Monday, August 13, 2012

Letter to (Sixteen Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

Wow! You are such a busy boy these days.  You started walking a month ago and now you RUN! In fact, you chase Annie around the house now.  It's pretty hysterical.  

Speaking of Annie, you are getting more and more obsessed with her.  She loves you and wants to know where you are if you aren't in the room with us, but you've also started to test her nerves now that you're more mobile and more, um, aggressive (the hair pulling is out of control!).  The other day, though, she got some upset with me because she wanted to talk to you during naptime, but you were still asleep.  Once you wake up, she often talks to you through your crib rails until I decide to get you up.

In addition to running, you love to climb!  You tried to climb the baby gate yesterday and you can get on Ann Peyton's bed by yourself.  Oh, and you climbed out of your high chair when I left you unstrapped with just the tray on and were sitting in the middle of the table when I got back in the room. You are a MESS!

You say "all done" (sometimes) when you finish eating and the new word I love the most this month is "Awnie" (Annie).  It's so sweet how you say it because she said it exactly the same way!  I have to say that in a way, hearing you say her name, almost tops hearing you say Momma for the first time. Sadly, the first time you said it Sister was in time out and you were searching the room for her and calling out her name.

You've found some new books you like; Spot books are your favorite right now and we also love your book about freight trains. I'm so glad you love book now!

Dr. Denney recently had some concerns about your weight, so we'll be getting tests done soon to make sure everything is okay and you don't have an allergies or anything.

Oh, and you're getting your first haircut this week and I know it will be so emotional for me.  It's time, though.

Graves, as I see your personality more and more, I adore your spunk and your joy.  The tiny bit of mischievousness is darling, even, too...but I don't let you know that now. We are just smitten with you.

Momma and Papa

P.S. Your little linen church outfit is a 12 mo.

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