Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #174 (July 9-15)-- It's Raining, It's Pouring....and We're Not Complaining

....because the majority of the country is in a drought.  And because rain is sweet and peaceful.  But it is kinda hard to be stuck inside.  And have a kid who's scared of thunder.  And have bad weather induced headaches.  Um, not complaining, right? 

Peyton always insist that we fake cry when Baby Graves cries.  He might have been upset because his obsessive mom woke him up for this picture.  He went right back to bed, by the way.  He's a winner, that one.

This was another easy, low-key week.  The kind I love!  I feel like with weeks like this I have a grasp on things- I've been cooking more and exercising more and that's always good.

When I got up on Monday, we all got ready and went for a long walk.  There was a storm coming in so it wasn't too hot.  We walked around the whole neighborhood- about an hour- and then I took a shower while Graves played and AP "helped" Peyton clean out his car.  Peyton got ready while we had our Morning Meeting and then I cooked tacos for lunch.  We all ate and then it was nap time.  The kids slept great and I spent pretty much the whole time putting pictures on Facebook.  One thing about Media Month is that I got kinda behind, so I'm spending a good bit of time catching up.  After they woke up, we just had a relaxed evening.  I fed them snacks and then AP colored and watched a movie and Graves played.

 I fixed him supper and then gave him a bath and put him to bed and then Annie ate and I bathed her.
This guy loves leftover beans from Mickey's.

I read a little while she was in the tub and then I got her ready and put her to bed.  I worked on a couple of posts and then Peyton got home.  AP had had an accident, so I changed her sheets and Peyton gave her a quick bath and then we put her back to bed.

We had Annie's "interview" at the school she's attending in the Fall on Tuesday morning so we all got up and got ready. [She got in...can't wait to do a full post about that!] We were out the door on time and actually got there a little early.

The meeting went great!  I couldn't find a babysitter and I was worried about having to bring Graves, but it was fine.  After the meeting, Peyton had to go by UMC to drop something off and then we ran by the grocery store.  We came home and I shredded a rotisserie chicken and we had BBQ chicken sandwiches for lunch.  Peyton played with the kids and I cleaned up the lunch dishes and then I really cleaned the kitchen.  I moved stuff around and scrubbed the counters (the part of the counter that goes up a little on the wall had gotten so gross!) and then took the high chair cover off and cleaned it.  I cleaned our toaster oven and did the trash, recycling and compost and started some laundry.  Peyton got ready to leave and I folded laundry while the kids played and watched a movie.  I got two loads folded and put up and then I put them down for naps.  It took Graves awhile because he had had a cat nap in the car, but they both actually fell asleep.  I worked on a blog post and then read my daily Bible study and several chapters in Joshua for our Old Testament study.  I watched some of a movie Peyton and I had started the week before and made some slice and bake cookies and then I had to wake up the kids.  I fed them a snack and then we headed to the park for a late afternoon stroll.  We left around six and got back at seven and barely beat the rain home!

 I fed them dinner and gave them a bath together and then I put Graves to bed.

  I painted AP's nails and then she colored while I put fresh sheets on her bed (she had another accident during her nap- she NEVER does that anymore!).  I got her ready for bed and read to her a good bit and then I picked up around the house and then got on the computer.  Of course, AP had a hard time falling asleep.  Peyton got home and we talked and went to bed.

Peyton had a meeting on Wednesday, but we were taking a trip to see his Granny later that day.  I got up with the kids and got a bath.  I tried put Graves in the Pack N Play so I wouldn't have to deal with him throwing things in the tub and fishing them out and getting everything wet.  Um, he screamed the whole time.  I made our bed and started some laundry and then I fixed the kids' breakfast.  I sat on the couch and ate mine and then I ironed a big pile of clothes while they were occupied.  I scrubbed my bathroom vanity and folded some laundry and then we had our Morning Meeting and I got on Twitter for a few minutes.  The kids ate lunch and I put some pictures that had gone "missing" from my Weekly Happenings Post back on the blog.  I unloaded dishes and reloaded while the kids played and then I picked up around the house and got us all ready.  Peyton got home and I packed the diaper bag and put fresh sheets on AP's bed and picked up a bit more and we got on the road.

It's an hour and a half to Granny's and we spend about three hours there.  The kids napped on the way there and Peyton and I talked and I napped a little.  We had a great visit and AP and Graves both LOVED seeing Granny.  Graves fell asleep on the way home and we knew he'd be up a stretch so we went over to visit with Peyton's parents.  We had fun catching up with them and when we got home, we put both kids right to bed.  I got on the computer and then went to bed.

Annie wore my old pillowcase Indian costume all the way down in the car and played in it the whole time.  She loves that thing!

I love his little fat face.

I don't love his mean face.

Granny was teaching Annie something important!


Even more yum!

He showed off his walking skills for sure, but he still "cruises" some of the time!

I had big plans to get up (relatively) early on Thursday and go to the gym and tackle some stuff around the house since I went to bed earlier than usual the night before.  But when the kids woke up around eight thirty, I was SO tired.  It turned into such a lazy morning.  So lazy, in fact, I'm almost embarrassed to tell y'all about it.  I guess my "Sleep Theory" holds true again and the night before the previous night's sleep is what really makes the difference.  Or maybe it's because I had one of those awful sinus headaches all day before and they just zap my energy.  Anyway, Peyton had been up super late sending some emails for work and various groups he's in....oh, and watching Legends of the Fall.  He's so generous to me about letting me sleep, so I let him.  I got up and put a fresh diaper on Graves and fixed both kids breakfast.  After breakfast, Annie was in our bedroom going to the bathroom and I dozed off on the sofa, not realizing the baby gate was open.  She woke up Peyton saying Graves was in her bathroom.  He was standing on a stool trying to play in the sink, but I could just imagine him leaned over, blue, with his head stuck in the toilet bowl.  I know it's just my anxiety, but after I read that most toddler drownings occur in toilets it became one of my "things".  Anyway, I got him and we all just played in their room.  After I made sure all the outlets were covered and everything was safe, I got in AP's bed and snoozed a bit more.  Of course, I kept getting up to change diapers, take AP to the potty, tie her swimsuit top, and so on, but they played until 10:30 and I felt SO much better.  Peyton woke up and I got a bath and started cooking some chicken.  Annie and I had a very short, abbreviated Morning Meeting and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few necessities like milk, bananas, and Oreos ;)

I got home and hustled to make lunch while Peyton was cleaning out his closet.  He took the stereo out of our office and it's just been sitting on our bedroom floor (along with a ton of other stuff of his) for about a month. I had also asked him to move the rabbit ears from our bedroom TV to the den so I could watch the evening news and what not on the days we are home in the afternoons.  He put the stereo in his closet and got the rabbit ears out AND cleaned up his piles.

While I was making lunch, Graves decide to go ahead and start his.  And he decided to get it from the fireplace.  Of course.

  He also helped me take Graves's monthly picture.

 We got some good outtakes, yes?

Lunch was ready right before he had to leave and he ended up just bringing it to work.  I felt kind of bad about that. I vacuumed the bedrooms while the kids played and treated a dress that had "bleed" in the wash and then the three of us had lunch.  I cleaned up the lunch dishes and got Graves down and then AP helped me pick up toys and I read to her and put her down for a nap.  I uploaded pictures and worked on Graves's monthly post and got on Twitter.  AP had a hard time and kept wanting me to come in her room.

I got the kids up and got us all ready for my Circle meeting.  Annie was arguing about everything and we were running late.  We finally got ready and out the door.  Circle was good, but it was raining and several people had conflicts so it was a really small group.  The lady that did our program spoke about property rights for women as it related to the book of Ephesians. She really helped us figure out how to take care of ourselves should something tragic happen.  She's an older lady from our church and she also made a delicious pie.

We got home and AP played with play dough while I got Graves to bed and then she ate supper and I picked up around the house and swept in the den.  I got her to bed and finished Graves's letter.  Peyton got home and we talked and went to bed.

I fed Graves before eight and delivered him back to his bed on Friday.  Both the kids woke up about an hour later.  We got moving slowly and then I took a bath while Peyton fed them breakfast.  I straightened up some piles and started dishes and Peyton left for the gym.  I swept and mopped the kitchen and then we had our Morning Meeting.  Better late than never, right? Peyton got home and then Carrie and her kids got here with Chik Fil A for lunch.  It was raining and Peyton helped them get in.  We had such a fun time catching up.  When we don't see the Howies for a week, it fells like an eternity.  NYC is gonna be hard.

After the Howies left, AP and I picked up toys and then I unloaded and reloaded (a full sink of dishes) in the dishwasher.  I put Graves down and read to AP and put her down.  They both went right to sleep.  I caught up on Twitter and cleaned out my email and Reader and put some pictures on the new hard drive. I had to wake the kids up and I got everything we needed together and headed to my parents' house. When Annie woke up, she kept talking about a dragon in her room- "He was a nice dragon and he brought me an Indian tent from Target".  Haha, love the imagination at this age!

 We stopped by Walgreens first to pick up a package for Peyton.  We had a fun time at my parents' and I bathed the kids and did their whole nightly routine so I could just throw them in bed.  We got home and I put the kids to bed.  AP had an easier time going to sleep than I imagined since she had a long nap.  I got on the computer and visited with a friend and then Peyton got home.  We watched the news and chatted and went to bed.
She refers to these as her "denim" shoes.

Peyton worked on Saturday and Graves woke up before seven.  He was super upset and he's really out of the habit of waking up that early now after a few weeks of letting him fuss for ten minutes, so I knew something was wrong.  I never figured it out, but it must've been his teeth or something because he nursed and went right back to bed. The kids both woke up again a little before nine. I fixed them breakfast and then took my bath.  I went through some new clothes for Graves that a friend of my mom's gave us and then I did some dishes from the night before.  We played and read and then AP said she was hungry.  It worked out well since I was planning to fed them lunch early anyway.  They ate and then I put them down early for naps since we had a birthday party that afternoon.  I pretty much just chilled out during nap time.  I cleaned up the lunch dishes, had my own lunch and then just laid on the sofa until it was time to get ready.  I got myself ready and then got the kids up and got them dressed.  I took some pictures of them and then we headed to the party.

We had so much fun at the Howie's celebrating Jude turning two. I can't believe he's that old! It started raining while we were there and AP, Aubrey and Jude played outside in it.  They were so cute and Annie had the time of her life.  I think she probably created a forever memory and I'm so glad it was with two of her best little friends!

We got home and the kids played and then Peyton got home.  We fed them supper and he played with them some and then I put Graves to bed.  We gave AP a bath and I talked to my mom and Logan on the phone and then we got AP to bed.  I uploaded some pictures and read blogs a little and then Peyton and I chatted and went to bed.

Peyton had Men's Club on Sunday morning and I decided that this week the kids' need for a twelve hour block of sleep took precedent over my need for corporate worship with my husband.  Typically, I decide the opposite, but in this case, I think I made the right decision because they both slept past eight.  I got ready before Graves woke up and then got the kids ready and fed and we actually made it to Sunday school pretty much on time! We're starting a new series on "balance" and we did the introduction Sunday.  I picked up AP and took her to church with me, but she decided to go to children's church.  I love having her with me in church and singing the words to my favorite hymns in her ear, but it was kind of nice to just be able to fully immerse myself in the service. Our pastor preached on Prevenient Grace (which is a pretty big deal to Wesleyans) and it was an excellent sermon.  I picked up the kids and we came home and I fed them lunch and then put them down for naps. I boiled some eggs while they were eating lunch because I really wanted to try making some egg salad.
My Rainbows were waiting right by the door when we got home b/c I didn't put on my pumps until we were headed out the door :)

I read some in my workbook for Bible study and made my egg salad and ate it for lunch and then I took a little nap.  Okay, I need to press pause on here for just a minute.  The egg salad was SUPER easy, but I've never made it before and it was a really! big! deal! to me that I did.  I can scrub baseboards and toilets all day long, but I just don't like/get intimidated by the kitchen. And the fact that I did it partly while the kids were eating and partly during those precious naptime hours says a lot about how far I've come. [In the past I'd wait until Peyton got home before even attempting something new.]  All that to say, I was proud of myself.  And it didn't hurt that it was really, REALLY good!

  The kids woke up and we got ready to go to evening church.
Funky SD =)

We're in Joshua and Judges in our Old Testament study and it was very interesting.  We discussed how in today's terms the conquest of the Promise Land would be considered genocide or "ethnic cleansing".  It was a really deep lesson and hard to wrap my mind around, but I feel like my understand of this tough issue is better now.  We got home and Peyton got home right after us and we let the kids play outside until it got dark.
Of course they think the chaise lounge is the ultimate play structure. 

 Brave Bud made it to the top by himself! AP would have NEVER done that at one and it took awhile at two!

 We brought them in and fed them supper and then put them to bed.  Peyton and I had our family meeting and then I put some pictures on the computer and he went on to sleep.

I love these weeks that aren't packed too full and consist of us just enjoying time with family and friends.  This week seems to hold more of the same!

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