too. I have to know, how do you get your kids to sleep at the same time so well. I cannot get Henry to sleep more than an hour, an hour and half max in the afternoon so he goes to bed super early. He naps the same in the morning. Advice, please, dear bloggy friend!