Monday, July 23, 2012

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    Posted: 23 Jul 2012 08:31 PM PDT
    Again and again, Ann helps us find practical ways to be the hands and feet of Christ. This women not only writes well. She lives and loves well.

    Posted: 23 Jul 2012 08:30 PM PDT
    Such a beautiful post about such an ordinary thing. Oh wait, that's almost all of Angie's posts.

    Posted: 23 Jul 2012 08:29 PM PDT
    Interesting, especially in light of the other post about gender I'm linking to this week.
    Posted: 23 Jul 2012 08:28 PM PDT
    Beautiful. Especially the quote at the end from a movie we just watched- "The way of Nature and the way of Grace".

    Posted: 23 Jul 2012 08:27 PM PDT
    Annnd my Amazon wishlist just got even more bloated.
    Posted: 23 Jul 2012 08:24 PM PDT
    I found this so interesting. Especially the "tell them everything" part that everyone agreed on. Those of you that are adopting/plan to adopt which of these to you agree with/which do you not?

    Posted: 23 Jul 2012 08:23 PM PDT
    "Maybe we should just be quiet. Maybe we should try to connect with the grief and the hurt. Maybe we should try to wrestle some of the hard questions. Maybe we should just stop and be with our families. Maybe we should just spend the day in quiet prayer." Great post on social media and tragedy.

    Posted: 23 Jul 2012 08:22 PM PDT
    "As I dwell on this, I squeeze my lap-bound boy, in a hug that wouldn't have otherwise happened. Thankful for this space, for connections with you, friends and readers (who are friends I just haven't met yet), and for all that having this corner of the interwebs has brought to our family."

    because it’s not hard to be a Christian universalist | see preston blog
    Posted: 22 Jul 2012 06:32 PM PDT
    This? Is not what you think.  Give it a fair shake.

    "I'm not a relativist. What's True for you has to be True for me, or else there isn't Truth. (A different topic altogether, but mind where I'm going.)But the conversations we have need to start here, with this: is this more plausible than I have let myself believe?Is it possible that this other loves Jesus as much as I do?s it possible that this other is trying as hard as I am to love Him right?"

     This is something I've been grappling with for years. Not Universalism. Like Preston, I'm not even close to that. But several people I love deeply and respect greatly subscribe to this theology, or, at the very least, are open to it. I can't possibly articulate how difficult this has been and how much pain has occured wondering if I could even sit at the metaphorical table as brothers and sisters with these dearly loved persons in my life. It's clearly something close to my heart, but I also read this post within a broader framework.

    I think this can be applicable to any spiritual polarizing idea.  These questions:"Is this more plausible than I have let myself believe? Is it possible that this other loves Jesus as much as I do? Is it possible that this other is trying as hard as I am to love Him right?" are so important to ask. When I am challenged with hard questions I want to make sure that this is the perspective I'm coming from in our discussions with them.

    Posted: 21 Jul 2012 09:35 PM PDT
    Interesting advice!

    40 Things That Will Make You Feel Old: Pics, Videos, Links, News
    Posted: 19 Jul 2012 08:48 PM PDT
    Who feels old?
    Posted: 19 Jul 2012 08:45 PM PDT
    I read this post and was super judgey. And then Peyton and I had a long talk about it and I realized a few things. And then the next day, I had a real awakening. I was hurrying the whole day, trying to get all the things I "needed" to get done finished, so when the kids napped and went to bed, I could have "me time". Yeah, it's really not that different. I'm praying more and more for the Lord to remove the log from my eye.
    Posted: 18 Jul 2012 09:49 PM PDT
    I was so fascinated by this post and I have LOTS of thoughts, so I'm going to do a full blog post soon.

    Hope you found something you liked!

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