Friday, June 8, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge: May


There were some great prompts this time around, as usual.  For some reason, I felt like a lot of them took a more serious/nostalgic/sentimental turn with the way I interpreted them last month.  Of course, I LOVED that!

Day 1
Taking advantage of some (peace) and quiet when it's just the two of us.

Day 2
I painted this (skyline) for Peyton's study because it represents one of his (now our) biggest dreams.
Day 3
Dots and stripes- (something I wore today)

Day 4
Can't think of a much more (fun!) way to spend a Friday night than eating Red Beans and Rice at Mickey and Minnie's house.  Bonus for his dorky mom: they have cable news!

Day 5
Babe's got a (bird) in his beak!

Day 6
(Me) right before our rained out walk.

Day 7
April four years ago, I lost my grandmother, who was really a second momma.  The next April, we welcomed Annie girl.  Last April, sweet Graves was born.  I put this fuzzy picture of my little girl grandmother in their nursery to ensure they grow up in the shadows of her memory. (someone who inspires me)

Day 8

In this moment, I can't think of even one I enjoy more. (a smell I adore)

Day 9

Seems like it will never end...I'll probably cry when it does. (something I do everyday)
Day 10
Grace- how could it not be (a favorite word)?

Day 11
I love a bright, happy (kitchen).  It's probably my favorite room in our house.

Day 12
(Something that makes me happy) is being caught up on laundry before my wild week picks up steam.

Day 13 
My (mum) and me

Day 14
This (grass) is special, almost sacred.  Peyton and I spend so many nights with it as our blanket under the Mississippi stars, sharing our hopes and dreams and fears, before we even started dating.  One crisp Fall night, he set up a little table on it and proposed to me beside it.  The following Summer, a checkerboard dance floor was laid and we had our wedding reception at the bottom of those stairs.  So special.

Day 15

(Love) these three...
Day 16
Only one more week left...sad times. (What I'm reading)

Day 17
With the help of our little friends, we tore through three quarters of a cantaloupe at lunch...and now we're finishing it off as a (snack).

Day 18
This recent project was the first (something I made) on my new machine.  It hides our garbage and recycling cans.

Day 19
I'm a little exhausted this Monday and this is definitely a (favorite place).

Day 20
Sadly, here's (something I can't live without).

Day 21
I wear this t-shirt probably weekly because of my love for Dr. Seuss and my commitment to (where I stand) on protection of the unborn.

Day 22
This (pink) swing is about the only thing keeping Mr. Cranky happy today.  Thankful for it.

Day 23
(Technology) that I love-- Apple TV.  Makes life without cable shockingly easy. 

Day 24
I got this top this time last year- six weeks postpartum and of course it didn't fit, so I pushed it to the back of the closet.  Found it today and it feels like (something new).

Day 25
I guess it would be (unusual) for most thirty year old men to spend their Friday night Googleling this, but it was all Peyton's idea.  Called me from work to ask if we could do it tomorrow.  Guess I lucked out and have a big helper in the homeschool department.

Day 26
A day late, but this is what I was doing at (12 o'clock) today.  Now it's time for some fun!

Day 27
Love putting my little boy in (something sweet) on Sundays.

Day 28
It's officially Summer- (the weather today) has been that lovely kind of miserable.  I'm soaking up these Mississippi days.

Day 29
Peyton got a CD player put in the Buick today for my birthday present.  Thirty seconds into Wrecking Ball and it's changed my life.  [Previously, I had been listening to The Boss via YouTube on my phone.  Such an improvement.]

Day 30
I dropped one of the kids' favorite Winnie the Pooh bowls over the fence into our huge compost heap.  Peyton was dealing with a "code brown" in the tub, so I got on my duck boots and went digging. (my personality)

 Day 31

I have high hopes that (something beautiful) will come out of limiting our media exposure this month.

And just like that, there's May!  As you can see, I was definitely looking (nervously) forward to June! [By the way, I plan to do a full post, but "Media Month" has been glorious in ways and difficult in others.]


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