Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nap Needs (Back Me Up, Interwebs)

Would y'all back me up and tell Peyton that a thirteen month old needs more than a single ONE HOUR nap?  I realize that I was very spoiled by my first child who took a three to four hour nap daily until she was two and a half, but really, one hour for a one year old? Seriously???

Originally, I thought Graves wasn't napping as well because AP was keeping him up, as they share a room and (for my benefit/sanity) share a naptime.  I really don't think that's the case, though.  The other day she was very quiet and left him alone the entire time and he still woke up around the one hour mark.

I remember writing a post when AP took those long naps about how I didn't feel guilty about letting her nap so much and I didn't think it was unhealthy, though maybe unusual.  I'm really NOT a very "go with the flow" type person (wish I was!) but I have been that way more so with sleep than I expected.  Of course, we have certain standards, but I try to be pretty flexible.  If my kid needs a three hour nap to function, I'm going to try to make that attainable most days.  If they only need an hour and they're too little to understand the "stay in your bed and play quietly" concept (I'm sure some people would say they could understand this at a year, if conditioned to), then I guess maybe I should just be chill about it? Maybe some one year olds really only need that much sleep??

I do think what will help me is to set up a certain amount of time I expect each of them to stay in their room and stick to that, because I think it will help me relax a little to know how much time I have during the day.

I'm curious about a couple of things- how long did/do y'alls one year olds nap, typically? If they take short naps, do you require them to stay in their crib for certain amount of time and how long?

Most days, they are in their room for about an hour and a half, I'd say.  Probably one day a week, they both fall asleep and sleep for two plus hours.  Probably one day a week I get them at the hour mark, because they're both screaming/emotional/mad and I just get tired of fighting it and throw in the towel and we got outside or go for a drive and then I enforce an earlier bedtime.

Another question, re: Graves....if your kids did wake up and you expected them to play in their crib, what did you put in there? At his age, AP already loved books and had favorite little stuffed animals.  He's not into any of that.  The best things I've found to put in his crib are balls, but of course, what's the most entertaining thing you can do with a ball? Throw it out and yell for you momma to come play fetch, duh. I feel like he's doing some better with this "independent time" than he was even a month ago, so maybe it's just a process.   I don't mind hearing him fuss/whine, but when he's standing up at the end of the crib screaming, it really defeats the purpose of it being a "break".  I wrote most of this post the other day, and since then, someone from church recommended a "crib tent".  Anyone have any experience with those??

Last question, re: Annie.  I am considering still, the idea that it may be having her in the room that's keeping Graves up.  I REALLY wish he would nap in a Pack n Play in another area of the house, but he's hated that thing since he was like four months old. We're getting it down for our beach trip that's coming up and I honestly may give it one more shot.  Anyway, I'm thinking I may let her have her naptime somewhere else.  I don't really want to do it in our room because they're just too many temptations (lotion on my bedside table, ect.) and it's not baby/childproofed and I'd need to supervise/really monitor her.  I don't really want to do it on the couch, either, and that's the main options I can think of.  I highly doubt it, but does anyone have any experience with this (or just any ideas?)

Graves actually napped better today and I've tried to enforce the rules (mainly don't get out of your bed without asking) with Annie more and so maybe these last couple of weeks were just a fluke.  Either way, I thought I'd poll the audience.  Ha!


Sarah Broadus said...

madyson is almost 6 and still takes a good 2-3 hour nap during the (summer) days.

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Does Graves take a morning nap? Henry takes a long morning nap and is finally starting to nap longer in the afternoon! I'd say that two hours of daytime sleep is needed. Evie is still a great napper and I worry about Henry's sleep. We need a break from mothering but they need sleep to grow and develop.

Kodi said...

You know our situation is nearly identical and this is what we do. D takes an early morning nap about two hours after he gets up. He sleeps as long as he wants- normally arounf 2 hours. Then around 1:30-2 they both go to their room and nap simultaneously. Some days it takes them a good hour to settle down but eventually they both do fall asleep. Graves might not be old enough to know better than to holler but Annie definitely is. We always discipline Manning and insist he be quiet and stay in bed. Normally that means he falls asleep and then D gets bored with M being asleep so he falls asleep too. I'm not sure if BG is taking a morning nap or not, but I'm a big believer that sleep begets sleep & both of my boys (so far) needed two naps/day well past 1 year. M lasted until about 20 months and still sometimes gets 2.