Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #163 (April 23-29)-- Seeing Springsteen in the Big Easy

This week was fun!  I finally kicked my cold and Graves did too! We went to see Bruce Springsteen yesterday and since Graves is a year old and I don't have to count his birth, I can say it was the highlight of my year!

Peyton was home and was sweet enough to let me sleep in on Monday.  I got up around nine and straightened up the house a bit and started some laundry and dishes and then we all went for a long walk for about an hour.  We got home and Peyton stayed outside with the kids while I spent another hour vacuuming the brick and hardwoods and mopping the brick floors.  I heated up some chili we had frozen and Peyton and the kids had that for lunch.  I got a quick bath and then Peyton had to get ready for work.  I nursed Graves and read to AP and put them down for naps. I ate my lunch, talked to Darlene on the phone and got on the computer.  I uploaded pictures and worked on last week's Weekly Happenings Post.  I cleaned up the kitchen from lunch and then let AP get up.  She helped me water plants and then the guy I'm tutoring go here.  It was kind of crazy once Graves woke up.  AP had a melt down over a broken crayon and he was a bit fussy.  We still accomplished a little bit, though!  After he left, I fed the kids supper and unloaded dishes and reloaded them and then we went outside for half an hour.  I folded some laundry and put Graves to bed.  I gave AP a bath and fixed her toenails and fingernails and she had a little dessert and then we read her Bible and Pooh and I put her to bed.  Graves woke up and was pretty much inconsolable and it took AP forever to go to sleep.  It was just a rough night all around.  They finally fell asleep and I cooked some macs and cheese when Peyton got home.
 [my 10:30PM grocery list for Peyton]

 I finished my post and went to bed.

Tuesday we had Mother's Day Out.
Ann Peyton and Mary Milton- such serious girls (and yes, it was blue day)

 I decided to try to keep Graves awake because I knew a short morning nap would not be enough for him and I was pretty sure that's all he'd take if he fell asleep.  The last hour was pretty miz, to be honest.  He actually didn't fall asleep in the car and when we got home he seemed to have a new wind or something, so I fed him lunch while AP had her lunch outside, since Peyton was home and suggested a picnic.  I unloaded dishes, started laundry and just did some general picking up- the house was in a state.  AP had wet the bed the night before, so I changed the sheets and then I got Graves cleaned up and ready for his nap.  I read to AP and put her down and then got all her picnic stuff from outside, reloaded dishes and unpacked our MDO bags.  I got on the computer for a few minutes, but AP was kind of out of sorts.  We'd had a string of good nap/bedtimes, so I was a little disappointed.  Graves woke up way earlier than I expected and I ended up letting them watch a movie while I folded laundry and worked on a post.  We went outside and I fixed their supper and then bathed Graves and got him to bed.  Annie colored some while I took down the party decorations (I think it was partly me being lazy and partly me being sentimental that made me leave them up until then) and straightened.  I did a few minor decorating things and then I read to AP and got her to bed.  I finished a http://inthewarmholdofyourlovingmind.blogspot.com/2012/04/christian-believer-week-twenty-two.html and started supper.  We had tuna croquettes, broccoli, and the macaroni I had made the night before.  The croquettes and broccoli weren't as good as the first time I fixed them :( I chatted with Peyton and put pictures on Flikr and went to bed.

I got up on Wednesday and nursed Graves and then slept for about twenty more minutes while Peyton fed the kids breakfast. He left for the gym and they finished up and I got a bath and got all of us ready.  He hopped in the shower when he got home and then we all headed to the 8:30 AM well baby visit for both kids.  We had a good visit with Dr. Denney and then we came back home to pick up Peyton's car.  We dropped off my car to have it checked and on the way we stopped at Primos for breakfast.  After we dropped off my car, Peyton went in a shoe place to look for some new shoes and we popped in Walgreens for a sinus rinse and sterile water  for me and some PediaSure for Graves.  We got some bread at Great Harvest and some hummus from the Meditterean Cafe and then we went by the storage unit that I circle at church keeps things in for the garage sale that's coming up.  We came home and fed the kids lunch.  My mom came over for a few minutes and then I read my Bible to get ready for Christian Believer and Peyton took the kids outside.  I got on the computer and we all got ready to leave.  We dropped by Walgreens and then picked up my car.  We left it in the Target parking lot and rode to church together.  We had a really great lesson- the best one in a while and on the way home I ran in Target for a present and we got Krispee Kremes.  I straightened the house and wrote several blog posts for the rest of the week and went to bed.

Thursday we had MDO and we were staying for lunch and I actually got up early enough for us to leave on time (even after having to hunt my wedding band on the closet floor).  We had a good day and Graves made it though the day (and the ride home!) without a nap.  When we got home, he was actually playing pretty good, so I unpacked our bags, started laundry and then unloaded the dishwasher.   I got him to sleep, read to AP, and put her down.  I reloaded dishes and got on the computer to check Twitter and send a couple of emails and then I took a thirty minute power nap.  I got up and got things together and went ahead and put stuff in the car and then I woke up the babies because I was going to help with a birthday party our Sunday school class was doing for some girls at the Methodist Children's Home.  I got the kids up and dressed them really fast and nursed Graves.  We headed over to our friends, the Deckards, house.  Buzz, the dad, kept our kids plus his three girls (hello, Super Dad!) Karissa and I left for the party and it was so neat.  I'm going to do a whole post about it.

When we got back, I packed up the kids (Buzz said they did great after a few tears from the Little Monkey) and headed home.  It was past seven so I fed Graves dinner and while he was eating, I picked up some piles and organized some and changed over laundry.  I put him to bed and cooked some onions and garlic and threw some meat that Peyton had browned in with a jar of marinara sauce so AP could have some spaghetti.  We didn't have any noodles but she was unphased!  I folded laundry and watched a few minutes of a movie and then did her bedtime routine and put her to bed.  She went to sleep more easily than I had expected since she had had a nap.  I put up laundry and got on the computer and went to bed after Peyton got home.

Graves woke up pretty early on Friday and I laid on the couch while he ate breakfast.  Then I got going.  I put up a bunch of stuff on our kitchen table and took out the trash and recycling. I got a bath and got ready while Graves played in our room and scrubbed our vanity area after straightening it up.  It had gotten really junky!

AP slept so long and I learned that it's really easier to get stuff done with just one at this point, regardless of who it is.  I changed over laundry, rinsed out dishes, folded a load of laundry, and straightened up.  I also cleaned both toilets and the sink area in the guest bathroom.  I skipped the tubs because I had cleaned them *really* well after Graves had a little accident last week.  I nursed him and he fell asleep and I let him nap for about five minutes in my arms.  I put down my phone and used that time to pray over him, which is something I don't do often enough!  I woke AP up and her sheets were wet so I striped her bed and gave her a bath.  I got fresh sheets on the bed and got the kids dressed and then the Howies got here fore lunch.  We had a great time visiting, but Graves got tired and cranky at the end.  Everyone played really well, though, overall!

After Carrie and her kids left, I nursed Graves and put him down and then AP helped me clean up.  I read to her, put her down for a nap, and then straightened some more.  Annie never did fall asleep, so I just got on the computer and then Peyton got home.  He left to go to the gym and I finished a post and got AP up.  He got home and we woke up the kids and got them dressed and then left to meet Patrick and Haley (and Hank and Gus) for supper at Burgers and Blues.

We had fun and I was glad Graves had such a long, late nap because we were out way past his bedtime.  I think the music helped with any potential meltdowns. The fried pickles didn't hurt either!

 On the way home, we stopped by the grocery store and I stopped by a friend's house to get a packet I needed for my Junior League workshop the next day.  I got on the computer for a few minutes but went to bed relativly early.

I got up around the time Peyton did for work so I could get ready on Saturday.  The kids woke up right about then, too.  I got myself ready, started some laundry and even got the kids dressed and started eating breakfast by the time Peyton's mom got here. The workshop started at nine and ended a little before three.  I learned a LOT, met some new friends and got to visit with some old ones, and enjoyed two yummy meals.  When I got home, the kids were eating a late lunch.  Peyton's dad dropped by for a bit and I started more laundry and straightened a little.  After they left, I unloaded and reloaded dishes and played with the kids.  I got on the computer and signed up for my Mistletoe shift and for my big project placement for the year.  And then we just all took it easy and played.  For hours.  It's been too long since I've just put everything done and played with them for such an extended time.  We played with toys in their room and then we got on AP's bed and read and played some more!  I fed them dinner and started baths.  Peyton got home and we were talking and Graves had another tub accident.  He helped me finish/clean up and then I got Graves to bed.  Peyton took AP to the grocery store and I fixed dinner (parmesan crusted tilapia and roasted kale).  I cleaned up the kitchen, hopped on the computer and went to bed.  There was a lot of stuff I needed to do for our trip, but I was so tired and told myself I'd do it in the morning.

We got up around 5:30 (later than I planned) on Sunday and got ready to head to New Orleans.  I got ready supper fast and then I had to go to the attic to get some clothes since I've only been wearing seven things this month!  I threw things in bags in a pretty unorganized (for me) fashion and cleaned out my car while Peyton got the kiddos ready.   We got on the road before seven and picked up my mom. I slept most of the way.

When we got to the hotel, we were way early of course, so we dropped off our bags, had our car vallied and pulled out the strollers and the essentials for the day.  We headed to lunch and got some good shrimp and crawfish and then just walked around all afternoon.  I couldn't find anything for me at my favorite shop down there, but I did get one Sunday outfit for Graves and Peyton found a piece of art he liked.  We walked a long way to get some ice cream and my mom and the kids were getting so tired.  Okay, I was, too.  [Peyton is the Energizer Bunny.]  It was in a shopping center and there were no elevators- just stairs and escalators- so we had to take both kids and all our stuff out and fold up the strollers to get to the next level.  I took AP to the bathroom at one point and my mom and Graves ate the rest of her (quickly melting) ice cream.  She FAH-REAKED.  We managed to get her calmed down and then Peyton and I had a little spat about the best way to go home.  We had had such a good day, but we were all getting exhausted.

When we got back to the hotel, I got ready super fast and then Peyton realized the concert was actually starting about ten minutes from right then.  I fed Graves and he took a shower and we ran outside.  We had also thought it was walking distance, but since we were late, we decided to take a cab.  Well, the one we asked said he wasn't going down there.  We asked around and realized that there was a shuttle system with big buses about a block away.  They actually stopped running at five and we caught one of the last ones!  So we had some really bad luck and some REALLY good luck.  Anyway, we made it and once we got to the festival it was about a mile's walk the stage where Bruce was playing. It was SO much fun and I'm planning to do a whole post about it.  We had such a blast!

We got back to the hotel and apparently, Graves had had a hard time.  He had taken a nice long nap in the stroller, but I know the day was still exhausting.  They had ordered pizza and my mom gave him lots of cuddles.  I nursed him and we got him to bed and played with Annie a little and then headed to dinner.  We had a great dinner and then Peyton wanted to walk around Bourbon Street.  There was a piano bar he had gone to when he was there a few weeks ago for a pharmacy thing, but it wasn't open.  Honestly, I have a really hard time down there.  There is just so much darkness and depravity.  So much sadness and loneliness. I don't mind going in a fun bar, but just walking down those streets and seeing the girls outside the strip clubs makes my stomach tie in knots.  We ended up going back pretty early. I got most everything together so we could head out the next morning and then played on my phone and made lists for the week and went to bed.

Whew!  What a fun week.  This week doesn't have much exciting, except for Peyton turning the big three-o.  But we already celebrated that in New Orleans.  I'm excited about us all being well and having a normal week at home!

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