Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #172 (June 25- July 1)-- Busy and Edgy

Last week was a weird week, all around.  I knew it was going to be busy when I told Peyton it seemed like he was working a lot extra, he disagreed, then checked and oh...just sixty two hours this week.

 I told him it will be wonderful when we have our house paid off and both have stomach ulcers from the stress.  I'm just kidding, and I know some families do that EVERY week.  Honestly, it wouldn't be unmanageable if we didn't try to do a good bit of other stuff, too- we had a church commitment on top of our usual church commitment and then we had some fun stuff we just wanted to do.  So, it was busy, but not all in bad way, of course.

It was more than that, though.  We have busy weeks all the time and while they're not my ideal, Peyton really enjoys them and I've gotten to where I take it in stride and just look at it one day at a time. For some reason, I was just in a funk, especially the first few days of the week.  I don't know if I was tired (I was getting pretty much the same mount of sleep I always do) or hormonal (I know that was part of it) or just frustrated by the daunting week and kind of "edgy".  Anyway, whatever it was, I was crying at the drop of a hat and had such a lack of energy.  Peyton and I even ended up talking about me maybe getting back on some medicine short term one night because things have just seemed harder since my hormones have seemed weird since that lovely visitor returned. (I tried to put that as delicately as I could).

Just to be honest, I started the day feeling so "off" on Monday.  Peyton was sweet (as he always is, ha!) and I slept way later than normal- until almost ten.  I still felt so weird when I woke up.  I made a phone call, ate breakfast, and made a master "to-do" list for the week.  I still just felt so yucky and edgy and I was so irritated by really little, stupid things.  I don't know if I was just still tired (I really wasn't sleepy) or if it was hormonal stuff or what, but it wasn't a great morning.  Anyway, Peyton worked on a little project I've been bugging him about.- putting a ceiling fan in the kids' room.  I know some people think they're so tacky, but we keep our house pretty warm and AP is a hotbox.  We used to have a tower fan in there, but Graves would go straight to it and I knew it was only a matter of time before he knocked it over and hurt himself.  Plus, it was cluttering up the room a lot.  We did our Morning Meeting, which was actually an almost noon meeting and then I was going to take a bath, but Peyton had the electricity off, so I couldn't see six inches in front of me. I did manage to get the kids bathed in the guest bathroom and then Ann Peyton "helped" Peyton finish up with the fan and Graves played while I folded laundry.  I fixed the kids lunch and put Graves down and AP had gotten so sticky from her peach she wanted another bath.  Peyton bathed her and I took my bath and then he took his and left for work.  I got her down and got on the computer and read a few blog posts and emails and looked into taking a class in the Fall to keep my teaching license. I ate my lunch and relaxed a bit.

Neither of the kids napped well.  Graves didn't sleep long and AP was a bit high maintenance.  Anyway, I got them up and fed them a snack.  I cleaned up the nursery a bit and then went through some shoes for Graves because he's been outgrowing his.   My mom ended up coming by for a bit and I tried some outfits on him and we visited.  When she left I took the kids outside for half and hour and then it was supper time for them.  I unloaded dishes and folded some laundry and then I got Graves to bed.

  Annie and I read some in her "cake book" and then I got her ready for bed, too. [My mom has several books with pictures of birthday party cakes in them and AP is obsessed, so she sent one home with us!]  She took a while going to sleep and I got on the computer and read some of the Bruce Springsteen posts on Jonathon Lack's blog.   Peyton got home and we had dinner (leftovers) and I went right on to bed.

Graves woke up around 6:30 on Tuesday and Peyton was about to go get him, but I told him to see if he settled down.  It took more fussing than usual, but he went back to sleep and slept until 9:30(!!). AP woke up a little before that and I got a bath, dried my hair, and made my bed before he got up.  We all had breakfast and I worked on making Cookie a copy of the kids' birthday slideshow while AP watched a video.  It only took me three months, ha!  They played and I got laundry going and cleaned up breakfast and loaded some dishes and  then it was Morning Meeting time.  I let Annie watch the slideshow and then Peyton got home from his meeting.  We played with the kids and they had lunch and then it was naptime.  I was so glad to see Peyton, but so emotional again, that day.  I just started crying over nothing at one point.  After the kids got down and I had lunch (a tomato sandwich and fresh corn on the cob), I felt better.  Peyton did they recycling and helped me tidy up the sunroom a little and then he left for work.  I tried to get on the computer, but the desktop was messed up.  I've been having all kinds of issues and I think it has a virus.  Anyway, I checked my email on the laptop and got the package ready to send Cookie as well as one other package.

The kids got up and I straightened up their room and fed them a snack.  They played and I folded a load of laundry and put it and another load up.  I decided to vacuum under the couch cousins and I spilled the kitties' water all over the laundry room.  I cleaned that up and AP had a little accident, so I cleaned that up, too.  I went to get ready because there was a social for mommas of kids at the school where AP is (hopefully) going in the Fall. It took me awhile to get ready- everything was either too dressy, too casual, or too short! 

Anyway, I nursed Graves and dropped the children off at my parents' house and then headed to the party.  It was so much fun and I met some really neat new people.  I picked the kids up and they both fell asleep on the way home.  I finished up my Weekly Happenings Post and put pictures on Flikr and then Peyton got home and we talked and went to bed. Graves woke up a couple of times as I was trying to go to sleep, so I was up later than I meant to be.

The happy trade off was that he totally skipped his little six AM ten minute cry session on Wednesday and woke up a little before nine.  I nursed him and took a bath and then AP woke up and I fixed them breakfast.  I was so tired and we had a lazy morning.  After they ate, I put on Sesame Street and just rested on the sofa.  I'd shut my eyes for a minute and Graves would bump into something or fall down.  Around ten thirty, I decided I needed to do something, so I vacuumed the kitchen and had my breakfast and then I made AP let me put her hair in a ponytail (a huge chore in itself) so I could take this cute picture.

We had our Morning Meeting super late, but it was one of our best, longest yet. I'm amazed by all she's learning.  I need to video some of it!

The kids played some more and then it was lunch for them.  I fixed their lunch and did dishes and then AP helped me pick up toys and I got Graves to bed.  I read her a story and put her down for her rest time.  I folded a bunch of laundry and watched an episode of SVU (guilty pleasure) and ate lunch.  I read some in my Bible and then Peyton got home and the kiddos woke up.  He played with them a little and I finished my Bible study and then he took a nap because he was working an overnight. I put up clothes, nursed Graves, and talked to Morgan on the phone.  I got ready and Peyton helped me bath the kids because he had a meeting at church and we were going to go play in the nursery and then go out to eat right afterwards. I actually got to read some while the kids play.  Yay for fun, different toys!  The meeting lasted about an hour and then we headed over to a Mexican place.  Graves did better than I thought he would; he was pretty tired!  We got home and I put Graves to bed and then we did AP's nightly routine and put her to bed.  Peyton left and I got on the computer.  I spent WAY more time than I planned to on the computer, but I got a lot done- I did my whole header from start to finish, wrote a post, worked on my Weekly Smorgasbord post, and started a couple of other drafts and read some blogs.  I decided it was okay because I know I got a lot done and woudn't be blogging much more that week.  I called Peyton to say goodnight and my phone died and I had to find a charger and then Annie woke up and I went in and checked on her and it was super late when I went to bed.

Graves woke up before seven on Thursday because one of the cats was in their room.  At first I let him cry a little, but he hadn't nursed well the night before, so I fed him and tried to snuggle with him in our bed.  He wouldn't go to sleep, so I told him I was going to put him down for a few more minutes and I left him in his crib.  He didn't scream, but he fussed a bit.  He'd stop for awhile and then start back. I put him in there at seven forty five and I decided to give him until eight thirty.  I fell asleep and Peyton got home at eight thirty and said he had fallen asleep. I was so surprised.  We went to sleep and then woke up and chatted some and went back to sleep again.  The kids ended up sleeping past TEN!  I got up with them and fed them breakfast and took a bath and dried my hair in the guest bathroom while they played.  I really haven't left them alone for that long much.  For some reason, it still makes me kind of nervous, but Graves is so brave these days, it really shouldn't.  He can take care of himself pretty well ;) Anyway, we played some in their room and then had a (super late, again) Morning Meeting.  We played some more and then I got their lunch ready.  They ate and I got on Instagram and figured out how to "cut" a video on my phone.  Peyton got up and I ran to the store to buy some bacon and some blue cheese dressing.  I was having a major craving after seeing someone's awesome salad on Instagram.  Anyway, I got home and we got the kids down and Peyton grilled some bacon and I had my salad with bacon, heirloom tomatoes, avocado, and blue cheese dressing with a side of grilled squash.  It was SO good!  I watched some TV and then got ready and then it was time to cut naps short.

I got the kids up and got them ready and we stopped by the uniform place to purchase AP's uniform for next Fall.  We had to come back by home to get a blanket, but then we headed to a little festival thing downtown called Red, White, and Jackson. It was fun, but REALLY hot and it was pretty hard trying to keep Graves on that blanket.  He wanted to explore, of course!  It didn't end until nine and of course, we had to stay for the fireworks. 

When we got home, I was adamant about bathing the kids (it grosses me out putting their sweaty little bodies into bed), so we gave them a bath.  Graves got to sleep around ten and AP a little later.  I was tired, but I picked up some around the house and started a load of laundry.  I went to bed pretty early for me.  Graves was up several times.  I have no idea what the deal was.

He also woke up before seven on Friday and I went ahead and got him up and fed him because I had a babysitter coming so I could go to a sample sale.  I got my bath and got ready and when the babysitter got here I left right before Peyton had to.  The sale wasn't the best by any stretch, but the prices seemed lower than usual so that was nice.  When I got home, Graves was so tired and I knew it would work out better if he took a morning nap.  I ate a little snack and started some more laundry and picked up and then I snuggled with AP on the sofa while she watched a movie (she had just woken up after I got home).  I ended up having to wake Graves up so we could all get ready to go to the Howie's house/ We picked up Chic Fil A and we had a great time.  We got there at 11:30 and left at, oh, THREE O'CLOCK.  I was a little mortified that I let the time get away, but Carrie assured me she had had fun!  We got home and I put the kids down.  Graves took a good nap and I got on the computer and started combing through Peyton's iTunes to create a "SD Master Playlist" just for fun.  Ellis called and said he wanted to come by and he got here about the time Peyton did.  We let AP get up and visit and we had such a good time catching up.  Ellis stayed for a good while and we had to wake Graves up again!  Peyton and I took turns getting ready because we had an engagement party to go to that night.  His dad came over to keep the kiddos and we left.  The party was really fun and it was neat because the house was in a little bit of a "rough" area of town, but it was just gorgeous on the inside.  Kind of unexpected!  We had such a good time visiting with old friends and meeting new ones.  When we got home, we put AP to bed and Mr. Randy stayed and talked a bit.  I got on the computer and just relaxed and went to bed.

Saturday morning Graves woke up and I fed him and then decided to see if he'd lay back down.  He did and both the kids slept until nine something!  It was so nice of them to sleep late so much this past week.  We got up and I had a bath and made our bed and then we all had breakfast.  I straightened up the house from the night before, unloaded and loaded dishes, and put up a load of laundry.  I got the kids dressed and got some things together and we headed over to my parents'.  Graves fell asleep on the way and I had meant to go by Great Harvest, so we picked up my dad and he rode with us and sat with the kids while I ran in.  We came back to their house and had lunch.
We had a nice time over there and then we came home and put the kids down for late naps.  Sleeping late and the car nap were enough for Graves, though, so they both just played in their beds for about an hour.  I watched TV and folded laundry and then got them up.  We played in their room and then I fixed Graves's supper and Peyton got home.  He and AP ran to the grocery store and I realized our washing machine was messed up. I drained the little hose at the bottom and tried to figure out what was going on and then gave Graves a bath and put him to bed.  When Peyton and AP got home, I put up groceries and AP ate supper and then I put her to bed.  Peyton cooked pancakes for supper and we talked and then he watched a movie and I worked on my July design and wrote a post.

We woke up late for church on Sunday and Peyton hates going in late when he has to leave early, so he just listened to a podcasted sermon and helped me get the kids ready and we went to Sunday school and the late service.  It was communion Sunday and that was nice and we finished up our study on Exodus in Sunday school.
 I thought he looked so grown up in this little outfit!

 When we got home, I fixed the kids' lunch and put them down for naps.  Graves fell asleep and AP played well and then he woke up and she fell asleep, but he stayed in his crib for almost another hour so it was a nice long naptime.  I unloaded and reloaded dishes and then got on Twitter and then ate lunch and watched some of a movie.  I did some in my Bible study and then took a short nap and then I had to get the kids up for church.  Annie wasn't happy and actually fell back asleep in the car.  The study was really interesting.  Peyton got home right after we did and I fed Graves dinner and got him to bed.  I cooked some veggies and Peyton grilled some squash and I hung up clothes on a line he rigged up in the backyard.  We ate and got AP to bed and then I cleaned up the kitchen and got on the computer. I put a bunch of pictures on Facebook and Flikr and went to bed.

This week has started out much better and I'm so thankful.  After a string of sickness, trips, more sickness, and just general busyness, I was so happy for a "normal" week.

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