Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge: June


There were a lot of fun prompts again this month.  It didn't have the serious vibe my collection ended up with last month and I think that's good.  I like a nice balance.  Here they all are:

Day 1

 Good (morning), Beautiful!

Day 2
Bummer. (Empty)

Day 3
 So, Broadstreet sells their bread half price by the loaf in the evenings. (On my plate)

Day 4
(Close-up)s don't get much better than this.

Day 5
This (sign) and the big boy pointing to it had me a little sentimental today.  I want so desperately to do it again one day.

Day 6
Wonder if I'll get chastised for not having a (hat) on him at a SHOPPING MALL again this year in Flordia? Probably, because he won't keep one on.

Day 7
This (drink) is the perfect compliment to the Funfetti cake my mom made me.  My culinary tastes are that of a five year old.  Se also: whole milk.

Day 8
At (six o'clock)...on the way to a friend's house for dinner.

Day 9 
(My view today)- pjs and dipes mid afternoon, ginerbread house tea parties, epic laundry catch up, and mildly excessive Max and Ruby watching.  The quintessential yucky/rainy day.

Day 10

This was definitely a (best bit of my weekend) last weekend.
Day 11
 This (door to the balcony of our NINETEENTH story condo is reminding me that I do, in fact, have an anxiety disorder.  I've already had multiple visions a la "Tears in Heaven" and I'm watching it like a damn hawk monitoring the lock.

Day 12
Sleeping boy (from a low angle)

Day 13
beachy bathroom (art) at the condo

Day 14
(Time) flies when you're having fun.  We celebrated four years of matrimony today, but it seems like yesterday we were cleaning a pool together every Monday, having our first accidental kiss, and going to formals and football games.

Day 15
(Yellow) umbrellas behind Cinderella and her castle

Day 16
I felt so bad I didn't get (out and about) much today.

Day 17
I like to have, at the very least, two options for every event/activity (in my bag).  See also: SD loves a pattern.

Day 18
(Something you don't know about me) is that sometimes when Cinderella has a rough night, I let her sleep in a ball gown (AKA a bishop of her choosing).

Day 19

My (imperfect) solution to our lack of a playroom/multiple kid rooms.  I actually think it works okay since our living room is bright and colorful anyway, and it helps me not buy them way too much because I know if I do the main room in our house will look like Geoffrey the Giraffe threw up in it.

Day 20
(Fave photo I've ever taken)? I'm not playing that game.  How about fave photo I took today?

Day 21

 (Where I slept) last night.  And the night before that.  And the night before that.

Day 22
He's less and less a baby every day.  Watching him play with Spiderman (from a high angle).

Day 23
Busy Bud on the go. (Movement)

Day 24
I've been in tears several times this weekend over our sweet friends who are (on my mind). 

Day 25
(Something cute) is a three year old in a bubble.  Love that tiny girl.

Day 26
(Where I shop) when I have the resources and (where I shop) when I don't.

Day 27
Favorite part of our guest (bathroom)- and one of my favorites parts of our house- the sampler wall.  I'm such a geriatric case.

Day 28

(On the shelf): top row (SD-) sect. 1- marriage and relationship, sect. 2 children and family, sect. 3- faith and religion; bottom row (Peyton)- sect. 1- gardening/environmental awareness, sect. 2- miscellaneous, sect. 3- faith/theology/doctrinal study materials.  I am so OCD, y'all.

Day 29
Bet you've never seen a robot, this (soft).

Day 30
Graves had his first experience with time out (Love and Logic style) in his crib and AP begged to get in with him.  After his minute in solitude, I let her.  SO reminiscent of how I used to be much more upset by Cookie being sent to her room than by my own punishments.  Anyway, I'm so glad he has (a friend) in her.  

It was a beautiful month.  Can you tell?

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