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Weekly Happenings #166 (May 14-20)-- In Which We Practice Being a Family of Seven for Two Days (and One Night)


Last week was busy, busy, busy.  In this case, though, there was no argument from Peyton.  We knew ahead of time that it would be a taxing week in some ways, but we were excited and ready for it.  To me that makes all the difference.  I will say that by Sunday, Peyton was the one saying "gosh, that was so busy" and I was pretty secure in saying "Yeah, but we expected it" and "It really wasn't as rough as I thought it would be".  Role reversal, for sure!  Just in case you maybe don't want your eyes to bleed from all the minute details, here's the Cliff Notes:

- Tuesday I had my last day of Mother's Day Out and then a Junior League luncheon, which I had to leave early to get to and then that night I had a meeting at church that I felt obligated to attend since Peyton is the president of the group and couldn't make it.
- On Wednesday, Peyton worked, taught his lesson at church, and then worked an overnight.
- Then all day Thursday and Friday we kept our friends' three children.  They are sweet girls, but five kids is a lot and they were full of energy!  Fortuantly, Peyton had Thursday off and took Friday off, as well, to help me.
- Saturday and Sunday, however, he was back at work.

Whew!  Now the details for the two people that probably care:

Monday was my birthday and Peyton did everything he could to make the morning super chill and laid back.  I think he knew that was the best gift he could give me!  I slept late and then got a lazy start.  We had a plumber come fix a leaky tub and sink and then Peyton took the kids to run some errands and go to the park.  I took a bath and ate lunch and they got home.  He watched them and I went through and organized some stuff and then made a trip to the attic.  I brought the last of the kids' Winter stuff up there and got it organized.  I was drenched in sweat when I got back down, so I took another quick bath and Peyton left for work.  I cleaned up the kitchen and unloaded and loaded dishes and then put the kids down for naps.  It was a big struggle- AP didn't really want to stay in her bed and Graves just couldn't settle.  He probably slept all of thirty minutes.  I worked on my Weekly Happenings Post from last week and got on Twitter and Facebook and straightened up a little.  I let AP get up and she played while I finished putting some pictures on Flikr.  Graves finally went to sleep, but it was so late, I only let him sleep for about half an hour.  I woke him up and I folded and put up some laundry really quickly and then we headed to my parents' house.  I dropped the kids off and ran to Subway since I was craving it. I actually had to go to a second location because they didn't have meatballs at the first one! We visited a little and then Graves got sleepy, so we headed home.
 I LOVE their house this time of year!

 I put him down and got AP ready and then she told me there was teetee in her bed.  Sure enough, there was.  Who knows when that happened? I changed her bed and she finally fell asleep pretty late.

  I got on the computer and then Peyton got home.  We chatted and went to bed.

Tuesday was our last day of Mother's Day Out.  Peyton was subbing, but we took separate cars because I had to leave early for a Junior League luncheon.  The day at school was good and I was surprised I didn't get to emotional about it being the last.  I met my mom at the luncheon and we had a good time visiting with some old friends.  I had to scoot out right before it ended so I could get home so Peyton could get to work.  He left and I put Graves down and picked up laundry, made up the bed and straightened.  I put AP down and got on the computer and then I just laid on the couch.  I felt tired and weird.  Annie never fell asleep, so I let her watch a movie.  Graves woke up and I fed him an early dinner and made some cookies and then we left for our Ultreya meeting.  Peyton wasn't there (he's the president), so I had to make some announcements for him.  We got home and Graves went right to bed and then I got AP ready and put her down.  I got on the computer and put pictures on Flikr and Facebook and worked on a post and then Peyton got home and he ate some leftovers and then we went to bed.

Graves woke up several times in the early morning on Wednesday, but then ended up sleeping past eight.  When he woke up, I took a bath and got ready and then AP woke up.  We had breakfast and I cleaned the bathrooms and Windexed the mirrors.  I started dishes and laundry and finished getting ready and then AP watched Elmo while I straightened up and organized some piles.  The Howies were coming over, but they were running late, so we just played for a bit and then I unloaded dishes.  We had a great visit and the kids did really well this time.  After they left, I cleaned up the kitchen and picked up some in the kids' room and then put them down for naps.  I got on the computer for a few minutes and then got to work reading for Christian Believer

We stopped by Newks on the way home and then Peyton left for his shift.  I got Graves to sleep and put AP down.  She took FOREVER to go to sleep because she had fallen asleep on the way to church in the car. I worked on some stuff of on the computer- I was trying so hard to figure out how to compress a video we took on our Rebel recently.  It was at a high resolution, so it was too big of a file to upload to Vimeo.  I couldn't just compress it in the program I wanted to use because of the file type, so I was going to have to send it to another program to change the file type.  I finally decided to just clip the video and make it shorter.  I got that done and was on my way to bed and Graves woke up.  He took forever to go back to sleep and was up several times after that.  Annie woke up scared, too.  Not the best night.  Not the best night to be solo parenting.

Thursday morning our friends from church were dropping their younger two kids (four year old twins) off at our house (their older daughter- who is six- was already at school). I got up around seven and got ready and then our friends got here and dropped the twins off.  Graves woke up and then AP woke up. Peyton got home and went to bed.  The kids had breakfast (they had brought donuts for all of us) and I started the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen.  We picked up toys and then all went outside for a bit but we didn't last long because it was so hot.  The kids played inside and I folded laundry.  We cleaned up the mess they had made and then went back outside to play with some bubbles and then the girls decided to take turns pushing Graves in a stroller.  He loved the attention!

We came in and I heated up some soup that Karissa (the girls' momma) had sent.  We all ate and then I woke up Peyton.  He gave Graves a bath and I got the three girls down for naps while he went to pick up Emma from school.  The morning had gone SO much smoother than I could have imagined. We had a nice afternoon- more playing outside, snacks, and dressing up.

 I got ready and headed to a church thing. Peyton called to say that the kids were hungry and kinda loosing their minds- I guess they eat earlier than our kids (typically ours eat around six). I picked up some groceries on the way home and we cooked a frozen pizza for supper.  We gave all five kids baths and got them to bed and then I got on the computer and worked on a few posts.  I went to sleep at a reasonable time, but Graves was up several times.

I had to get up early on Friday to help Emma get ready for school.  Someone with a child at her school picked her up, so I just got her dressed and fed her breakfast.  The twins woke up and ate, too, and I got the dishes unloaded and reloaded.  Peyton got up when our kids did and I went back to sleep for half an hour.  I got up and we put Graves down for a nap and the girls went outside.  When Graves woke up, we packed up the girls in a wagon and popped Graves in the stroller and headed to the park. It was hot, but we had a good time.  Graves fell asleep and we fed the kids lunch and let him keep sleeping in the stroller.  Everyone took good naps and we just chilled out.  When the kids woke up, we all got ready and piled into the big SUV the girls' parents had loaned us and we all went to pick up Emma since the twins had been begging to go.  We ran a couple of errands- we got Peyton a new bike tire and picked up some bread at Great Harvest.  I guess it's not just our kids who like riding around in the car- everyone really enjoyed it. We got home and I packed up all the girls' stuff and straightened up the house while Peyton watched the kids.  I put fresh sheets on AP's bed and in the crib and tidied up the nursery and then I did some dishes.  We loaded up and I followed Peyton to the girls' house to meet the friend that was taking care of them for the rest of the weekend.  We stopped by Cokesbury after that and then went to my parents' for beans and rice.  We had a good time and got home pretty early.  Everyone went to sleep easily and I got on the computer!  I went to sleep earlier than usual.

I was still so tired on Saturday, though.  Peyton had to work and I got up and got Graves eating breakfast and then took a bath put Graves back down since it was too early and we chatted a little.  Peyton left and I unloaded and reloaded dishes and straightened up the house and got laundry going.  AP woke up and we had breakfast and then I tried on a few dresses from last Summer and some swimsuits on her. I put Graves down for a nap because we had a party during his regular nap time.  I was SO tired, so I took a nap while AP watched some Elmo and Kipper on the sofa.  We all had lunch and got ready for one of AP's little church friend's birthday party.  It was at the Splash Pad and Annie had the best time.  We got home and attempted naps, but neither child slept.  They did both stay in bed for a full hour without screaming, which impressed me with Graves.  I took a bath and got on the computer and then I got them up and fixed their dinner and got ready because we had a Cursillo thing that night. Our precious babysitter, Claire, got here and I left to meet Peyton at work.  We rode to the thing together.  It was fun and when we got home, we put Annie to bed and just chilled out and talked.  I got on the computer and went to bed.

Peyton had to be at church a little early on Sunday, so I rushed and got Graves ready and they left (it's so much easier to haul one kid in by myself).  I finished getting ready myself and gave AP a quick bath and got her ready and then we left, after she had a huge meltdown about me taking over her chipped toenail polish.  Church was really good, but Peyton had left me a list of some business things he needed me to take care of during Sunday school (he does so much at church!).  After Sunday school, we came home and Graves fell asleep in the car.  I didn't think it would work, but he transferred well!  AP had eaten a big bowl of Cheerios that she was too upset to eat on the way there, so (after I repainted her toes) I went ahead and put her down for a nap.  I put some pictures on Facebook and ate lunch and just relaxed.  I did straighten up a little bit.  When the kids got up, I played with them and folded a bunch of laundry.  We got ready to go back to night church. AP fell asleep in the car and that was another big meltdown.  I had a meeting and both kids did well in the nursery.  When we got home, Peyton was there, so we went for a little walk (after AP sat in time out for "spanking" Baby Graves- girlfriend was giving me fits that day).  We got home and I started some more laundry and fixed tacos for supper.  Peyton finished up cooking supper and I put Graves to bed.  We ate with Annie and then it was her bedtime.
 These pictures are very reminiscent of my own childhood.  We have a video where I dressed up in literally like seventeen layers- from a sweater and a coat down to multiple swimsuits- and described each item vividly as I removed layers!

 I cleaned up the kitchen and read blogs and uploaded pictures.

I'm excited that this week seems super chill.  We're actually less busy than we have been in a while and that will be nice!

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