Friday, May 11, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge: April


Here we go again! So many good prompts.  Here are my photos and captions (some of which may be nonsensical not in context)...

Day 1
Since this is clothing month in 7, I think I'll be seeing (my reflection) look like this a lot. 

Day 2
(Color)s of Summer

Day 3
This cute jacket came in the (mail) the other day.

Day 4
(Someone who makes me happy) is the sweet girl who had a bad dream that worms were in her bed- that'll teach her momma not the read the butterfly book about metamorphosis right before bed. 

Day 5
My (tiny) sick man spent probably eight of the last twelve hours asleep.  At least both my babies are good at sleeping extra when their bodies need to heal. 

Day 6
Pinterest "World's Best" mac and cheese- best part of my (lunch)

Day 7
Pecked- Papa/daughter (shadow) kiss

Day 8
If someone had told me ten years ago that (inside my wallet) would be full of sno cone and Stride Rite punch cards I'd have said...praise the Lord!

Day 9
(Younger me)- it's hard to see, but my mom did the smocking and my grandmother pieced the suit together.  I'd put it on AP in a heartbeat but a wore a hole in the bum.  Guess you only get your kid one per Summer when it comes by the toil of your own hands ;)

Day 10
Words cannot express how much I'm enjoying these (cold) treats this week.

Day 11
(Where I ate breakfast)- When it was just me and Annie the play baby, I wouldn't eat a meal until I could sit down.  Tried that round two and it got scary real fast (like BMIs typical of anorexics) .  Needless to say, I, in typical mom fashion, eat a lot of meals over my good old kitchen sink. 

Day 12
The only (stairs) in my house- made an attic run thirty minutes before the party.  Again with the absurd/typical.

Day 13 
(Something I found)- the pan of couscous Peyton left on the stove.  I really can't complain; he handled toddler bedtime while I chilled out.

Day 14
Yep. (How I feel today)

Day 15
not much of a (sunset)

Day 16
I love these little (flower) weeds.

Day 17
(Something I hate) is explaining to AP that it's time to eat the monkey's head or we'll have to just throw him away.  Three year old SD would have worried and fretted over this, too.  We have very tender hearts, my girl and I.

Day 18
Sleepy sweaty boy (hair)

Day 19
The magic (orange) pen.  If I'm away from home, I try always to carry one on my person. 

Day 20
Don't hate me, but I got paid to color today.  And the little girls loved hearing about Annie Banani and the Gravey Baby (something I drew).

Day 21
Made a key lime pie with this today and it took of ten minutes- with a toddler helping! (bottle)

Day 22
She really doesn't need it, but when I see a bubble in a 3T, I snatch it (the last thing I bought).

Day 23
After my night, I just cooked this and decided to consider it a (vegetable), meat and bread.

Day 24
(Something I'm grateful for)- all of our lovely drives over the past eight years.  Some of our sweetest times together.

Day 25
Two things I have heard...(looking down) into the pages- and promises- of His word.

Day 26
One of my favorite children's books.  So precious (black + white).

Day 27
dancing at Burgers and Blues (somewhere I went)

Day 28
(1PM) today

Day 29
the (circle) page in the shape book

Day 30
Know that post nuptial/post delivery sadness? Turns out there's definitely a level of post Springsteen depression.  I miss him (something that makes me sad).

What a great way to end the month!

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