Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #171 (June 18-24)-- Recovering from Vacation

 Poor Annie.  Family Picture Fail.

Last week was nice, because once I got over my little virus I got toward the end of the week before, it was very relaxing and low key.  We needed that after our fun, but intense, beach trip!

I was feeling a little better when I got up on Monday, which was good because Peyton's dad was coming over to do yard work with him that morning.  Both kids got up around eight and I got a bath and fixed them breakfast.  I started laundry, unloaded and reloaded dishes (Peyton had cleaned out the fridge the day before, so there were a lot) and ate my breakfast.  We had our morning meeting and I started to feel rough.  I still had fever and was just achy.  I laid on the couch while the kids played.  Thankfully, Peyton and his dad finished up and he took a bath and then fixed me some soup and watched them while I laid down for a bit.  I got up and put the kids down for naps and made a few phone calls and sent an email and made a couple of lists for the week.  I worked on last week's Weekly Happenings Post and uploaded pictures from my phone.  Annie stayed in her bed and was very quiet for about two hours so I let her get up and watch a movie and I dozed on the couch and Graves slept another hour(!!!).  When he got up, I fed them a snack and put AP's car seat cover that I had washed back on and put the seat in the car.  I folded some laundry and straightened up AP's bed where she had been playing and then gave Graves a bath.  We went to my parents and I started feeling icky again and fell asleep on my mom's bed.  We had sirloin steaks and potatoes for supper there and it was so good.  We came home and I put the kids to bed and got on the computer for a bit and finished up my Weekly Happenings post and put pictures on Flikr.  Peyton got home and we visited and I went to bed.

I slept late on Tuesday and Peyton even took the kids to the grocery store.  When he got home, he had a conference call, so I put up groceries, ate my breakfast, started dishes, and picked up a bit while the kids played.
 [Ann Peyton "decorated" her armoire.  (Those are panties.) I'm 99% sure it was brought on by her reading this vintage classic from twelve year old SD's literary collection.  Think she has a future in Interior Design, Carrie and Ash?]

Peyton and AP ran to the Farmer's Market after that and I tidied up the nursery and unpacked the bag of sippy cups/snacks from our trip.   I did a little reorganizing in the laundry room and some of the kitchen cabinets and when they got home, I took a bath and then fixed a veggie lunch- okra, butter beans, corn on the cob, and cornbread.  We ate and then it was nap time for the kids.  Graves fought it, but they both ended up falling asleep and sleeping for a long while.  I worked on cleaning out my drafts and sent a few emails and then I started unpacking my suitcase from the beach.
 Why, yes, I do like to overpack.  (And this is an improvement from any other trip.)

 The kids woke up and I finished hanging up some clothes and worked on my closet.  I was getting us ready to leave for Ultreya and I realized I hadn't fixed any food to bring.  I spent about fifteen minutes chopping up strawberries and bananas and making fruit kabobs.  We were late, but we made it.  It was a good meeting; the devotional was espesially good.  We got home and I fed the kids supper.  Graves, thankfully, fussed a couple of minutes and fell asleep after dinner.  AP not so much.  These days naps seriously screw her up.  I don't want to take away her quiet time, though, and there's no way to keep her from falling asleep.  Anyway, she finally conked out at like 11:00 after multiple trips to time out, an accident on the floor, and waking up Graves.  I wrote a blog post and put pictures on Flikr and then I read my Bible and went to bed.

Peyton had a meeting on Wednesday, but I got up and got a bath before he left.  [Both kids woke up earlyish for them.]  I fixed us breakfast, changed over laundry, and straightened up AP's ridiculous bed (she wants so much stuff in it at night).  I picked up a bit in our room and collected more laundry from around the house and then we had our morning meeting.  We went outside after that and I took some pictures of the kids.  It was SO hot and I was a sweaty mess.
 [I'll do a full picture post later!]

We had lunch and I put them down for naps.  Graves took a good one and AP stayed in bed pretty well.  I sent a few emails and wrote a blog post, picked up a bit and Instagrammed a little ;)  Peyton got home and I had lunch and then took a second bath because his sweet grandmother was in town and was coming to visit.  We let AP get up and then Granny got here.  We had a nice, but short, visit and then Peyton needed to "lead her" out of our neighborhood and get her on the highway headed home. We all went with him and AP fell asleep in the car.
 Kitten asleep in her mittens (and swimming suit)

  We got home and Peyton went to the grocery store and I hosed out our kiddie pool and scrubbed it some because it was kind of gross.  I put the kids in it and took more pictures while Peyton mowed the lawn.  We came in and he bathed the kids and I cooked fish for supper.  I fed Graves his supper and nursed him and put him to bed and then the three of us ate dinner.  I cleaned up the kitchen while Peyton did the bedtime routine with AP and put her to bed.  I sent a couple more emails and put pictures on Flikr.

Thursday was busy!  Peyton got up with the kids and I slept a little more.  When I got up, I took a bath and got halfway ready.  Peyton blew off the driveway and carport and I started doing some housework.  I swept the laundry room, kitchen, den, and sun room and mopped the kitchen and then I cleaned the guest bathroom. I finished getting ready and Peyton took a bath and then we had our morning meeting while I got the kids ready.  I had taken out the car seats to clean my car out after our trip and I couldn't get Graves's secure enough, so I wanted to go back to the inspection place.  We all loaded up and went and the girl there was super sweet again and it really didn't take long.  We went by to do the recycling on the way home and I realized I was out of gas.  We were going to pick up Newks since the Howies were coming over, so I texted Carrie and told her we were running behind.  Newks ended up being slow, so we were even later and Carrie and her kids were there when we got home!

We had a fun visit and the kids played pretty well.  It was nice after a week away.  I will say I think it worked out very nicely that the Howies had VBS the week that we were at the beach ;) Anyway, after they left, AP helped me pick up toys and I cleaned up the kitchen and then actually had time to make our bed and collect laundry from our room.  Graves had taken a car nap, so he wasn't cranky yet and I was worried he wouldn't nap.  He went right to sleep after I nursed him, though.  AP ended up falling asleep, again, too.  I sent a couple of emails, made a phone call, and picked out the pictures I wanted to use for my beach picture post.  Then I ate a snack and went out to the sunroom and read some in Love and Logic and prayed and did my Bible reading for the day.  It was nice.  It got to be five o'clock and both kids were still napping, so I woke them up.  I decided we'd take a walk, so I got some things together since we didn't have time for a snack and we got going.  We ended up being gone about an hour and half- fifteen minutes there, fifteen back, and about an hour at the park.  It was SO stinkin' hot that hardly anybody was at the park even though it was a beautiful day.  We had a really good time and the kids played so well.  It's nice because Graves is actually starting to play, too, and be able to do more than just sit in a swing.  He likes to play in the little houses and I stand right behind him and he crawls up the steps to the slide.
talking to the man in the mirror...

We got home and I wiped him off; he was so gross from crawling and I forgot his shoes, so his feet were BLACK and fed the kids supper.  I washed their sippies and changed over laundry and when Graves finished, I gave him a bath.  I let him play while I cleaned up the high chair area and AP finished and then I put him to bed.  I put AP in the bed and let her play a good while and I talked to Peyton on the phone and folded some laundry.  I got two small loads folded and both of them plus another load from earlier (mostly) put up.  I got Annie ready for bed and put her down and then I got on the computer and finished my post.  It took longer than I thought, and I went over my time allotment a bit, but I did have some interruptions courtesy of the three year old munchkin.  Peyton got home and we had dinner (sandwiches and pizza) and chatted and went to bed.

I got up and got a bath on Friday and striped our bed so I could wash the sheets and then we had a quick family Morning Meeting and I headed out to get my hair cut.  It was so nice to get it chopped off ;) I got home and we all immediately loaded up to run errands.  We went to Wesley (the seminary Peyton took a few classes at) and picked up a catechism to start with AP and then to drop off something at the Pharmacy Association. Then we took Annie to the school uniform place because we're very hopeful she'll be starting a little program in the Fall.  We ended up having to go to the another uniform store, and we picked up some bread at Great Harvest on the way.  We came home and I fixed the kids lunch and picked up a little and then put them down for naps.  I finished collecting laundry and started intensely searching for the little booklet that came with a CD we got recently.  I couldn't find it, so I got on the computer for a few minutes.  Neither kid was napping and Graves had a dirty diaper.  I changed him and AP went to the bathroom and then was running around like a crazy person.  I put Graves back in the bed fussing and was thinking it would be a no nap day.  I laid down on the couch and they both went to sleep and I dozed off, too!  Graves woke up and I fed him a snack and then woke up Annie.

We headed over to my parents' house.  We had a good visit and their friends, Lynn and Charles, came over, so that was fun.  We got home and I put both kids right to bed.  I put pictures on Flikr and wrote another quick post and sent an email.

Peyton was off on Saturday and we had a lot of fun.  Graves woke up before SIX and I let him cry for a few minutes and he went right back to sleep.  That was a shocker.  Then he woke up around eight and was just playing in his crib by himself.  I got a bath and Peyton got the kids up and moving and then took his bath and we all got ready to go to the Farmer's Market.  Peyton's been wanting to go for probably a year and now that the Howies started going, we decided we should really try it.  We had breakfast, got some fresh produce, and got to visit with the Howies.  There was fun music and it was just a really neat environment.  We all had a great time and I even saw my blog friend, Sarah, there!  We got home and had a dance party in the den and just relaxed and played.

Then I started unloaded and loading the dishes in the sink and Peyton grilled some vegtables and some bacon on the grill.  We had bacon and Farmer's Market heirloom tomato sandwiches with grilled squash for lunch.  It was delish!  AP helped pick up toys and we put the kids down and I sent an email and searched for a few things on eBay.  After that, I read my Bible for a good bit and when the kids woke up, we ran to Babies R Us for some babyproofing things for the cabinets and doors and to the grocery store.
 He's getting to be such a big boy- already playing with action figures!

We got home and I cut up some chicken breasts I had cooked and made poppyseed chicken.  I started some butter beans and then made a chocolate chip pound cake. Peyton watched the kids and straightened up and then he and Graves went to Lowe's for something.  Annie helped me finish up cooking and unload the dishwasher and then Peyton got home and he made a salad while I got ready since Patrick and Haley (and Hank and Gus) were coming over.  The Harkins got here and we had so much fun eating and hanging out.  They left pretty late and Peyton helped me get things cleaned up and get the kids to bed and then he went for a walk with his brother.  I finished cleaning up and worked on the craft I was going to do with the kids at church on Sunday night and then got on the computer for a bit and went to bed.

We got up on Sunday and got ready for church.  Since Peyton was off, we went to Sunday school and late church.  The kids fell asleep in the back of the car, so we got Sonic and drove around a bit. We came home and he fixed the kiddos' lunch and I changed both their bedding and vacuumed the bedrooms.  I finished getting my craft for church ready after we put them down for naps and then I took a nap myself.  They neither one went to sleep, but they stayed in bed a good stretch (over an hour- pretty impressive for Mr. Graves).
 my "Creation craft"

 They got up and Annie helped Peyton make some cookies for the shelter we were taking food to and then I got myself and the kids ready and ate a quick snack supper.  The cookies didn't turn out well, so Peyton took his own car and went by the grocery to get a dessert.  I had fun keeping the kids.  We have been just having free play the whole time, but I wanted something more structured, so we read a Bible story and did a craft.
 The sky was so pretty!

 We got home and fed the kids and put them to bed and then Peyton and I had our weekly meeting and we ended up talking about kids, work, the future, ect. for a couple of hours!  We both went to bed late.

This week looks pretty busy, but it's a good mix of fun stuff, plus some work related things for Peyton.

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

Tell me more about this morning meeting and weekly meeting! It's crazy but sometimes Carl and I are on completely different pages because we did not discuss. I think about things all.day.long while we he thinks about work. We need to try this. Picture of the kids in the wagon is so good. AP is gorgeous! WOW!