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Weekly Happenings Post #173 (July 2-8)-- Walking Man Walks

The camera was on some weird setting and this was the best one we got.  I had waken Graves up to take it (I know!) and so we weren't doing it again.

Look at this outtake.  It's super scary.  

And, of course, my weird husband cropped it and made poor three eyed Graves his profile pic.  I'm mortified.

This past week was SO nice.  I really enjoyed how low key it was.  I will say that I'm so used to having things going on at night, when Peyton's working the late shift I get kind of bored after naps.  It's too hot, really, for strolls and even the park seems kind of miz.  But we got creative- we spent Monday evening at my parents' and on Thursday we had an errand to run.  Peyton was off Tuesday and Wednesday night and of course, we were back at my parents' for beans on Friday.  AP had a little twelve hour bug midweek so that kind of threw us off a little, but it was still a good week!

Oh, there was one little bit of important activity....
[He did it about three months earlier than AP, but he's not as good at it as she was right at first.  Don't tell him, though ;)]

Last week was also good because we did a (little) better with actually cooking more and I went to the gym twice (which is good for me!).  I also really made an effort to read and do some sort of Bible study daily.  I signed up to do an online Bible reading plan (SheReadsTruth) and it's really short, but SO good, so I've tried to do that, at least, daily.  We're also working through an Old Testament study on Sunday nights.  Since our group goes to StewPot every other week, it gives us two weeks to do the reading!  I really like not being rushed because it's a good bit of reading.  So I've been trying to stay on top of that, too!

Peyton was home Monday morning so I slept in a little.  I feel like it sounds so bad, but he's much more of a morning person and I'm a night person- so it works for us.  Anyway, I got up and we all had our Morning Meeting and I ate a small breakfast and then got ready to go to the gym.  Peyton decided at the last minute to have me drop him and the kids at the park on the way.  I dropped them off and headed to the gym.  Right now, I'm not a big fan.  I pretty much felt like I was going to die the whole time I was running/jogging/walking on the treadmill.  Anyway, I picked them up and we headed home.  I took my bath and then Peyton took one and then bathed the kids while I cooked lunch.  I unloaded dishes and then dressed AP and took her monthly picture.  We all ate lunch (we had tilapia and asparagus) and then Peyton left.  The repair man came to fix the washing machine and I loaded dishes and picked up the den while the kids finished lunch.
 He couldn't have gotten here a minute too soon.  And all that stuff was super crunchy from line drying.

  I put Graves to bed and then put AP down.  The repair guy left and the kids both fell asleep. It ended up being a nice, productive naptime! I got on the computer for half an hour and then read my Bible for a good while and worked on something I've been meaning to do for our Morning Meetings.  I took some pictures of some projects and things I've been meaning to blog about and got some clothes off the line we had sat up because the clothes from our broken laundry were too wet to spin out.  I actually had to wake both kids up!

I talked to my mom on the phone and she said she had some leftover red beans since we missed them last week and also some clothes their neighbor had given her for Graves.  Of course, I'll take an excuse for a visit, so we headed over there.  I told myself it would be a short visit, but that never works.  AP wanted a bath while we were there and they were having spaghetti but it wasn't ready until late, so we stayed.  AP basically ate Vanilla Waffers for dinner.
 Twinkies.  Oh my gosh.  Dead.

When we got home, I put Graves right in the bed, but I was on the phone with Logan, so I waited a bit to put AP down.  Once she got in bed, she decided she was hungry.  I gave her some cold broccoli and a glass of milk and sent her right back to bed ;) Peyton got home and we talked some and I put pictures on Flikr and worked on AP's letter. I went to bed kind of late.

I chatted a bit with Peyton before he left for work on Tuesday and then went back to sleep.  The kids were up around nine and I took my bath and then tried to do a few things around the house.  I made our bed, emptied the overflowing bathroom trash cans, put dishes in the dishwasher and collected and started laundry.  I fixed the kids' breakfast and ate mine and then we had our Morning Meeting.  The kids played and I folded some laundry.
 Yep.  True story.

I fixed their lunch and put them down for naps.  I totally canceled out the previous day's productive naptime because I wasted time on the computer and then laid down on the couch.
 Maybe shouldn't have been so upset with Minnie about those Nilla Wafers because I had this for lunch!

AP did great and played quietly for about two hours so I let her get up and watch a movie and I just snuggled with her while Graves finished out his nap.
When I let her get up from her nap early, the obvious condition is that she has to spoon with me.

Peyton got home and took a nap himself since he was working an overnight.  I read some in 7 while the kids played.  AP hit Graves and I put her in time out and she tee teed on the floor.  I was sitting beside her talking to her and so it got all over me.  I was hot, but I kept my composure and told her she'd be in time out for a few extra minutes and she also would not be allowed to wear bathing suits or dress up clothes the remainder of the day-- the true punishment ;)  I cleaned up the mess and Peyton got up and helped me.  We set up the Pack N Play in our room because I really need a "time out" place for Graves for when he climbs on the fireplace.  The kids played and I organized some stuff to go to the attic and then we got ready to go out to eat.
Peyton put Graves in AP's dress just to be funny.  He's absurd.

Of course, I couldn't get a cute pic of AP in it!

Since we're doing "spending" this month for 7, we've limited ourselves to Newks and Chik Fil A.  Newks was closed early for the Fourth and we neither one wanted CFA.  We wanted to cook even less, though, so we went, ate, and played a little.  On the way home, we saw a guy whose car had broken down and Peyton tried to jump him off, but it didn't work.  We got home and I got the kids to bed and Peyton got ready for his shift.  AP told me her tummy hurt and I figured she just needed to potty, but I gave her a throw up bowl to take to bed just because I knew she'd think that was fun.  I picked up around the house, started laundry and was texting Carrie when she came in the den and epic puked.  UGH.  I cleaned her and it up and put her back to bed.  I read my Bible for half an hour and then got on the computer and we had another throw up incident- this one requiring a bath and a change of sheets.  Sweet Graves just sat up in his crib and stared.  I was so glad they went right back to sleep.

Graves woke up when Peyton got home at 8:30 on Wednesday, but he played for about half an hour more and then I got up with the kids.  We went ahead and had breakfast and I got my bath afterwards.  Our bed was striped because AP had thrown up a little on it that morning, so Peyton just slept on the couch.  We actually didn't even tiptoe around him.  Graves was screaming at one point and AP was crying and boyfriend didn't even stir.  True story.  Anyway, I spent most of the morning doing laundry from the night before.  We played in the kids room for a bit after our Morning Meeting and then it was lunchtime for them.  I woke up Peyton and we cooked a frozen pizza and then gave the kids baths.  We put them down and they both took SUPER long naps.  I had to wake Graves up at 5:30 and I didn't even try to get AP up.  During their naps, I goofed off on the computer and took a pretty substantial nap myself.  Peyton and I ate PB&J sandwiches and fed Graves dinner and then I went outside for a bit to read while Peyton made a "flying carpet" out of cardboardwith the kids.  He's such a great dad!  I came in and did a few things and got Graves to bed (I was so glad to see bedtime come for my sweet guy- he was in an awful mood, maybe his interrupted sleep, I don't know??) and then I took a bath  to try to get rid of my headache (a storm was coming in) while Peyton and AP watched a National Parks documentary. She loved it ;) I got her ready for bed and Peyton left to see a movie. Peyton told her before he left that sometimes it's "fun to listen to fireworks in your bed and guess what color they are.  You can even say your guess OUT LOUD if you want".  I love him. And, yes, he's the type that will go see a historical/vampire movie alone.  Anyway, AP took forever to fall asleep because of her extensive nap, but she stayed in bed really well and just wanted to come change her music when a CD would end.  I picked up the house and got on the computer and put pictures on Facebook and Flikr and read some blogs. Peyton got home and we talked and went to bed.

Peyton helped me SO much on Thursday.  He woke up with the kids and when I got up, I visited with them a little and then headed to the gym.  I took it a bit slower and I enjoyed it SO much more.  I ran by the grocery on the way home.  I had my time mapped out perfectly- I was going to take some stuff to the attic, cook lunch, and take a bath.  Poor Graves was still fussy, though and I ended up nursing him for a long time.  Peyton cooked our spaghetti and I organized in the attic for about thirty minutes (I looked like I had been swimming I was sweating so bad) and then took a bath.  We ate lunch and then I did the lunch dishes and picked up the living room.  I gave the kids baths and they went down for their naps late.
 I loved this dress so much last year, so I got leggings so it could be a top. But I'm not digging it. Too bad she loves it.

Graves fell right asleep and AP played in bed so well!  I got on Twiter, finished up a blog post, and got a package ready to mail and then I did my Bible study.  I read the Intro to this week's chapter in our book and read the intro to Joshua in my study Bible.  Peyton's dad came over to pick up a weed eater we had borrowed and then I watched Lost and folded laundry.When the kids got up, I fed them a quick snack and then headed to the Post Office.  I had them unloaded and everything when I saw that it closed at 6:00 (I thought it was 7:00).  It was 6:05.  I loaded them back up and we came home and they played in the yard and I weeded a flower bed.  I brought them in and fixed their dinner and while they were eating I did some major housework!  I vacuumed the living room and all the bedrooms.  I used to be so nervous about not being able to hear Graves in case he choked, but I'm kind of past that.  I checked in on him a good bit, though.  Anyway, I vacuumed in the kitchen and laundry room and swept the sunroom and then the kids played while I unloaded dishes.  I put Graves to bed and AP and I played and then I loaded dishes and mopped the kitchen floor.  I got her ready for bed and put her down and then I got on the computer.  Peyton got home and we visited and ate dinner and went to bed. Holy productive day, Batman!

Friday was a nice morning.  I was kind of bummed because Carrie was going to come over for lunch, but AP got sick and then her kids seemed stuffy, too.  It ended up being a nice morning at home, though.  We all got up and just hung out and ate breakfast and played and then Peyton cut the grass and I took the kids outside to play.
 I was in my pjs and AP was in the swimming suit she had slept in.  Ha!

 "Walking Man" was dressed in some 18-24mo(!!) duds from his cousin and consignment shoes that I Lysoled the fire out of!

They did this by themselves! "He want to drive in Aurora's (Annie's princess identity that day) lap". 

Graves started walking that morning and he's on a roll!  We came in and Peyton took a bath and I wiped off the kids and washed their hands and then I hopped in the tub. Peyton had a meeting, but he was going to watch the kiddos while I got my bath and got ready.  He remembered about going to the Post Office, though, so I just got the kids settled (AP with a movie, Graves in the bathroom with me) and took my bath like I would without him there.  I fixed the kids lunch and they ate while I did dishes and took out the recycling and composting.  I put them down and got on the computer and sent some emails for Susanna Wesley Circle and Junior League.  I wrote a post and checked in on Twitter and then Graves woke up as I was sitting down to eat my lunch.  I put some toys in his crib and he played for another half hour while I ate and watched a little TV.  I got the kids up and folded some laundry and put it up.  I taught Annie how to turn socks right side out and that was fun!  I got everything ready and we headed to my parents' a little early.  I packed up all their pjs and even AP's Bible so I could put them straight to bed when we got home.
Big Ol' Frog had a hole so he went with us to be stitched up by Minnie.  He rode rear facing.  Obs. 

 While we were there, I noticed Graves eye was swollen and had some "gunk" in it. We ended up leaving around 9:30 and both kids fell asleep in the car.

 I put pictures on the new (second) external harddrive we got and read blogs and caught up on Twitter. I put pictures on Facebook and when Peyton got home we visited.  I ate a snack and we chatted and went to bed super late.

Graves woke up around nine on Saturday and I nursed him and put him back in bed.  He had had such a short nap and had gone to bed so late, I thought he might sleep a little more.  He played for a bit, but never fell back asleep and we all got up around ten.  Peyton was at work, so it was a slow morning.
 This thing was kinda worthless for its intended purpose (tummy time), but it's a great toddler seat/toy.

 I took a bath and then fixed the kids breakfast.  I played a little imaginary game with AP and did dishes and then it was lunchtime.
 It's probably just me, but I think she's so pretty in these even though she's grumpy!

I fixed their lunch and folded and put up a load of laundry while they ate.  I got them down for naps and fixed myself a grilled cheese and watched some TV.  I did my Bible study and got on the computer.  When the kids woke up, they played and had a snack and then we went outside.  It was redic hot, but we lasted a while.
The beach and the fair- Annie's apparent favorite places and the source of many of our daily convos. 

We came in and I fixed them supper and then gave them baths.  I was talking to Peyton on the phone and Graves had a little "accident" in the tub.  I grabbed them and put them in the other tub.  I got Graves bathed and was nursing him and watching AP play when Peyton got home.  I got Graves to bed and cleaned up the other tub while Peyton played with Annie.  I cleaned both the bathrooms completely and then we got AP to bed.  We decided to order Newks to go and so I went and picked it up.  We ate at the table and visited and then I cleaned up the kitchen.  I got on the computer and Peyton worked on his Sunday school lesson.  I put pictures on Facebook and worked on our finances and Peyton and I chatted and went to bed super late again after he finished his Sunday school lesson and lesson for children's church.

Graves eyes looked a little better, but were still puffy on Sunday, so I kept him home and Peyton and AP went to church.  I was sad to be stuck at home and also because it'd been weeks since we'd been to church as a family.  It wouldn't have really mattered, anyway, though- Peyton had children's church during the early service,  was teaching Sunday school, and then was staying for the late service to usher.  Whew!  I nursed Graves when he woke up and put him back in bed and he slept until ten.  I think being sick and not having good naps was catching up with him!  Anyway, we got up and had breakfast and I got stuff together to work on the craft I needed to get ready for the kids that night.  We played some and then Peyton and AP got home.  We fixed the kids lunch and then put them down for naps.  Graves took a while  since he had slept so late, but he finally fell asleep.  AP played really well and we started a movie.  Peyton fell asleep, so I turned it off and worked on my craft and ate lunch.
Joseph and his brothers with interchangeable robes/coats.  They decorated the men and their apparel (paying special attention to Joe's coat) and then basically played paper dolls (they didn't tell the little boys that!).  I was pretty proud of myself for this idea!

 Graves woke up pretty early form his nap, but I made him stay in his crib and play a little while I finished up and organized my craft drawers some.  Peyton got up and we got things together for church and he and AP left again.  Graves was kind of a basketcase- he'd go from being perfectly happy and sweet to SCREAMING.
 Case in point.

 I played with him and held him and just tried to have some one on one time and that was kind of nice even though he was a bit of a handful.  I nursed him and fed him leftover beans and rice and animal crackers for dinner (I think that's his favorite meal, right there) and then nursed him again and put him to bed.  I picked up around the house and cleaned up his highchair and then got on the computer and read some blogs.  Peyton and AP stopped by the Kroger on the way home, so when they got back, I put up groceries and cleaned out the fridge while AP ate and then we got her to bed.  We talked some and had our family meeting and then I got on the computer for a bit and went to bed.

This week should be pretty chill, too, and I'm glad.  I love these easy Summer weeks!

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Carrie said...

Where are the pictures?

Also, I think it's hilarious that Peyton saw that movie. David and I saw the trailer for it at the last movie we saw, and we laughed because we thought it looked so dumb. Ha! ;) Of course, we'll be seeing Spiderman ASAP (David's choice, of course), so to each his own when it comes to movies! :)