Sunday, June 3, 2012

June Happenings

 I'm a little disapointed with this header because the font looks so blurry.  It didn't look that way in Paint.Net and it's doesn't when I look at the file on my computer.  Not sure why it screws up when I upload it to Blogger.  UGH.

 So what's happening with the Herringtons in June?

- I didn't really expect May to be as busy as it was, but it seemed to just fly by.  I'm pretty sure June is already filling up, but everything (almost) is fun and exciting stuff!

- We're going to the beach during the middle of the month and I'm so excited.  Last year's trip was good, but hard in some ways because Peyton was gone a lot (it's part work trip for him, part vacation) and I was stuck by myself with two kids.  This year we're staying for longer and....we're taking Mickey, Minnie and COOKIE! I'm so excited.

- We've got a lot going on at church. We're kicking off a new Sunday night series at church.  It's a pretty in depth Old Testament Bible study and I think that will be interesting.  We're also starting an application style Sunday school curriculum and on the alternate Sundays that we don't do our Bible study and our group goes to StewPot, I've made a commitment to stay back with the kids and try to do a more structured, intentional Bible study time with them.  Lastly, our church typically takes a break from Wednesday night activities in the Summer, but our group wanted to do something.  We decided to have a laid back "fellowship group" and just met for a meal at people's house and hang out.  I think it will be super fun and different!

- Peyton's got a few extra shifts, but that should slow down soon. 

- Probably the hugest thing is that this is Media Month in 7.  We took last month off because we were behind in reading and we just weren't prepared, but I'm ready to jump back in! I'm being a bit softball in my approach, but I know it will still be a vast difference.  I also decided to do something a little different and instead of giving up seven things, I'm cutting out four things, but adding three positives. Here are my challenges:
- no Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest
- limited blog reading
- limited TV
- not using my phone as a "smart phone" w/ the exception of limited Instagramming 
- daily time reading
- daily time with the Lord
- daily time (without kids) with Peyton
I know those last three are things I should be doing anyway, but I struggle to make them a priority.  I think this month will be a great chance to get in the habit. I'm hoping I'll additionally knock out a few projects and just generally be more conscious of, and productive with, my time.

My goals for last month the same for April and May because I had a hard time in with them in April.  Honestly, I did much better and half the time I didn't even remember, it just happened sort of naturally. 
1. Continue to be intentional about use of the computer/phone.  The computer thing is a constant battle.  Some days I did good and some days I let it slide.  I did try to be more aware of using my phone and tried to limit my time to when the kids were napping or asleep.  I think this month will be great, because Twitter is by FAR the biggest time suck.
2. Do at least one fun, focused activity with AP daily. I didn't always do great with this, but when Graves took a morning nap, I tried to do something fun and I tried to spend more time reading with her before naps and bedtime. I want to start doing more creative things, though!
3. Make an effort to not be looking at my phone every time I nurse Graves.  I did much better with this! I still did it some, but I think realizing that our nursing relationship is getting closer and closer to it's final stages (it'll still be awhile, I think, but I'm more aware that it's coming), has made me stop and try to be present in that moment more.

I'm cheating for this month and making my goals the last three items in my 7 list:
1.  Set aside a daily time reading- I want to carve out at least twenty or so minutes to read (in addition to my Bible study time) a parenting book, a book about faith, or just a "fun" book.  I used to be a HUGE reader and I hate I've let it slip.
2. Set aside daily time with the Lord- I also used to be much more dilligent with this.  I want to make a concerted effort to do more than reading Jesus Calling Kids (although it is awesome) and spending five minutes praying in the shower.
3. Set aside daily time (without kids) with Peyton- This is hard not just because we're both in the awful habit of sitting in front of various screens after the kids nod of, but because sometimes I've pushed chores and other things off until after bedtime and then I run around like a crazy person trying to get it all done.  I'm determined to manage my (our) time better this month.
4.  Since I cheated, I'm adding one extra.  We're going to start having what's called a "Morning Meeting" as part of our first little toe dip into homeschooling.  I'll blog more about the details, but it's basically just a little family meeting where we practice certain skills and jump start our day together.  The goal is to do it at least four days out of each week. The teacher in me is very excited about it!

I think that's it. I'm excited it's finally, truly Summer!

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