Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #169 (June 4-10)-- Late Night Fun and Fellowship

Last week was really nice.  We had a lot of fun visits with friends, and that was really enjoyable.  Last weekend was especially fun; we did something with two of our favorite couple friends on Friday and Saturday!

Graves slept until 8:30 on Monday and then I got up and got a bath and got ready and fed him breakfast.  AP woke up and I started typing her monthly letter and picked up the house some and then it was time to head to the Howies for lunch.  We had a fun time, with a few little tussles.  Annie was a bit emotional for some reason and was just crying at the drop of a hat.  We left and Graves fell asleep on the way home.  He had fallen asleep on the way there, too, and he didn't transfer well.  I made the kids stay in bed for an hour and I made a few phone calls, started some laundry, and started dishes.  I uploaded and organized a bunch of pictures and when they got up, I folded a bunch of laundry.  Peyton got home and we talked and then I left because one of my friends from church was having a Mary Kay party.  It was fun visiting and when I got home, Peyton had Graves in bed and AP was eating supper.  We got her to bed and I finished her letter and put pictures on Flikr and went to bed.

Peyton left for work before we got up on Tuesday.  Graves woke up pretty late for him- around 8:30 and I fed him breakfast and got started doing some things around the house.  I hadn't straightened up the night before so I picked up toys and stuff and unloaded and reloaded dishes.  I started a load of laundry and cleaned up the high chair and vacuumed the floor.  AP got up and I took my bath and got ready and then we had our first "morning meeting".  I mentioned it before, but it's the main thing we're doing as far as homeschooling this Summer.  I'll do a full post on it sometime soon, I'm sure.  Anyway, it was a success.  It only lasted about fifteen minutes and it went really smoothly.  I nursed Graves and then they played while I tackled several piles and "problem areas" around the house.

 Whoa....seriously, he's a toddler.

We picked up toys and then it was time for lunch!  They ate and then I put Graves down for a nap and read to Ann Peyton.  They both did better than they have been lately and I ate my lunch and read some in 7 and then got ready because we had a homeschooling curriculum meeting that afternoon.  Graves only slept for about an hour, which was fine- I would have had to wake him up anyway, but I still think it's weird he's trying to take a single ONE HOUR nap at thirteen months? UGH.

I tackled one box of shorts that I had gotten down from the attic and then it was time to go.  I dropped the kids of at my in laws and met Peyton for the meeting.  It was really interesting and I'm glad to have some more resources.  I picked up the kids and Peyton went by the bread store and we met at home.  We visited some and then gave the kids baths and I worked on my closet a little more and then we all went out for sushi.  Graves was tired, of course, and the restaurant (Little Tokyo) was um, a bit quieter than I remembered. We made it work, but it was kinda stressful and involved a trip to the bathroom for a little nursing sesh.  I'm going to be honest- I think I'll be a little devastated when I don't have that in my "toolbox" anymore. Ha!  Peyton had told AP we'd stop for desert and for some reason she kept asking for a bunny cookie (she had one from Primos, back, oh, around EASTER!).  I knew we had some slice and bake dough at home and a bunny cookie cutter, so we just went home and I made her one.  Those slice and bakes puff up so bad, it hardly resembled a rabbit, but thankfully, she was more than satisfied.  Graves went right to sleep and Peyton left to work an overnight and I put Annie to bed. She went to sleep fairly easily and I picked up the house and got on the computer.  I went through some old bookmarks and put pictures on Flikr and finished a couple of posts.

Wednesday morning, Graves woke up kind of early.  I fed him breakfast and then Peyton got home.  I took a bath and dried my hair in the guest bathroom since he was sleeping and then we had our Morning Meeting.  We played a little and I put Graves down for a nap.  I turned on cartoons and spooned with Annie the whole time.  I love doing that!  When he woke up, I vacuumed and mopped in the kitchen and then we got ready and headed to the grocery store.

Graves was up pretty early on Thursday and I couldn't get him back to sleep, so we just got up.  Peyton and I talked and then I took a bath.  We had breakfast and did our morning meeting.  It was fun having Peyton there! Then I cooked some Suddenly Salad and unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. I made some chicken salad and we got ready to go see Peyton's sister who had just had her baby girl.
[A Twitter friend sold me some of her little boy's clothes for Graves and of course AP was obsessed with the softness. She loves a fluffy jacket and always wants to wear her "Winter clothes".  Poor thing lives in the wrong place for that!] 

We had a nice visit and Michel (pronouced Michelle) was precious!  When we got home, I hustled around and did the "company clean up" because Haley and her boys were coming over for lunch.  I straightened, made up beds, wiped down the guest bathroom and cleaned the toilet and then swept the living room.  I made some fruit kabobs.  They were running late,  so I started a load of laundry and put Graves down for his nap and got some pictures uploading to Flikr.  They got here and we had the best time!  Hank and Annie played so well together!

After they left, I straightened up and unloaded and reloaded dishes again and then put the kids back down for naps (Graves had only slept for about forty five minutes).  I ate a piece of cake, played on Instagram and checked my email and then I got the kids dinner ready to take to church because we had a circle meeting.

I got them up and we all got ready and left.  Circle went well and when we got home, I got Graves ready for bed and then did AP's nighttime routine.  I picked up (there wasn't much to do) and washed a few dishes and unpacked the diaper bag.  I folded a load of laundry and then got on the computer to check my email.  I organized the pictures on Flikr and went through a few old "Read it Later" bookmarks.  Peyton got home and he had Fivel from Netflix and wanted to "pre-screen" it and see if it was okay for AP.  He's SUPER serious about watching movies first, even G movies, even Disney.  I really do admire that about him. Anyway, I fell asleep about twenty minutes in.

I got up with Graves on Friday and fed him breakfast and then AP woke up.  I got a bath and made up our bed and repainted Annie's toenails.  She wanted to eat some more breakfast, so I took some pictures of some clothes I want to sell on eBay and then we had our morning meeting.  We went outside to play and then had lunch and I put them down for early naps because I had an appointment at the breastfeeding clinic because Graves had been biting.  He slept for about thirty minutes and then AP woke him up.  I made them stay in bed for the rest of the hour and I worked on my Photo A Day post for last month.  I got all the pictures uploaded and about half way through the captions and it was time to get ready and go.  My mom was keeping AP and we ended up meeting her at the gas station between their house and the clinic.

The appointment went well and I got some tips for the problem-- he pretty much only does it when he's popping off and Dr. Saenz told me to just tell him "No!" firmly (which I had already been doing), but also to try to predict when he was about to finish and put my finger in his mouth and unlatch him myself.  It was all good to know and we were able to get in and out pretty fast!  We visited with my mom and she said she had had SO much fun with Annie, who was even sweeter and easier than usual, since she had her undivided attention. We came home and Graves fell asleep in the car and transferred well, which worked out perfectly since we had plans that night.  I let AP watch a movie and I finished my post and then took a bath and started getting ready.  Peyton got home and I made a super easy peach dessert and threw it in the oven.  He got ready and we bathed AP and woke Graves up and bathed him.  We got ready and headed to the Roberts' house for dinner.

We had such a good time.  We brought out own steaks and Haydn grilled them and we just hung out.  We had planned to get sitters and go out, but that fell through and this was so much fun, too!

We ended up staying pretty late and Graves fell asleep in my lap.  He slept like that for over an hour! I was kind of surprised, but I guess not really.  We got home and put both kids in bed and talked a little.  I ended up dozing off on the couch and Peyton told me to come on to bed, but I was so tired.  I got in bed around four and (I know this is terrible) ate a piece of cake and registered AP for VBS. I nursed Graves and put him back to bed around 6:30. [I know some people would disagree with doing that, but I don't care. Gosh, when he's weaned that's another thing I will really miss!]

Peyton worked on Saturday and the kids slept until almost nine!  I got up and fed Graves his breakfast and then AP got up.  I started laundry and loaded some dishes and then took a bath and got ready for the day.  We couldn't go outside because it was wet and rainy, so we watched some Max and Ruby and played inside.

We had lunch and I put the kids down a little early again.  Graves took a great nap and AP did pretty well, too.  I got on the computer and rewatched Christian Believer dvd and started a post and when they got up we got ready and headed to my parents' house because Cookie was home!  We had a good time and I brought some stuff over there so I could get ready because we were having dinner at the Howie's house.  I took a bath and got dressed, but the slip I had brought didn't work with my dress.  Peyton met us at my parents' and we dropped by home so I could finish getting dressed and then headed to the Howies.  We had so much fun.  They fixed burgers and we talked for a super long time.  When we left, it was past eleven!  Graves was such a trooper, being up oh, FOUR HOURS, past his bedtime!  I guess that nap gave him so extra energy.  Anyway, we got home and dropped the kids in bed and went to bed ourselves.  I left the house a mess, which kind of makes me crazy, but oh well.

We got up Sunday morning and got ready for Sunday school.  We had planned on going to early church, but after that late night, I couldn't do that to the kids.  Sunday school was really interesting- our friend Zack taught on prayer.  We had a guest preacher for church and that was neat, too!  We got home and fed the kids lunch and put them down for naps.  I worked some more on a Christian Believer post and cleaned up the kitchen.  I started some dishes and Peyton made a salad for the homeless shelter we were going to serve at that that night and then left to meet his brother to eat.  The kids woke up about the time Peyton got home and we got ready and headed back to church.  AP was going to VBS that night (even though she couldn't go to the whole thing this week because of our vacation, they were sweet enough to let her come!) and Graves was staying in the nursery.  Since most kids were in VBS, I decided not to start my little children's activities I'm going to be doing every other Sunday until the next time, so Peyton and I both got to go to Stewpot.  We went to a different shelter this time, but the ladies were just as friendly and again, all the kids had such good manners.  We got back to the church and picked up AP and then came by our house so Peyton could change to go walking with his brother.  I couldn't find my phone ANYWHERE and we started arguing about it and I was kind of mean in front of the kids.  I *hate* that.  We finally found it and headed to my parents' house to pick up Peyton's car. He went to walk with is brother and we visited a little and then headed home.  Both kids fell asleep, but AP didn't transfer well and wanted her Bible and Pooh read and wanted to "type". [Her new thing is that she loves to type little symbols on my phone- we've steered clear of "kid apps" for the most part, but she just likes to type.  Anyway, the only time I let her is before her nap and before bed.]  I got her ready and she fell back asleep pretty quickly.  I uploaded pictures and read through some old blog posts for fun and because I've decided to manually save them.  After that, I worked on a sewing project for about an hour.  Peyton got home and we watched the news and went to bed around one.

I'm so excited because this week we're going to the beach!  It's a work/vacation trip for Peyton and since we're taking my mom, dad, and sister, I think it may be an actual vacation for me, too!

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