Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekly Happenings #165 (May 7-13)-- Meetings, Mistakes, and More Music

 OMW, look at Gravey man.

Peyton and I got into a disagreement about whether this past week would be busy or not at the beginning of it.  Peyton had a lot of meetings and we had some fun stuff, too.  I will say we have different definitions of "busy".  I used to call Peyton Tigger because of all his energy.  Just recently Annie and I were reading a story about Pooh and Piglet trying to kick Tigger out of the 100 Acre Wood...basically because he's so annoying with all that extra energy.  It was kinda relatable ;)  I think I'll keep Peyton, but I was glad by the end of the week he was able to confess that I had been right and it had, in fact, been a busy week.

Both the kids slept in on Monday.  Graves woke up around 7:30 and nursed and then snuggled with me on the couch for an hour.  I put him back in his crib and was surprised he stayed asleep.  I laid on the sofa a few more minutes and then got up and made an appointment to get my car seats checked because Graves's seat in the middle had been making me nervous.  I checked Twitter and my email and then Graves woke up. I took a bath and AP woke up.  We had breakfast and I did dishes/laundry and then gave them baths and got ready to go get the seats checked.  The girl was so sweet and helpful, but when I got home, I asked a Twitter friend about what she said and it turns out some of the info was wrong.  The seat felt secure, but I spent most of naptime trying to figure out what to do after I fed the kids lunch and cleaned up the kitchen. I did put some pictures on Facebook and then Peyton got home.  The kids got up and we started to go for a walk, but it started sprinkling.  We decided to go to the park anyway, but we drove.  We had a good time even in the sprinkles and then we went over to my parents' for a short visit.  When we got home, I straightened up the kids' room and vacuumed the bedrooms and the study.  I got back on the computer and then went to bed.

Tuesday was werid/rought.  I woke up late and Peyton wasn't able to help me much with the kids but we still got to Mother's Day Out on time....barely!  We had one teacher out, another leave sick, and another start feeling bad.  And I was in a state emotionally, again.  There was just a lot of stress going on with different things with friends and at church and it all had me pretty upset.  Thankfully, the ladies I work with are amazingly supportive and offer great counsel.
"Bring your mistakes to me.  I can use them to make something good happen."- Jesus Calling Kids.  Part of what I was upset about was really my own doing, another SD footinmouth episode.  I have already seen the Lord bring good from the situation, though!

When we got home I fixed the kids' lunch and fed them and put them down for naps.  I straightened the house and ate my lunch and got on the computer.  AP wasn't doing great with staying in her bed, but she finally made it about thirty minutes without getting out or calling for me, so I let her get up and watch a movie.  I snuggled with her and just relaxed and that was fun.  Graves ended up sleeping really late.  Peyton got home and we visited and talked about our days and he played with Annie.  He had a meeting to go to, so he got ready and left.  We woke up Graves and he and AP played and had a snack while I folded some laundry.  I took the kids outside and it was nice, so we played for about an hour.  I'm sure the days of doing that comfortably are numbered.

 I fed them supper and gave Graves a bath and then I straightened up their room and hung up a bunch of clothes in there.  I put him down and Peyton got home.  I was really tired and had a "weather headache" so he took over Annie duty for the rest of the night and I went on to be EARLY (like 9:30!).  Peyton ended up putting AP in our bed because she was scared of the thunder.  It was nice to get so much extra rest!

I got up and nursed Graves when he woke up and then put him back in bed on Wednesday.  He slept for about another hour and then I fed him breakfast and finished up my Weekly Happenings Post and wrote my report for our last Circle meeting.  I realized AP had had an accident in our bed (which has no mattress pad) so I put her in the tub and stripped the bed.  I took a bath myself and then the kids played and Annie had breakfast while I got started sprinkling the bed with baking soda.  I started laundry and picked up around the house and the kids played.  I fixed lunch for the kids and Peyton got home from his meeting and we talked a little and then he went to the gym while the kids took naps.
[ I found this bubble in a 3T and had to order it, but it swallowed her!  Minnie did some alterations and now it's one of my faves for this Summer!]

 I then worked on my readings for Christian Believer

We had MDO on Thursday and we were low on teachers so Darlene had asked Peyton to sub.  We had a fun time all four of us being there!  Graves had a leaky diaper and the kids got so worried because I didn't have any clothes for him.  Peyton found an old dress of AP's in the extra clothes box and put it on him.  It was hysterical.  Everyone joked that they were both very comfortable in their sexuality.  Ha!

When we got home, both the kids had fallen asleep and we transferred them.  Peyton and I chatted a little and then he left for work.  I got on the computer and worked on a post and read up on all the TIME extended breastfeeding controversy and then AP got up.  I folded laundry and straightened while she played.  When Graves woke up, we tidied up the nursery and then got ready and strolled to the park.  We were gone about an hour and a half.

I talked to Darlene of the phone when we got home and then Annie helped me chop onions and I made a batch of spaghetti sauce.  The kids ate and I did dishes and scrubbed down the counters and then bathed them.  I put Graves to bed and AP and I worked on identifying letters and then we called my mom.  We talked to her and I talked to Morgan on the phone and then we played a little.  I vacuumed the den and kitchen and then decided to go ahead and mop the kitchen while AP was playing by herself. I read to her and put her to bed.  I got on computer for a little bit and then Peyton got home and we ate and went to bed. The kids both woke up randomly at 3:30 in the morning.

Graves woke up again around 6:00 with a dirty diaper and would not go back down.  I got up with him and got a bath and then started washing our bedspread- Peyton had spilled spaghetti on it. I took out the trash and recycling and took the trash to the street while Graves ate breakfast.  I called a plumber for a dripping bathtub and tried to figure out how to send back a dvd to Netflix if you lost the return envelope.  I figured it out and got it packaged and then put Graves down for a nap.  I got on the computer for a few minutes and then laid on the couch and dozed myself.  I woke Graves up and then I got AP up and we all got ready. 

We stopped by Chik Fil A and then headed over to the Howies.  We had a fun lunch and I put the kids down for naps when we got home.  I worked on a post and then Peyton got home.  We visited and then AP got up.  I cleaned out the fridge and washed dishes and Peyton mowed the yard.
 Watching Papa mow is great entertainment!

I folded a couple of loads of laundry and got it put up and then we got ready for dinner.  We met one of Peyton's friends from pharmacy school for sushi.  We stopped for ice cream on the way home and then ran by Target for cat food and detergent and a few other staples.  We put the kids to bed and Peyton went on to sleep, too.  I got on the computer and ended up staying up way too late watching Bruce Springsteen videos on YouTube and reading about his different albums.

Peyton had to work on Saturday and I had a workshop at the homeschooling program that we're hopefully doing with Ann Peyton in the Fall.  I got up before the kids and got ready, ironed my clothes, fixed my breakfast and loaded up the car with their bags and my stuff.  I got them up and nursed Graves and got them ready really fast and dropped them off at my parents' house.  The meeting was really good and I met several new people and learned a LOT about what we can be doing with Ann Peyton over the Summer. I'm sure I'll blog more about that later.  I ate lunch with my parents and fed the kids and came home and was about to put them down for naps.  I noticed a kitty had had some um, bathroom issues, in our room.  I got Graves to sleep and cleaned it up and then got AP settled.

I wrote Graves's monthly letter and checked in on Twitter and then I put some pictures on Facebook.  AP got up and we played and then Graves woke up.  I did dishes and we straightened up the kids' room and then I started getting ready because we were going to see Wilco that night.  Peyton got home and he got ready and we took Graves's picture with PigPig and then his mom got here.

I nursed him and we left.

The concert was fun and Peyton and I really enjoyed the time together, but it was nothing compared to Bruce.  Obviously.  It was kind of weird because some of the songs are slow and really beautiful and some were just heavy and abrasive.  We got home late and both kids were asleep.  Peyton's mom left and Peyton and I both fell asleep on the couch after I really quickly reviewed my children's church lesson for the next day.

We got ready and gave both kids baths and tried to leave early for church on Sunday because I needed to make some copies.  Children's church went better than it ever has- we got a new curriculum and I really like it.  I brought AP with me and she did pretty good.  There was one little girl in there that was technically too old to come and she ended up being a big help with Annie.  I hated that I missed church though; it was pretty sparse with people being out of town for Mother's Day.  I actually got the flower for the youngest baby again this year!  Sunday school was really interesting, though, and I enjoyed that.

We got Mexican after church and then came home.  They had said in the nursery that Graves slept a good bit, which is really weird for him now, so I checked his temp and sure enough he had a little fever.  We put the kids down for naps and I did a bunch of stuff on the computer.  They both fell asleep and took long naps and I got a lot of pictures uploaded and organized and worked on some other stuff.  They woke up and I got ready to go to our mission project we're doing bi weekly on Sunday nights now.  We're visiting a woman's shelter in the area and bringing them dinner.  I picked up pizza for the kids and met my friends, Buzz and Karissa and we headed downtown.  We had a great time and the women really seemed to really appreciate the flowers and Mother's Day happies we brought them.

When I got back home, Graves was asleep and Peyton had Annie playing in the tub.  He had done a lot around the house.  We got AP to bed and I straightened a bunch.  I tackled a lot of piles and organized and consolidated some things.  I went to bed relatively early.

This week is going to be SUPER busy.  Really today is the only non-crazy day.  Fortuantly, a lot of what we have going on is fun stuff!

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