Monday, June 4, 2012

Letter to (Three Year and Two Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

First of all, I need to start my letter with a retraction.  Last month, I mentioned that you weren't into princesses yet.  First of all, I didn't articulate myself very well- I said that I was trying to "stretch your childhood out".  Obviously, princesses are very much a childhood thing.  What I meant was that I was trying to stretch your BABYhood out.  I'm sure some would think it's a bit weird, or even unhealthy, but it's the same reason that at three, you're still wearing bubbles.  I'm watching your babyness disappear each day now, but I'm glad we hung onto it as long as we could.

Furthermore, you have made a fool out of your momma and this month your only desire is to carry around a vintage Cinderella book, eat off of your princess plate, and constantly discuss going to the ball (which you lovingly refer to as the "ball game"-- yes, we still have a way to go in learning these stories). You want to be called "Cinderella" (no more "the little monkey") and your imaginary friend, Ariel, comes over for visits a good bit.  You initially started calling Graves "the Prince", but that's turned into "Prince Charming" and Papa and Momma are the King and Queen, respectively.  I loved your baby stage SO much as I said, but I'm surprised how much fun this new girly, imaginative stage is.  We'll be getting some dress up clothes and watching the movies soon!

This weekend you played with your friend Hank and it was so much fun.  You both have sort of reserved personalities, so it took y'all awhile to warm up, but once you got there, y'all played SO well together.  It was neat watching y'all talk and carry on.

We also had a bit of an unfortunate milestone regarding sibling turmoil last week.  You pushed Graves out of a little play wagon and like you said, "There was some bloooood".  Of course, he's fine (no stitches were needed), but I think it was a good lesson for you.  You're still (a little bit) bigger and need to be careful.

You have been telling me "Momma, he's not a baby anymore...he's a big boy", which is equal parts adorable and depressing.  Sometimes I agree, sometimes I explain y'all are both still my babies, and sometimes I change the subject really quickly.  

You've gone to a couple of birthday parties at the local splash pad and it's about your favorite thing.  You get so excited to play in the water and I love how cute you are prancing around in your bathing suit.

Your manners have improved a lot lately.  Recently, we started working on asking to be excused from the table, now that you've got the hang of "Ma'am" and "Sir". Tonight Papa was talking to you and you missed something he said and you just cocked your head and said in the sweetest little Southern drawl, "Sir??" It was adorable.

We've got a lot of fun planned for this Summer.  Papa and I are excited about starting a few small homeschooling things, going to the beach, and just enjoying the lazy days with two little children running around our feet.

You are a special little girl, Annie, and we love you so much. Words never suffice.

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your bathing suit is a 3T.

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