Thursday, August 2, 2012

August Happenings

I'm kinda a little obsessed with this color scheme.  Minty, seafoamy colors are my favorite and the coral is the perfect compliment, I think. It just feels cool and nice, no?  I had fun making the buttons this time, too.  And I'm back to Instagrams in the header.  There were just too many cute ones to pass up. 

Um, so August? What's going this month....

- We're getting ready for Annie to start school! We have another little workshop thing coming up this weekend and pretty soon school will actually be starting. My mind is blow that this is really happening.  Where's my baaaaby?

- Fall consignment season is upon us! There are a couple of fun sales this month and of course, I couldn't be more excited!

- I'm sure I'll be posting (probably a lot) more about this in the coming weeks and months, but I've gradually been starting to wean Graves.  He's doing super with it and although I'm sad, it's time.  I think we still have a while before he's completely weaned, but we're officially on that road.

- Speaking of, I'll be leaving him for the first time overnight in a couple of weeks.  Again, I know it won't be easy (it sure wasn't with Annie!), but it's good for me and I'm glad to be at the point where I can, in good conscious, do it. I'll blog more about it soon, but I'm so excited about this trip!

- I really think that's it.  I can't believe Summer is winding down.  Of course, it's Mississippi, so it'll be hot for another two to three months, but "official" Summer is quickly ending.

- Here's my recap on last month's goals:
1. Keep up the daily reading/Scripture reading.  It could still be improved on, but I'm slowly becoming more diligent with this.
2. I'm trying to cook more often.  Last week was a total fail, but otherwise I feel like I've really made improvements here.  This is so hard for me, for some reason, so I'm very proud of myself!
3. I'm going to try to exercise more.  I've done better with this, too.  I didn't make it to the gym as much as I wanted, but I had some good weeks and Peyton and I have been taking the kids on walks a couple of times a week.  Another thing I'm proud of myself for.

- Here are this month's goals:
1. Gear up for school!  The last couple of weeks I've been a little lazy with the Morning Meetings.  They haven't happened as much as they should and some days they've been rushed.  I'm going to try to do better with that, spend more time reading with Annie, and make sure I've got all her supplies/books ready for when school starts.
2. Read to Graves daily.  I was *so* good about this with AP as a baby and I've done pretty awful with Graves.  He's started to be more interested in books and even brings them to us to read to him(!!!), so I'm going to take advantage.  He like short little board books right now and they take about two minutes to read, so hopefully I'll be doing this multiple times a day.
3. This one is a two parter, but I want to continue organizing my old pictures and getting them stored safely on Flikr and the hard drive and also I want to focus on learning a little about Elements, since we just bought it.  The first one I've been doing for awhile, but it's a daunting task.  I've got to free up space on our desktop computer, though, so it needs to get done.  The second thing just plain intimidates me.  I don't even know where to start.  I actually got a book because Internet tutorials just frustrate me sometimes. 

Enjoy these blissful Summer days, friends!

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