Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Enough for Them

So.....I'm going to follow suit with so many other mommy blogger and give my opinion on the recent TIME piece, even though I am a little late to the game.

Obviously, it's divisive.  TIME wants to tell magazines and this is best achieved by picking a controversy and one that pits moms against each other is, of course, a win in their book.  Nish wrote about it here.  She said she doesn't expect anything else, and truthfully, I don't either. But it still saddens and sickens me.  If we're operating under the assumption that this is correct, then TIME hit this one out of the park because they managed to effectively insult and offend moms on both sides of the breastfeeding spectrum all with the cover photo and caption.

The caption is needlessly polarizing when it asks women if they are "mom enough" (to breastfeed for an extended amount of time).  As someone who is breastfeeding a (very young) toddler, I feel like I should make something clear: I would have been MomEnough had I never nursed him a day in his life.  I really believe in the importance of breastfeeding; I'd even say it's something I'm passionate about, but if you think for one hot second I would base my own or someone else's worth as a mother on their decision regarding it, you're dead wrong. I am enough for my children not because of the way I nourish their bodies, but because of the way I nurture their souls.

On the opposite side of things, the picture seems to be a terribly poor portrayal of most women who practice attachment parenting.  I can't speak for this group because I'm not really a part of it, but I do know from experience with the one dear friend I have who nurses an older toddler that it has never looked like that picture.  One comment I read on the article (specifically the cover shot) said that it really was a terrible presentation of attachment parenting, if for no other reason than because the child doesn't look particularly attached.  She said that even as an older child, her little one would be snuggled up with her, not standing on a chair, staring at a camera.  The child was a three year old, but things were done, I feel, to make him appear older.  And, of course, the mom is a babe- very representative of frazzled moms everywhere (sarcasm font).  The picture was purposefully provocative in my opinion and again, I'm confident this was done to sell magazines. Also, to be honest, I think it was really unfair to the little boy.

I've heard that the actual article was informative and well written.  But the cover was pure sensationalism.  I don't expect anything else.  But I wish I could.

**I really debated about putting a nursing picture [here], but I chickened out.  There are just too many sweet older ladies at our church that read my blog from time to time and I can't stand the thought of offending them (though, I'm sure I have before in my writings) (and though I know there's nothing offensive in the least about the picture I had selected).**

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