Thursday, June 21, 2012

Picture Post: Beach Baby, Beach Baby, There on the Sand (06.12.12-06.16.12)

Like I said in my Weekly Happenings Post, our trip to Destin really was fun, but it was also hard work.  It was so nice to have my parents and sister there and I hope I didn't sound unappreciative in my post.  If we hadn't had them there, I'd probably be blogging from the grave.  That, or Peyton would ;)

Anyway, here are some pictures.  We actually stayed in Sandestin.  It was neat because my dad used to take my mom, Cookie, and me to conventions when he worked at Mississippi Valley Gas.  We were basically on the same beach!

Anyway, here are the pictures.  I told y'all it would be a lot.  Ha!

 First of all, here is an an outtake from our family picture Tuesday morning prior to leaving.  It's kind of telling.

 If it wasn't, though, this is.  The first day we were there, I just took our point and shoot on the beach.  I took a few inside with the Rebel, though.  Of course, of the selection, the best picture is this funky shot with a weird toilet shadow.

The P&S did better than I had thought.  I had figured I'd be totally disappointed with the pictures and just frustrated, but Peyton and I agreed that we'd only take our DSLR to the beach when someone could bring it immediately back after we took a few or if we were just going to take pictures because we didn't want to get sand all over it and also because we didn't want to have to be constantly "babysitting" our expensive camera and worrying about leaving it when we wanted to go play in the water.  I didn't think about bringing our old little camera until the night before the trip when I was packing, and I forgot to bring an extra memory card, so I was constantly switching it between the two cameras, but I was SO glad I brought it.  Obviously there is a HUGE difference in quality, but I was still shocked.  Like I said, I really thought I'd just think they were all awful. Here are some of the beach pics from the first day...

 Cookie and Gravey Baby had a lot of fun together.

Peyton decided to bury AP in the sand!

She loved it!

I love his face, here.

He's pretty cute, yes? [And the kid that looks just like him is, too, in my opinion.]

Fun at sea!

This boy *loved* the sand.  I mean he was in his element. Once again, he and Mickey have a bond. Unlike Mickey, however, he enjoyed snacking on the sand a good bit.

Probably my favorite of him the whole trip.

Bud had some severe bedhead the next AM.

 Runner up favorite pic.  I'd probably frame it if it wasn't so freakin' blurry.

I took a few pictures of AP in the hotel before her nap.

Her little duck swimming suit reminds me of the soft one pieces I used to have when I was her age.

Beach Bud.  Did I mention he loved the sand?

 About like this girl loved the waves.

 I'm so glad Annie knows the joy of being a sister.  I'd love for her to one day know the joy of having one, too.

Ready for our anniversary date!  

Honestly, I think this cell picture is better:

A few from our last full day...

And here are a few snaps from the unfortunate first attempt at staged beach photos that resulted in the little, ahem, disagreement between myself and Honey Bear Herrington.

Needless to say, we had a do-over the following morning before getting on the road.  I think they were slightly better ;)

I know, it's unbelievable I could ever get mad at this guy.

He kinda still takes my breath away sometimes.  But don't tell him ;)

I changed them into their cutest suits, but those were largely unsuccessful as evidenced by this, the best of the bunch: For the love, let me put a barrette in your hair.  How many pictures must we have of you doing the dainty hair hold?

And that's where these culminate. I did put them in the same suits and had a backyard photo shoot in their ugly plastic kiddie pool this week.  Look forward to those!

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

You crack me up SD!!!! I loved this post especially your honesty about the hardwork of taking two kids to the beach and the fact that you and Peyton occasionally have a disagreement. HA! It makes me feel more normal. Please have Cookie share her exercise routine! I'd rock a bikini too if I looked like her. Both of you are just gorgeous and I am sure your parents loved being at the beach with their daughters and grandchildren!