Thursday, May 24, 2012

Three Years in Thirty Minutes

Well, here's the kids' birthday all its thirty minute glory.  I seriously don't expect anyone (except maybe my sister, who I promised to mail a copy to and have yet to do so) to watch this.  It wasn't the kind of thing we had people sit and watch at the party; we just had it looping in the background.  But since I spent so much time on it , I wanted it here.  Mostly for me. I seriously went through every single picture from our old point and shoot and our Rebel from the last three years to pick the winners.And then I had some trouble using Peyton's Mac; I know they're super easy, but for me there was an Apple learning curve. I really wish I had given myself more time to think over the songs- I chose them in about fifteen minutes and about half of them are super cliche.  The other half came from other slideshows I've seen- one on a bigger blog I follow, one a friend did, and one from the slideshow my sister had made for our wedding reception. I'm definitely a music lover, so it made me sad it was less original than I would have liked.

I obviously had to split it up when I uploaded it to Vimeo because I couldn't find a site that would host a video longer than ten minutes.  Even with that, some of the pictures ended up looking fuzzy and awful, which they don't in the actual slideshow on the DVD.  Some look okay, so I don't know what the deal was.  Like I said, though, I want it here for me.  So, it's here.

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