Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #176 (July 23-29)-- Another Tiny Munchkin

 I'm beginning to wonder if we'll ever get another good family picture again.

Last week really wasn't near as busy as I expected.  I didn't end up cooking much or exercising as much as I'd like, but I did clean the house pretty well over the course of the week, so that's something! For some reason, I also took hardly any pictures!

I sleep pretty late on Monday and ended up getting TEN hours of sleep.  It's been awhile since that's happened!  Anyway, when I got up, Peyton was playing with the kids.  I talked to them a little and then he took AP on a walk and I tried to put Graves down for a morning nap since he had gotten up early and I knew he wasn't going to get a full one that afternoon.  That was a big fail.  I got my bath and he played while I got ready.  I picked up around the house and started a load of diapers in the wash.  I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and started dishes and ate a sandwich.

Peyton and AP got back and I finished getting ready because I had a Junior League project that afternoon.  My group is doing four different "parties" throughout the year at the Children's Cancer Clinic for our provisional project and this was the first.  They're actually not really parties, we just have snacks and fun crafts for the kids that have appointments there to do throughout the day and I had the afternoon shift.  It ended up being really fun- the kids were cute and sweet and it was fun to get to know some of the other girls in my provisional class.  Peyton had dropped the kids off at my parents' house so I visited some with my mom when I came over to pick them up and then we came home.  The kids played and I picked up around the house.  I had gone to bed the night before with it kind of a mess and then it got more trashed when Peyton was at home with them (not complaining, I'm so thankful for him).  Anyway, I got it picked up and unloaded the diaper bag and another shopping bag my mom had sent home full of different stuff and then I fed Graves supper, bathed him and put him to bed a little before seven.  I had been watching the news and AP really wanted to see a movie, so I started one for her and I worked on last week's Weekly Happenings Post.  I fixed her supper and put up dishes and reloaded them and then scrubbed the counters.  I swept and mopped the kitchen floors and even scrubbed the baseboards and then I got AP ready for bed.  After she went to sleep, I got on the computer and recorded my vlog.

Peyton got home and we ate a frozen pizza and then I got back on the computer and worked on a few posts.  I went to bed later than I should have.

The kids slept until around eight on Tuesday.  Peyton had to be at his store super early for some inventory thing, so I fed the kids breakfast and then got a bath.  [Sidenote: Kipper may be off our okay list soon because Pig said "stupid".  Why is it so hard to make a decent kid show?]  We had our Morning Meeting and then the kids played while I loaded dishes and cleaned up the kitchen from the night before.  I folded and put up a TON of laundry and then it was lunch time.  I put Graves down for his nap and straightened in the study and taped some more books back together and read to AP. I put her to bed and boiled some eggs and read a few blogs and got on Twitter. The kids didn't do great with their naps- Graves was up after an hour and AP took a trip to time out for being out of bed without permission.  I was tired and frazzled.  I made them both stay in their beds for another hour and they did okay. Peyton had a meeting followed by another meeting after work and I didn't expect to see him until around eight, but he had time to stop by the grocery store and buy some strawberries and he came home just to make me a milkshake!

After he left and I finished my shake, I let the kids get up.  I folded and put up two more BIG loads of laundry and fed the kids snacks and they watched a short little video.  I played with them and we cleaned up the nursery and then it was time for their supper. I unloaded/loaded dishes and sewed up something that needed mending.  After they ate, I bathed Graves and took a break from chores to just tickle and read and play.  I put him to bed and then I went in to Google something because I had seen a short clip about Bruce Springsteen on the news and of course, I needed to rewatch.  The pains of not having a DVR rewinding live TV ;) Annie played in the study and then somehow she hurt her mouth (she had found a Popsicle stick and I think it scraped the roof of her mouth really bad.  I took care of it and then we just played some more.  I played hide-and-seek with her per her request (she still hasn't totally got the concept) and then we did a little "science experiment" I saw in a book.  You just take a paper grocery bag, get their feet wet and have them make footprints.  And then they watch them evaporate.  Annie found some dinky little "puppets" from a kid's meal and we played with those and then I swept, dry mopped, and polished the floors in the den and dusted all the furniture in there. I gave AP a bath.

For some reason, I spent so much more time praying throughout the afternoon than I typically do.  It was neat to be doing stuff, but not be going at such a pace I couldn't think or stop and have some short little convos with the Lord.

I put AP to bed and got on the computer and read some posts.  Peyton got home and we ate a frozen pizza and went to bed.

Wednesday was his day off and it was busy, but fun.  We both had dentist appointments.  I got up and went to mine first.  Our dentist is so friendly and super fast.  There's never a wait and you're out before you know it.  Anyway, Peyton met me with the kids for his appointment and I took them home.  We had our Morning Meeting and then Peyton got home.  My friend Karissa had our crock pot from a church thing and she stopped by to drop it off.  Peyton left because he had a "focus group" he was going to be part of.  I fed the kids lunch and folded and put up clothes and then got them down for naps.  They both went to sleep and I cleaned up the lunch dishes and ate my lunch.  I emailed a friend and got on Twitter and then took a short little nap myself.  They woke up and Peyton got home and we ran an errand to find a book Peyton needed.  We had to go to three different bookstores!  When we got home, we unloaded the kids and got ready and went for a nice, long walk.  We fed them supper and gave them baths and put them to bed.  I picked up Newks and Peyton and I ate and he watched TV and I wrote a blog post and went to bed.

Thursday started off BAD, but it ended up being the best day in a long time.  I woke up with the kids right as Peyton was leaving for work.  I tried to get Graves back to sleep because it was still early, but that was a no go.  I fed him breakfast and took a bath and then started the day.  He was the fussiest he's been yet and he's been a fuss pot lately.  We had the Morning Meeting and then I got some dishes loaded, started laundry and did the trash/recycling/compost.  He just screamed the whole time, but would be fine if I sat down and played with him.  Finally, he got himself together for a few minutes and I ironed a pile of clothes.  I got all of us ready and packed a lunch and we headed to the Howies.  I picked up a pizza for Carrie and her kids (I packed our lunches b/c I'm trying to save some money) and we made it only a few minutes behind schedule.  We had a fun visit although we had a few issues with little things like whining and sharing toys.  Get this, though....Graves was a little angel!  I was so confused by whatever was going on with him.

We got home and I put the kids right down.  I got on the computer and then Peyton got home from work. I laid down and took a nap and he played with AP and then fed Graves a snack.  He had a meeting, so I got up and played with the kids. I really didn't try to do too much and Graves had a pretty good afternoon.  We played in their room and then AP and I cleaned up her toys.  Peyton got home and I vacuumed the bedrooms and study and then we fed the kids supper and got them to bed. We ate together and visited some and then I got on the compute and read blogs.  I read some and went to bed.

Friday ended up being difficult day.  Peyton let me sleep in a bit and then I got myself and the kids ready for Graves's appointment and Peyton mowed the yard.  We started a Morning Meeting, but never finished it.  The appointment was just plain hard.  We got home and I fed the kids lunch and put them down. Peyton and I talked some and then he left for work.  I got on the computer, ate my lunch and unloaded and loaded dishes and then I read my Bible.  The kids got up and Annie watched a movie for a bit while Graves played and I cleaned both the bathrooms.  We got ready and headed to my parents'.  It was nice to hang out with them, but I was still emotional and had a headache.  They fell asleep on the way home and I transferred them.  Graves woke up and threw up and Peyton got home about that time and helped me take care of that.  I wrote a post and read some blogs and went to bed.

Peyton had to work Saturday, but it wasn't too bad :) I fed Graves pretty early and he went back to sleep and then played in his bed a little while AP watched Kipper in our room.  We all got up around nine thirty and I took a bath.  For some reason, it took me forever to even get in it.  Ellis called and Graves was all into everything, but I finally got in and got clean.  I put some blocks in the Pack N Play so I could dry my hair because our room is just not babyproofed and Graves won't stay close by me like he used to.  I fixed the kids breakfast and called Morgan and sent an email and then we all just played for a while.  I let AP watch a little bit of movie and then they ate lunch and I put them down for naps.  Annie was taking so long to eat her lunch, I actually read her her naptime story while she was eating.

I ate my lunch and caught up on Twitter and then I started a post.  Graves woke up, but he actually played in bed for a little bit.  I discovered a kitty had gotten sick in our room, so I cleaned that up and then let the kids get up and play. I folded some laundry and Carrie texted me to say maybe we needed to cancel the dinner plans we had because David was feeling bad.  We had gotten babysitters and everything and Carrie and I were both really disappointed.  David told her to just go out to eat with me and Peyton, but I decided it would be more fun to just make it into a girls' night.  I checked with Peyton and he said that was fine.  AP wanted to throw a tennis ball and I told her we could only do that outside, so of course she wanted to go outside.  I felt bad because we haven't been out in the backyard a lot last week, so I said we could go out for about ten minutes (anymore and I'd need another bath).  On the way out she saw her frog umbrella and decided playing with it would be more fun.  We stayed outside for a few minutes and then she threw a fit because I wouldn't let her bring the umbrella inside (I'm not superstitious; the thing has just come close to poking Graves's eye out more than once).  We came in and Peyton called to say he was late and I got them situated eating supper and then got myself ready.  I nursed Graves and Peyton walked in the door and I walked out.

Carrie and I had *the* best time.  I think we kind of annoyed the waitress because we stayed at Mellow Mushroom for about four hours.  Haha!  We ended up talking in the parking lot for probably another hour until almost midnight.

Yeah, I think we needed a break.   When I got home, Peyton and I put on some music and had a great chat and then I cleaned up the house and got on the computer for a few minutes and went to bed.

Sunday was one of those days where I felt like I got nothing accomplished, but it wasn't really fun or relaxing, either. I'm glad I don't have days like that very often!  Peyton went to the early service, but I was so tired, I waited and took the kids to Sunday school and church by myself.  I gave them baths and fed them breakfast and even ironed our clothes and painted AP's toenails and we were (pretty much) on time!  I guess I should say that was an accomplishment.

The Sunday school lesson was from our Balance book and the sermon was on santififying grace.  We got home and I fixed the kids' lunch and put them down for naps.  I ate lunch and worked on a little project a  bit and then got on the computer. AP was having an "off" day and kept bother Graves so I finally gave up and put her in my bed and turned on the ballet and I tried to take a nap.  I ended up texting with some friends and Graves didn't sleep much longer, so we all got up. They had a snack and played and  I cleaned up the their room and picked up some piles and then folded a little laundry.  I read to them some and put up some laundry in our bedroom and then I fed Graves a little supper and AP finished her snack from earlier. Peyton got home and we all got ready and headed over to his parents' house for a couple of hours to visit.
On the way...

We haven't seen them much in the last few weeks, so it was good to catch up!  We put Graves right to bed when we got home and Peyton and AP watched the Olympics together.  I watched for a little bit and then got on the computer.  Peyton went to the grocery store and he told Annie she could watch Swan Lake (yes, another ballet!) in our bed and she fell fast asleep.

I finished up some stuff on the computer and ate some leftovers and went to bed.

This week is pretty full, but I don't think it will be too bad.  Peyton is working some extra, so I've got to find some extra energy myself!

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