Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So Many Drafts, So Little Time

One of my goals for this month was to clean out my drafts folder.

I know this is super weird to most people, but when I get an idea for a post or whatever, I just create a draft.  Sometimes it's just the title. Other times I type up a few key words or phrases to help me remember more clearly.  Occasionally, I'll even type up a post almost in its entirety, but save it for later either because I already have a lot I want to blog about that week and I know it will be nice to have on a rainy day when I need a scheduled something, or because maybe it's sort of controversial and I need to "step away", or sometimes because I'm just not ready to put it all out there.

Anyway, this has been my process pretty much since I started blogging almost four years ago.  Well, I had not been diligent about keeping my drafts folder tidy.  [This is so representative of me in general.  I like to think I'm organized and in some ways I am.  But in some ways I'm so not.]  I started to go through and purge my drafts today they topped out at 185(!!!) and some went back to 2009. I used the portion of naptime I usually devote to blogging or reading blogs to going through each and every one of them.

Some were "picture posts" from forever ago, that, at this point, are completely irrelevant.  I deleted some and marked others that were more important to me to do for a "Flashback Friday" post.  Several contained thoughts on motherhood from way back when AP was a baby- I deleted some redundant ones and I kept some to maybe publish with a note.  There were a few intended book reviews- I pretty much cut all those.  A good many were posts that I had actually forgotten about and started a new draft, so they're already published posts.  Obviously, those got deleted.

But there was still a lot.  Those Flashback posts; posts about projects we've done around the house; posts about parenting decisions; posts about parenting in general; posts about my faith; posts about struggles I have; posts about blogging; posts about fun, quirky things like a "life soundtrack"....

My goal was to get it down to one hundred and as you can see above, I made it...barely.  My next goal is to go through them intentionally and either write the darn post or delete it.  The problem of course, is that I still keep coming up with new things to blog about.  Plus, I have two posts I do weekly (Weekly Happenings and Weekly Smorgasbord) and I really want to finish up the Christian Believer series.  And I'm still trying to write more "literary" posts.  That's a week's worth of posts right there, almost!   And then one day, I'd like to pay a little bit of attention to my other blogs (see the sidebar, but it's pitiful). Also, most of these are not drafts I can complete and whip out in fifteen minutes like I did this one.  They require some thought and energy (and time!) that I don't always have.

Anyway, I'm hoping by the end of Summer I can have it down to oh, say, seventy five!


Ashley said...

This is fascinating.....I'm sure we'll discuss all of this in detail when you're here to visit!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Time is something we all need more of especially frazzled mothers. "time how you punish me."