Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mid Month Update: Media Month

Well, let's see...

I'll be honest and say that media month hasn't effected me the way I though it would.  I think that's because I'm doing it wrong.  I had eliminated things that are huge timesucks for me:
1. Twitter- Oh, y'all.  The hours you can waste on there.  This was my biggest struggle.
2. Pinterest- I go through stages.  Sometimes I go weeks without it, and then I get sucked down a rabbit hole.
3. Facebook- I'm not that into it anymore, but I didn't want to replace Twitter with it.

The problem is I think is that I kind of did replace them- during our trip to the beach I started getting on Instagram a bunch and throughout the month I've probably been blogging more than I would otherwise.  Also, coincidentally, I've needed(?) to devote more time to emails.  Then one night this week, I spent a long time reading blogs.  I gave myself grace with Reader and with Instagram on the trip because I was stuck in the condo by myself while the kids napped and I got bored after reading fifty or so pages in multiple books ;)  I was also lenient about my rule not to use my phone, because get this, it was the only Internet we could get.

I will say that over the course of the month, not using my phone as a "smart phone" except for a little Instagramming has made a big difference.  Clearly, there's no checking email or Twitter on it, so I'm usually only doing stuff online during naps or after the kids are asleep.  That's always been my goal, but I had gotten lax.  I'll probably try to keep this up after the month.

One thing I have failed miserably at are my two "additions"- I haven't spent time reading in general or doing my quiet time each day.  In fact, I would say my habits haven't even changed that much.  So, I'm going to try to make a recommitment to those and also change things up a bit.

I'm going to limit my total computer time daily.  Thirty minutes for blogging and thirty minutes for email/putting pics on Flikr/ect.  So an hour total.  That may mean one blog post takes three days to hammer out (not that most posts take an hour and a half, but you know, some do). In one way, that seems so short, which is sad, sad, sad.  In another it seems like it's still not even enough of a sacrifice for Media Month. I may challenge myself to a week with NOTHING sometime soon, but I just didn't want to do a whole month.  I know I'd miss writing terribly and I don't want to get behind on putting pictures on Flikr (I'm still in the process of uploading old ones).  Oh and on our trip, I added a lot of new Instagram friends, which I'm probably going to ignore for the remainder of the month ;) I don't want it to just be a replacement Twitter.  I'll still post photos and maybe look occasionally, but I'm not going to spend multiple chunks a day scrolling through.

So, I'm trying this again with (hopefully) a little more dedication. 

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

One hour is nothing! I'd love to know my daily total. It is way too much but since I do not watch TV that has to count for something.