Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SD Answers (via vlog)

Okay, so one commenter on my "Ask SD" post requested that I answer these via vlog.  Of course, I was happy to accommodate that request.  I tried to be pithy, but the thing comes in at like just under twenty minutes.  I'm not real sure anybody is going to watch it in its entirety.  Oh well, it was fun to do!

Here are the questions (and VERY brief answers), in case you're interested:

1.  How do you pronounce "Denley"? Am I named for anyone? Den (like a fox's den) ley (like lee).

2. What is something y'all don't know about me? I want to have my writing published and the first year Peyton and I were married was really difficult.

3. Is living in NYC something I'm just doing for Peyton or am I mainly doing it for Peyton? Do I think we'd stay more than a year? I'm (now) really excited.  It's pretty doubtful it will be more than a year, though, mainly because of "family planning" issues.

4. How did we pick the kids' names? They are both family names. [Here is the post about Graves name I mentioned linking to that has more details.]

5. As far as "screening" what AP watches, are there things that would make us completely rule out something? Aside from the normal things (language, violence, sex) we just try to make sure the characters' attitudes are the kind we'd want to see in our children and we try to make sure the movie isn't sending a message prioritizing things we try not to (for example, too much focus on outward beauty, ect.).

6. Could I share my family's Red Beans and Rice recipe? What do we serve with them?  [See recipe below.] We actually just have the beans and rice and a loaf of French bread.  It's so easy- the perfect meal to start the weekend!

7. Will I strive to have another natural birth and why? Yes, if we have another biological child.  It was a beautiful experience and I think it's the best birth I can give my children (and myself).

8. How do I deal with my anxiety without medication? How did I deal with it when Peyton and I first started dating? I deal with anxiety just by trying to have a more healthy lifestyle.  When I'm physically down (not sleeping enough/not eating right/not exercising enough) it always exacerbates the problem and I suffer mentally and emotionally as well.  Additionally, I try to spend extra time with Peyton and with the Lord and I usually find that good music is VERY therapeutic. I forgot to put it in the video, but it wasn't a big deal when Peyton and I started dating.  He's actually the one who helped me realize what was wrong.  I had always felt "different", but I thought I was just a worrier.  It helped me so much to be able to say it was a real problem and then to take steps to work on myself.

9. Why to I prefer baths over showers?
They're just easierr to me.  I explained in the video.

10. Has it been harder or easier for the kids to share a room than I imagined? Much easier.  They've done great.  I left this out of the video, but honestly, the hardest part right now is knowing I won't be able to plan a "big boy" room for Graves for awhile.  Shallow, I know.

11. Finally, here is the link to the egg salad I made recently.

Rob's Red Beans and Rice:
1/2 cup chopped onion
2 cloves chopped garlic
2 Bryan beef sausages
4 (16 oz.) cans dark red kidney beans
1 teaspoon Tony Cacheres seasoning
1/2 cup water
bacon drippings

- In deep iron skillet, heat bacon drippings until liquified and slightly bubbling.
- Slice beef sausages into thirds and add to skillet along with chopped onions and garlic.
- Sautee until onions are clear and slightly brown.
- Add kidney beans, water, and Tony Cacheres seasoning.
- Bring to a boil and then simmer for one (1) hour. Add water as needed.
- Serve over Basmati rice along with french bread.


The Niemeyer Nest said...

LOVE this, SD! Evie had a little teacher at Bible school last week and her name was Ann Peyton! Double Name and all. Of course, I asked her about and she told me that some of her friends call her AP but most people call her Ann Peyton. She's 15 and the cutest thing ever besides your AP. She spilled some salt on her brand new shirt that she just took the tags off and it stained so she spent quite some time worrying about that because she was about to have lunch with her boyfriend. HA! Oh how, have things have changed. Too bad, salt on my shirt is not my biggest worry.

BTW, I just LOVE your voice. I'm pretty Southern too so y'all is a MAJOR part of my vocabulary.

Courtney said...

This was so much fun to watch, thanks for doing it! Your southern accent is so sweet.

The Taffs said...

Very cute! I'm glad you vlogged this!

I love family names. I think it's precious that "Sarah" is so prominent for so many generations!

Bre said...

Count me in on those that absolutely love your accent! (and I'm not even southern!).

To add to your list of questions, are double names common in the south? I've never heard of them before but I think they are so cute. I love both yours and Ann Peyton's names. Graves and Peyton are good names too, lest they feel left out :)

Thanks so much for blogging and vloging.