Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #170 (June 11-17)-- Catch a Wave


It seems like I started this post FOREVER ago.  So much has happened- a big beach trip and a little sickness for me and AP.  The beach was fun, but exhausting, to be frank.  And that was with my parents and my sister there to help!  I think it was just hard trying to coordinate Peyton's schedule and if we go again next year, we'll probably either go a few days before the convention starts or maybe just take a separate vacation all together.

By the way, most of my pictures are iPhone pics.  I'm going to do a real picture post sometime later in the week, so as not to overwhelm.  I brought our DSLR, our old point and shoot, and my phone to the beach, so there's a lot of pictures. These posts top out at like eleventy million words, anyway,

The kids woke up earlier than I had hoped on Monday. I had been hoping they'd sleep later since we got home late from my parents' the night before, but Graves was up before eight. Peyton got up and mowed the yard and I fixed Graves's breakfast while AP played. Peyton took her outside while he did the back and I started laundry and worked on getting paint out of the dress AP wore to VBS the night before. I couldn't get it out and I got a little upset. Obviously, it was partly my fault for sending her in it, but really- three year olds with permanent paint? We always put little t-shirts on them at Mother's Day Out and that was even with washable paint. I was just sad because I bought it when she was Graves's age and I was so excited for her to wear it for the first time. She had thrown a fit when I tried to take it off of her when we got home from church, so I figured I'd just let her wear it. Anyway, Peyton came in and took a bath while I dug under AP's bed to get out his Summer clothes. He worked on his closet changeover while I took my bath. Of course, doing it, plus hanging up some other clothes, plus packing for the trip took him about an hour total. Clearly, I need to eliminate and consolidate (which I'm trying to do) since my closet changeover has taken weeks!

Speaking of, my dad came over and helped Peyton get some boxes to the attic and then I decided spontaneously that we'd all go with Peyton on some errands he had to run. We hustled and got in the car (AP was wearing one of Peyton's old clown costumes Granny had made) and left. We picked up Subway and then went by Cokesbury for church stuff, Great Harvest for bread for the trip, and Target for new shorts for Peyton. The kids napped the whole time and I just stayed in the car with them. We got home and Peyton left for work and I fixed the kids' lunch and unloaded and reloaded dishes. I striped our bed and started laundry and then got to folding. Cookie came over and we went to Target and then she helped me pick out what to pack for the kids. She left and I straightened up their room and we got ready and met her and my parents to eat at Cock of the Walk. I had such a bad sinus headache, but the food was good! I ran to the other Target while my parents watched the kids and then we ended up staying late because there were bad storms. I bathed the kids there and put them right to bed after we got home and got busy cleaning out my car and packing. I finished up my Weekly Happenings Post and went to bed.

We got up later than I meant to on Tuesday. Peyton actually woke us up, even though I had several alarms set. I guess that’s what going to bed at 3 AM will do to you. Anyway, we got up around 7:20 and called my parents to push back our departure time to 8:30 (we meant to leave by eight). Somehow I managed to get ready and take Graves’s monthly picture, edit it, and put the final touches on his monthly letter and publish it. I’m kinda obsessive about those things and it was a huge goal for the morning.

Anyway, my parents and Cookie got to our house around 8:30 and Peyton loaded the car while I made beds and did some last minute tidying and we got on the road by nine.

We made several stops and had lunch at Subway and we made it to Destin around four. It was a good trip- Peyton and I talked a bunch, I napped some and we listened to a lot of CDs on my new CD player in the Buick. When we got there, we checked in and I unpacked and took a short nap while AP watched a princess movie. We got ready and went to Hammerheads for dinner. We were out so late, but the kids did really well. When we got back, I finished unpacking and straightening up.
[the door to our NINETEENTH story balcony- major Tears in Heaven anxiety, folks]

After those naps, I wasn’t really tired and I ended up staying up really late reading about Molinism. We’ve been having some big theological discussions with some of our good friends and I’d been meaning to research this philosophy- it’s kind of a midpoint between Armininianism and Calvinism and one of Peyton’s favorite philosophers/apologists, William Lane Craig, is a big proponent of it. Anyway, I went to bed around two.

It was nice, though, because on Wednesday, I nursed Graves and went back to sleep while Minnie and Cookie fixed the kids breakfast and dressed them. I took a quick shower even though we were headed to the beach because I felt gross and had breakfast and then we went down to play on the sand. Both kids really liked the beach this year (AP hated it last year, so I didn’t have too high hopes) and we stayed for a couple of hours.

We went back to the room and I gave the kids baths and fed them lunch and then put them down for naps. Everyone else headed back to the beach and cleaned up. I loaded dishes and just tidied. For some reason, I’m super neat (like even neater than usual, ha!) on vacation. I read some in 7 and Love and Logic. I actually got a lot of reading done! I messed around on my phone and then I let AP get up. Peyton got back and and we all headed back to the beach. We stayed for a little bit and all got in the ocean. Annie loved it and Graves did, too! Peyton and AP stayed and went to the pool and the rest of us came back to the condo to get ready. I fed Graves a snack, started laundry, and unpacked our beach stuff and cleaned all the sand of. Peyton and I got showers and chatted a little and then we got the kids ready and went to a welcome dinner for the convention while my parents and Cookie went to a nice dinner. Annie was so tired and had several meltdowns about her dress and a balloon she let go of. When we got back, we put both kids to bed. They both went right to sleep. We visited with my parents and I straightened and started more laundry.

Graves woke up before seven on Thursday and wanted to play, but I was pretty tired so I decided to attempt to snuggle with him in our bed! It took about half an hour, but he fell asleep and slept until almost ten!! AP was up doing a puzzle with my mom and we all had breakfast and then headed to the beach.
 [We had talked about it the night before, but the first I heard of it that morning was from my mother in law.  We argued about the date a few weeks ago and one year would have forgotten completely had Granny not sent us a card.]

We were there maybe twenty minutes and a storm blew up. The kids and I met Peyton, who had gotten done with his morning convention stuff, and went up to the room for baths and an early lunch. We put them down for naps and I took a bath and got ready. It was kind of sad because the weather got nice again, but we were all clean, so we decided to just go to the outlet mall. Peyton had left one of his suitcases with a lot of his nice stuff he needed for the next day at home, so it was kind of imperative we go that day anyway. We dropped AP off at the beach with my family and took Graves with us to the mall.

The outlets ended up taking longer than we expected. I got two pairs of shorts for me and nothing(!!!) for the kids. But Peyton takes forever shopping. He likes to look at and analyze EVERYTHING. We literally spent over an hour in J. Crew. He really doesn’t shop much, though, so I tried to be a good sport. We got him his essentials (slacks, a new shirt, and a tie...fortuantly he had his dress shoes in the suitcase he brought) and picked up some fun stuff for him, too. After the hour at J. Crew, we went in Van Heusen and I just grabbed a shirt and tie that matched the pants we had bought at Banana Republic. I actually found him another shirt on clearance, too. We were in and out in about ten minutes. Peyton and Graves went to get the car while I ran in Gymboree. They had nothing I liked, so I stopped in Stasburg and Hartstrings. Nothing there, either. I had found one outfit I liked at Janie and Jack, but I decided against it, too. I do MUCH better at consignment/sample sales and on eBay. Anyway, we headed back and hustled to get ready for our anniversary dinner that night. We took showers and chatted briefly and I nursed Graves and put him down and then we headed out.

We had a WONDERFUL date. We went to Cafe 30-A and it was great. The food was fabulous and our waiter was so nice and friendly. He was the perfect balance of friendly, but not annoyingly talkative. He joked and told a couple of stories, but left us alone, mostly. Peyton got scallops and a beat salad and I got lobster and an iceburg wedge and we added an order of grits. It was all SO good. The lobster was kind of strong and seafood-y, but I was happy I tried it! I also had a fabulous pineapple cosmo that tasted like a Capri Sun. I’m kind of embarrassed, I’m such a lightweight, but I was a little “silly”. Nothing bad or anything, but I could not stop laughing and said things like “We’ll call him ‘Sam’....because that’s his name”, in reference to our waiter.

Anyway, it was such a fun night and we had a lot of good conversation. We got home and visited with my parents. Apparently, the Nemo knock off, The Reef, that I had gotten Annie for the trip was a bit too scary, but she had gotten over it and fallen asleep. I straightened and went to bed.

We got up and got ready on Friday because AP and I were going to a Sand Castle competition put on by the Pharmacy Association. Annie and Graves had a big tussle and the elevators were slow, but Peyton met us outside and we made it. We played some, but Annie wanted to get in the water and then she had to tee-tee, so I took her to the bathroom and then we met my parents and Cookie and Graves. We played for a good while on the beach and we met the sweetest little family. It was a mom and a dad and they had a little girl about Annie’s age that they called “Bunny”. They let AP play with their Cinderella bucket and when Bunny and the mom left to play in the waves, the dad kept working on the sand castle and talking with Annie. It was so sweet!

 Graves got tired and so we headed up for lunch, baths and naps. We got half way up and realized we didn’t have a room key, so I took Graves and met Cookie while my mom let AP play in the baby pool. I bathed the kids quickly and fixed lunch and Peyton got back. Graves went right to sleep and then AP did, too. I typed up some of this post and cleaned up and took my own shower and ate lunch. Peyton and I ended up waking up the kids to attempt beach pictures and it was about as pleasant as you’d imagine.

AP had a melt down getting ready, but then she did fine on the way to the beach. Once we got there, though, she freaked out and didn’t want to have her picture made. It was a disaster, but I kept trying to make it work. Peyton got frustrated and we ended up having an argument and going back to the room. We made up, regrouped, and went back to the pool for about half an hour. My parents and Cookie met us and played a bit and then we took Graves up. They played with AP and then brought her up. I had my THIRD shower of day and then we got ready to go eat. Peyton left for a banquet and we ended up deciding to just get take-out burgers. We ate and talked and then put Graves to bed. AP’s nap made going to bed a little difficult so she watched a movie while I packed.

Saturday was our trip back and it was LONG and hard.  First of all, I had had an excruciating headache the night before.  I took two BC powders during the night and some Advil when I woke up and that brought it down to "hurts alot".  My chest felt really sore, so I knew it was sinuses.  I hate taking Sudafed while I'm nursing, but I knew I needed some to function. Peyton had meetings all morning, but he took a break so we could attempt pictures again.  I got some okay ones and even redressed the kids on the beach in their cutest (in my opinion) swimsuits.  He went back to his last meeting and I took the kids back to the room (half the way by myself, which was a was a good little distance to the beach).  My parents were ready to leave, so we kissed them bye (after my mom helped diffuse a fit AP was throwing) and I got the last of our stuff together, did a sweep of the place, and let the kids unpack and play with a few toys.  I nursed Graves and then Peyton got back and we all loaded up the last bit.  We went to check out and it appeared they over charged us by a good bit.  Peyton kind of argued and they said they'd pull the phone record, but it would take awhile.  We ran back by the Gap Outlet (I got one thing for me and a couple for the kids) and then ate at a Greek place for lunch.  We headed back and had to wait a little longer, but then they let us listen to the recording.  Sure enough, I had a agree to the price.  UGH.  I was so mad at myself and embarrassed for putting them through all that.  We got on the road, and I was feeling awful again, so we stopped by Walgreens on the way out.  I nursed Graves at a gas station and we filled up and headed out.

Graves was uncharacteristically fussy, we got stuck in traffic for probably an hour, Peyton took a longer way and then, y'all.....Ann Peyton started vomming.  It was actually only a little at first and we gave her a cup after that.  She's never been carsick before, so I think maybe it was something she ate or maybe just sun exposure and exhaustion.  Anyway, she is SUCH a good patient.  I asked her what she'd do if she needed to do it again and she said "throw up in my little cup" (which was all we had).  She did throw up one more time and it was a lot.  Of course, we were on a dark, creepy stretch of highway.  Peyton started to pull over on the side of the road, but just then we saw a man walking down it.  Poor thing just held her cup for a couple of miles until we found a safe, well lit gas station.  We made a food stop shortly after that and found a Walgreens and got some Dramamine.  Peyton accidentally got tablets that weren't chewable, but he crushed it up and got her to take a little.  It worked and she wasn't sick again and didn't even wake up when we got home.  Graves was a little harder transfer, but I nursed him for a long time (poor guy, his diet at the beach wasn't the best- lots of snacks) and put him to bed.  I took everything to its correct room and called my mom and went to bed. It was 11:30.  The trip (which is usually 5.5 hours) had taken us almost twelve since we left our room.  I was so glad to get in my warm bed.
According to AP: "The queen let the princess use her pillow" (so the baby monster wouldn't bother her).

And then...I was up so much with another headache.  It finally got better around the time Peyton woke up and we chatted and then I started feeling awful again.  Graves woke up and we had a little disagreement.  He wanted to go on to church, but Graves needed to eat and be dressed.  So he thought Graves should just stay home since I was keeping AP home due to being sick the day before.  I was so tired, though, and I knew having just AP would be a walk in the park.  He ended up taking Graves and going to Sunday school after he told me that we had "different definitions of sick".  Annie just laid in bed and played with Legos and watched TV.  I started feeling worse and took my temp and I had a little bit of fever.  Peyton skipped big church and picked up AP to go have a Father's Day lunch with his parents.  Poor Peyton didn't have much of a Father's Day this year.

I stayed in bed most of the afternoon and took some medicine, but my fever kept rising.  Finally, I did a Neti Rinse and took a bath in some allergy crystals and I felt better.  Throwing up might have helped, too :/

I got up and played with the kids and then Peyton and I took them outside.  We played and came in and fixed them supper and put Graves to bed.  I vacuumed out my car, washed AP's car seat from when she threw up, and scrubbed around with Chlorox wipes.  Annie helped me clean up toys and then I scrubbed her fingernails and repainted them and put her to bed. She had a hard time going to bed so I let her wear her "ball gown" (AKA a bishop of her choosing).

 Peyton and I had our weekly meeting we've started having to get our ducks in a row and then I cleaned up the kitchen.  I sent a few emails and uploaded and organized pictures from our trip and went to bed.

I'm so glad we went on this trip and AP hasn't stopped talking about it, but like I said, traveling (espesially to sandy areas where kids need to be bathed multiple times a day) with kids is just tiring.  I'm glad we have a pretty slow week to recover!


Carrie said...

I don't think I've EVER been involved in any beach pictures that didn't end in some kind of argument :-/ And you're right that taking kids to the beach is so much work. Thinking about it is kind of making me wonder if we might should just skip the beach this year. I can't wait to see more pictures from your trip!

The Taffs said...

My in laws live in Destin, and we go semi-frequently. Although they live only about a block and a half off of the beach, I would MUCH RATHER just stay at their pool. Even with one, it is so much work to get to the beach! But, at least the memories were made, right?