Friday, July 13, 2012

Lessons in Truth Telling

Night before last, Ann Peyton told us a lie.  She wanted a cup of milk in her bed and she told me "I did NOT have milk at Granny's".  Now the fact is, she had at least three cups of milk (and quite a few graham crackers as a main course) at Granny's.  I've mentioned it before, but sometimes she likes to tell herself something to make herself feel better (e.g.- "I'm wearing pink shoes" when she's wearing the red ones I made her wear instead of pink ones).  I was curious if that was what was going on or if it was an outright lie, so I discussed telling the truth with her and how important it was and that we weren't just pretending and then I asked her again. 

She told me "No, Ma'am, I did not have milk at Granny's".  I sent her to time out, we discussed more, and tried again.  This time she told me the truth, but it was after a long deliberation.

She just stared at me for thirty seconds, maybe. I could see so much going on behind her beautiful dark eyes.  It was like a battle was going on and she was having such a hard time winning. Like I said, she finally told the truth, but it was so, so hard for her.  I felt as if I had just watched the Good vs. Evil struggle within her for the first time. 

I know she was born with a sin nature and I know she's done tons of disobedient things- even acted in defiance and rebellion- but this was different.  I'm not sure how.  Maybe it was the first time she was so aware of the decision making? Maybe it was just the first time I had observed the "process"?  I'm not sure.

I do know that it hit me like a gut punch.  I was not expecting to have that kind of parenting moment so soon. 

I'm so glad I got to see it, though. It was hard to watch, but the culmination of it, when she relaxed and sunk into the truth was so beautiful.  It was wonderful to watch her struggle and finally embrace goodness. 

And it reminded me that I need to be in prayer for the decisions she will be making in the upcoming years. 

Some will be easier.  Some will be much, much harder.  Here's what I want- more than I want her to always do the right thing- I want her to always tell me and Peyton the truth. 

We'll sort out the rest together.

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Jenny said...

When one of boys started telling lies, it was a hard hard parenting moment for me.
Lying is in children's nature and as parents we have to teach them to see the difference between good and evil.
It can be very hard, but laying the ground work when they are young is the best thing that parents can do!