Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Letter to (Three Year and Three Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

I'm sure I've said this for the past few months, but I really love your age right now.  You're really not a baby at all any more and that makes me sad, but the adorable little girl that has replaced our precious baby is so beautiful and smart and creative.

I've always said that one of the coolest things to me about being a parent is being able to watch your little mind work.  The wheels having been turning in high gear this month, that's for sure!  The neatest thing we've noticed this month is how active your imagination has become.  You'll have to forgive me if the majority of the rest of this letter is on the subject.

I mentioned it last month, but you went from not really caring a thing about Disney and princesses to being fixated with both.  You love to watch YouTube clips of movies (the actual videos are kind of hard to find, but we're working on it) and you love to dress up like a princess.  [We're working on that, too.  Right now you're satiated with a bishop dress that you call a "ball gown" or an old Indian costume that you refer to as "Pochahontas's dress".]  The main thing, though, is that everyone is a character these days.  You're usually Belle or Cinderella (and lately, Pochahontas) and I'm often Jasmine or Tianna.  Papa is Aladdin or Nemo and Graves is almost always the jeanie from Aladdin.  Minnie is always your Fairy Godmother.  In addition to this, you will often tell me that "the REAL Cinderella" is at our house, meaning that your imaginary friend Cinderella is visiting.  You create elaborate stories about these friends. The other day they were on the couch playing and laughing with you and then they wanted to get in the car.  You told me that "Jasmine's car is not white.  It's pink".  You also told me that same day that she was sitting on your stool while you pottied and then she used the potty and it was pink, too!

Regarding your imagination, you've created a strange little coping mechanism.  If you don't like something, sometimes you'll just pretend it's the way you want it in your head.  For example, if you want to wear pink shoes but I tell you to wear red ones, you'll put the red ones on and say "These are my pink shoes".  Or you'll say "This is not broccoli; this is a strawberry".  I think it's really neat.

You've been reading a book that I had when I was little that's all about ways to "spiff up" your bedroom using things like painted clothespins and such.  Well, the other day we walked in and you had all your panties hanging on the knobs of your armoire.  It was too funny and we were impressed that you were able to transfer some of the ideas in the book and create your own cute, albeit odd, "decoration".

We took you to the beach a few weeks ago and you cannot stop talking about it.  You loved the sand, the palm trees, the waves, and the fireworks we saw one night.  Another thing I love about your age is seeing what you remember, because it obviously shows what is meaningful and significant to you.  You ask me about things as seemingly inconsequential as random Target trips and then the next minute you ask me why Cookie had to go back to Nashville. 

Along those lines, your memory is fairly impressive.  Your mind is like a little sponge and I'm reminded of what I learned during my days training to be a teacher- it will never be as easy for you to learn new things as it is right now.  That's a pretty big burden for your ol' Momma, but it excites me nonetheless.  We've been working on learning the Lord's Prayer for sometime and new we've added a catechism.  We've also been learning family members' full names and the date of your birth.  I love watching you absorb new things.

Annie, we are so proud of you. We delight in being your parents and we are striving so hard to be a strong example for you and to give you all the love and guidance you need and deserve each day.

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your dress is a 2T (and it's really long on you!).

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