Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Uniform

I tweeted awhile back that one reason (among many) why I love, love, love Summer is the attire....bubbles and jonjons for the boy babe; rompers, bubbles and dresses for the girl child and dresses for the momma.  Poor Peyton has to wear pants, which, of course, have that pesky waistband.  Seriously, I do love me some Summer clothes.  First, I think, for myself as well as the kiddos, Summer clothes are SO much cuter.  They're also just more comfortable and easy for me.  I thought I'd share a bit about my Summer uniform.  Here are the basics:

1.  There are pretty much two types of mothers in the world....those who legit get dressed for the day, regardless of event or activity and those who, in general, do not.  I fall into the latter category.   If we're at home all day, I rarely put up on make-up.  I do always take a bath first thing and dry my hair because I'll feel nasty and be in a bad mood if I don't. But that's it. And I wear my faux work out clothes.  Last year when I was putting up my off season clothes, Peyton noticed a box labeled "work out clothes" and he told me I should relabel it because, really, how often do I work out? So it now says "loungwear".  I wear a lot of loungewear.  In the Summer it looks like this:

2. When I do have some sort of engagement, I usually wait until the last minute to get dressed and then I shuck and put on my t-shirt, gym shorts, and wait for it....sports bra.....within minutes of getting home. Lest y'all think I'm a total slop, it could be worse.  I could shuck and not do anything and just walk around in my underwear, a la Peyton Herrington.  [Praise the Lord he's not a briefs man!]

3. That said, I really do like dressing up IF I have an occasion.  Lately, I've been getting more into it.  I guess during the year I had more things like Mother's Day Out that required more that "loungewear", but that I really didn't want to dress up for.  However, these days when I get dressed it's usually a dress or a more "fancy top" and I've been having fun with earrings, perfume, and a brighter than usual lipstick, as well.

4. Summer around here means dresses, with the occasional skirt or shorts.  Waistbands are to be avoided and denim is not my friend.  I'm not really a fan of jeans, in general.  I feel like if they're tight enough to be cute, they're not comfortable in the least and if they're loose enough to be comfy they look like Gingkos.  So, there's that.  I wear them in the Winter, but in the Summer when I can get by without them, I probably only wear them once every few weeks.

That's the basic gistof my Summer wardrobe.  Tell my about y'alls!


Sarah Broadus said...

I'm with you on shorts and tshirts. IF i have to get dressed its usually a cute top and capris.

The Niemeyer Nest said...

I love that cute red top and enjoyed your post yesterday too.