Thursday, August 30, 2012

An Experimental Mutiny: Part Five (Spending)

Well, it's not really surprising that we're days out from September and I'm posting my 7 recap for July.  August was full and full of unexpected (i.e. that pesky broken arm), so I'm kind of glad that we unintentionally failed to do anything 7 related this month.  We'll be back in the game in September and probably round out the experiment in October.

I'm also planning to do a full review of the book once we finish the project. Originally, I had intended to just quote excerpts from the book and share my favorite things Jenn said in these monthly updates. But it didn't happen and there's that. I'm not going to let y'all miss out on some of her great insights, though, so I'll do that post at some point after I finish the book.

Here are the seven places we allowed ourselves to spend in July:

Notice, first, what's missing- um, a BIG RED BULLSEYE? Yes, I went a month without Target and I have to say that my Target consumption has changed a bit since then.  I just don't go as much and when I do go (this is a shocker!) I'm a bit better at sticking to my list. 

Okay, on the legal list:
1. Kroger- we needed a grocery store and it's the closest and the one we go to the most, so it was an ovbious selection. 
2. Farmer's Market- we didn't go that much, but Peyton's gotten had obsessed with it and desperatly wanted it on there (we ended up allowing all "farmer's markets", including the little fruit stand near our neighborhood, not just the big one downtown).
3. Amazon- well, that was easy, it's a pretty great catch all. Actually, we ended up only ordering once the whole month.
4. Bills- pretty self explanatory.  Notice we forgot them at first. 
5. Emergency/Medical- we really didn't use this much, but it was pretty essential to have.
6. Chik Fil A- we knew eating out would be a hard sacrifice, so we included two (yes, two) eateries. Chik Fil A was our economy option.
7. Newks- and this was our high end choice. We're fancy, y'all.

Overall, we did pretty good. We opted not to by potting soil for a project near the end of the month and just postponed it, we chose to eat only at our two allowed restuarants with a couple of exceptions, and I denied myself Target, friends!

We did make a few exceptions:
- We bought gas a couple of times at a non-Kroger station.
- We made a few restuarant exceptions in the case of friends asking us to do things (twice) and a work related event for Peyton.
- This is the kicker- I went to a kids' clothes sale two days before the month's end. Shockingly, it was Peyton who told me to go. I really wasn't that upset about not going because it's not one I've been to before and I didn't know what I'd be missing. I told Peyton though and he completely rationalized it on the grounds that 1) This kind of sale always saves us the money we would spend buying their clothes (the kind I like) retail and 2) I was being a bit legalistic and was I really just wanting to say I didn't go or was I truly convicted about it. Anyway, in the end I went. You can judge me if want. 
The main thing this month showed me was how spoiled we've been by our endless options and choices and how much I take for granted. It also showed me I can have self control and withstand the lure of the bullseye.

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

I can go weeks without Target too and it saves us so much money! Way to go, SD. I am sure this was hard. I try to pick one or two days a week as no spend days but it can be hard. There's just so much to buy!