Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday [Round 2]

My friend Kodi did a WIWW post a few weeks back and it inspired me to try it again.  Back in the Winter, I did my first "What I Wore" post and it was super fun.  I LOVE it when I see people do these posts because it's so much fun to see people's style and to get ideas.  The hard part, for me, with a post like this is just getting over myself and not worrying about being self-conscious.  Anyway, I'm kind of OCD, so I took pictures every day, even the couple of days I didn't really "get dressed".  I started last Tuesday and went to this Tuesday.  I'm linking up over at The Pleated Poppy and at real momma. real style.
Momma Go Round

[The lighting in our bathroom is terrible quality and clearly you can't use a flash with a mirror, so just try to get past that!]

Tuesday night I had my little "Moms' Social" for Ann Peyton's school.  I had a hard time picking out what to wear.  I told Carrie that eveything I owned felt too short for the occasion.  Because the last thing you want is to look like the village slooze at the homeschool party, ya know? Carrie assured me that she's never seen me wear anything immodest.  Anyway, I settled on this dress.  I got it in college and I used to be obsessed with it.  I still wear it a lot because I think it can be dressed up or down and it's SUPER comfy and easy to nurse in.  I'm kinda over it, though.  I did wear some new shoes I got at Tar-Jay and some fun jewelry.

Dress: Soundgirl
Shoes: Target (Xhilaration)
Jewelry:  vintage watch bracelet/earnings made from poker chips

We just went out to eat after a church meeting, so nothing too special. I love these shorts because they're bright and fun and they're so comfy.  The waist makes them feel like gym shorts!  The drawback is they're linen and wrinkle BAD! This white top with the bow is one of my go-to Summer shirts.

Top: Gap
Shorts: Banana Republic Outlet
Shoes: Target (Xhilartion)

We went to Red, White and Jackson and I wanted to be patriotic, but in a somewhat understated way.  I opted for a red tank top and denim romper, which may or may not still be in style.  Whatevs.  It's comfortable and perfect and I love it.
Tank: Walmart
Romper: Target (Mossimo)
Shoes: Rainbows

I had multiple things Friday.  I wore a lightweight jersey belted dress to Carrie's for weekly our lunch/playdate.  It has little anchors on the buttons on the sleeves.  I like the nautical look a lot!  I got my crocheted Tory Burch flats MAJOR on sale because they're a 5.5 and who else wears that??
Dress: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Tory Burch

We had an engagement party that night and I had a hard time figuring that one out.  The engagement parties I've been to are called "announcement parties" and you wear cocktail dresses and suits.  This was something different, though, and after talking to a friend we decided to go with about one level below that.  [Sidenote: I thought I'd use this opportunity to share my Dad's rationale for always opting to overdress rather than under dress when faced with the decision.  Mickey's logic: People don't know what you had going on during the day prior to the event.  If you dress like you've been mowing your lawn or watching TV and drinking beer, you look like you just don't care or you didn't even think about it.  If you dress nicely, "you could have been at a funeral for all they know".  In other words, if you overdress people will probably assume you had somewhere important prior to the event. If you underdress, people assume you don't know what you're doing. I think it's good logic.]  Anyway, I ended up wearing a new dress I got from Target.  I'm a big, big fan of polka dots and I love the retro feel of it!  I felt like someone from a song or a movie in it.  That's a good feeling right there!
Dress: Target (Xhilaration)
Shoes: random wedges from random store at the mall

We did nothing, excepting a trip to my parents' house.  They don't require much.
T-shirt: Ole Miss 
Shorts: Soffie knock offs from Target
Shoes: Rainbows

This was another two outfit day. I seem to like navy and white/cream this Summer. On the Sundays that Peyton works and I have to lug both kids across the parking lot, I base my entire outfit around what I can get to work with practical shoes.  I'm so analytical like that.
Dress: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Tory Burch

For Bible study, I wanted something with a sleeve because it's freezing in there and I didn't want to have to bring a jacket.
Top: Target (Mossimo)
Shorts: J. Crew Outlet
Shoes: Target (Xhilartion)

Again, we went to my parents.  No pretenses. 
Top: Pharmacy Convention tee
Shorts: more knock offs from Target- because real Soffies are SO pricey ;)
Shoes: New Balance from high school 

We went out to eat again and even if it's Newks, I like to put on "real" clothes if I have the oppurtunity.  If I don't have an oppurtunity, I don't like to, though ;)  This outfit is quintessential SD.  It's not really "in style" and I don't see many people wearing anything like it, but I think it works. There's a lot I love about it: that green is one of my favorite colors, I adore madras, and I don't think you can beat Chucks. Peyton really likes stuff like this for some reason.  Probably because he has a somewhat eccentric style himself ;)
Tee: Gap
Skirt: Alloy (teeny bopper catalog)
Shoes: Converse

I think these are so much fun from time to time.  Like I said, I love reading other people's so let me know if you do one so I can make sure not to miss it!


Kristal said...

Super cute outfits, SD. You have great style. I love all the dresses, but especially the one you wore to the moms social.

Katie said...

those sandals in the first pic are so cute! and I love your romper!

Mary Louis Quinn said...

I am totally with you on the dressing for an engagement/announcement party. The first wedding I was in ([t was really my first friend to get married so I had no idea what I was doing) shortly after college, we got invited to an announcement party in Bham and the attire said dressy casual. So I wore capri pants and a nice shirt. Umm, men were in slacks/blazers and women were in nice dresses. I still clearly remember how inadequate I felt and that was 8-9 years ago! So I learned my lesson- when in doubt, I always dress "up." :)