Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Happenings

I really like May's design. It's kind of different that the usual- darker and more subdued.  And I thought the Instagrams really worked out well, again. 

I really think May will be pretty chill.  We do have a few things going on:

- It's mine and Peyton's birthday month.  We had our big celebration this past weekend in New Orleans, but I'm sure we'll go out to eat or something.

- Our circle at church, that I'm the president of, was supposed to have a garage sale this coming weekend, but we didn't get enough participation so it got canceled.

- We're keeping some friends' kids overnight toward the middle of the month.  I made Peyton take off the following day and help me with them [It's three girls and plus our two that I'll be taking care of!]

- We've made tentative plans for what we want to do as far as schooling options for next year and we're on the waiting list at a preschool in the area.  It's basically a supplemental program for homeschoolers.  Anyway, this month we have a workshop and a meeting with the other parents of three year olds.  I'm excited we're getting to take part in all this, even though we haven't been officially accepted!

- I'll do a full post about 7 and how that went in April soon.  We haven't even started thinking about this month, so we've really got to get on it!

- This was my first month where I felt like I did horribly with my goals.  They were:
1. Continue to be intentional about use of the computer/phone
2. Do at least one fun, focused activity with AP daily
3. Make an effort to not be looking at my phone every time I nurse Graves.  
I just think I got wrapped up in birthday parties and Graves and myself being sick for several weeks and I forgot to even think about them.  All that to say, I'm just keeping them the same this month.  

Here's to a not super eventful month!

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