Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tribute to the Maker of Monsters

 [I love the big tear across the front of my childhood copy of this classic]

I don't know if y'all saw the news recently that Maurice Sendack passed away, but as someone who is a huge lover of children's books I wanted to honor him a little bit.  I had my first Where the Wild Things Are experience in Kindergarten and read/had it read to me on many different occasions.  For some reason, it was one of many immensely popular books at my elementary school.  I enjoyed it at the time, but I've loved it more as an adult.

Ann Peyton goes through stages where she enjoys it and other stages where it scares her.  It's not one of her favorites, typically, but she enjoys it from time to time. 

Truth be told, I can't wait to introduce this book to my boy.  It's just such a quintessential boy book. I have visions of it playing the role in Graves's life that Madeline fills in Ann Peyton's.

Thank you, Mr. Sendack, for that opportunity.

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