Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekly Smorgasbord

Well, here they are. Some of these, again, are old because I'm going back through some old bookmarks. Anyway, there's quiet a few and a good variety!

    Posted: 30 May 2012 07:31 PM PDT
    "In other words, if you want to create more beautiful art, live a better life. Go for walks, swing on the swing set, eat ice cream (with a cherry on top) — relish the moments, the gifts, the freedom we've been given."
    Posted: 30 May 2012 07:18 PM PDT
    "I don't know that I've lost myself in motherhood, like they say not to do, or if motherhood has stolen me. Or if I am motherhood. And really, is that so bad?...We live this isolated motherhood existence. There is too much to do all the time, on our own, and when I tell moms in person that it's lonely, for so so many of us, that we're working so so hard and doing it mostly alone, they nod and nod and sometimes tears well up and I know exactly the kind of exhaustion this isolated feeling puts in them."

     "I mean, on my birthday I didn't want anymore facebook messages after the first 50 or so and that's not to say I don't appreciate them or I think them totally insincere. It's just that I wanted faces and voices and maybe even a hug. But my phone pinged with texts and not calls and that's just the way it is now."

    "I want to spend our days with other families and I want to pick up my friend's baby when she's crying and I want to make the lunch for everyone while my friend helps my boy in the bathroom."

    YES.  I'm blessed to have several true, wonderful, real life friendships, but I wish I had more. 
    Posted: 30 May 2012 01:29 PM PDT
    "He became our sun and I'll be darned if the gravity of habit didn't fight back. You peed on me while I changed your diaper at 2:00 am; I should be the one crying, not you. It is incredibly difficult to die to self and not do it begrudgingly, which is why, I believe, God made babies so dern adorable."

    "But two? Is hard too. Hard in a different way. Two is hard because the voids always get filled. There is a blip of quiet and then a scream or a thud or a question or a whine or a child climbing somewhere he ought not."
    Posted: 30 May 2012 01:28 PM PDT
    "I imagine if I had a Facebook timeline cover photo fifteen years ago, it would be of me in a play or with friends at an outdoor concert. That's what I loved to do back then. And if I wanted, I could still do and then show off all of that now. But I pick my kids because they are what I want to look at when I log in to Facebook. And they make me who I am as much as I made them them."
    Posted: 30 May 2012 01:28 PM PDT
    What a neat idea!
    Posted: 30 May 2012 01:27 PM PDT
    "I feel like Mark and I are living in this constant angsty tension – wanting so much for this hard phase to be over, simultaneously feeling so wistful and guilty that we are wishing it away, and then immediately grieving each stage as soon as it has past. It seems like we are constantly sandwiched between a hope for an easier stage, and a regret that the harder stage has passed."

    Aren't we all?
    Posted: 30 May 2012 01:26 PM PDT
    I really, really appreciate it when someone is able to not only recognize their error in judgement, but publicly share the realization. Props to Challies.
    Posted: 30 May 2012 01:25 PM PDT
    "I got to do things like go to college because my grandfather did things like fight the Nazis...I got to enjoy a thousand freedoms at 18 because my grandfather withstood a thousand enemy bullets on a battlefield at 18."
    Posted: 30 May 2012 01:24 PM PDT
    HAHA! Great list.
    Posted: 30 May 2012 01:22 PM PDT
    I thought this was a really good list- adding some to my Amazon cart!
    Posted: 30 May 2012 01:21 PM PDT
    "Rather, that dumb knot reminds me of not only what I lost but what I gained. It makes pregnancy more difficult to handle emotionally—but it also inspires a more profound experience. Every tap from inside is priceless in a way I didn't fully grasp before loss. The baby has no idea he or she is sharing space with a knot, but that's the beauty of it all. I may have lost my innocence regarding pregnancy, but someone very close, riding around under my heart, has not. But I owe it to our little one to keep trying to unravel and pull, knowing that there will always be something puzzling and heartbreaking at the core."
    Posted: 30 May 2012 01:20 PM PDT
    "Let's face it, we're sinners raising little sinners. That's a whole lot of flesh. Just because it's hard doesn't mean you're a bad parent. And sometimes when it gets hard, it's because they are fighting against us and ultimately God. And sometimes it's just plain hard because it's normal."

    Yes and yes.
    Posted: 30 May 2012 01:19 PM PDT
    Gorgeous post.
    Posted: 30 May 2012 01:27 PM PDT
    Someone linked to this post saying "as close as Ann Voskamp gets to writing a defense". Clearly, this was written, in part, as a response to a negative review by Tim Challies (see above post from his blog), and I think it was so well crafted and beautiful.
    Posted: 29 May 2012 09:08 PM PDT
    Obviously, our church ordains women and it's something that I've found myself varying degrees of comfortable with. A part of me tends toward the complementarian way of thinking (especially in the home), but a part of me can understand this point of view, as well. Here's the thing: one commenter made an excellent point...I think we need to all be gracious to each other and realize that both sides are filled with people attempting to honor the Bible. And before any egalitarians shout "AMEN", I'm talking about both sides. I know I've been guilty of acting like those who interpret Scripture more literally than I do are not as smart or enlightened or whatever. It happened a long time ago, but I still have a bitter taste in my own mouth over it. All that to say...we need to show grace while not diminishing our own convictions. 


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    Kristal said...

    Love all you said in the last link - that we need to remember that both sides are attempting to honor the bible. SO TRUE and a great great thing to constantly keep in mind. I'm not always so good at that.

    And I was all in to the list of books until I saw one of Ted Tripp's parenting books listed. :-/ That kind of ruined the list for me.