Saturday, August 4, 2012

Letter to (Three Year and Four Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

 I know it's becoming painfully redundant, but Papa and I are both so enamored with you at this age.  Watching you mind soak up things, your horizons expand, and your dialogues with us becoming increasingly mature is just one of the neatest experiences of my life.  Daily, really, I'm in awe of something you do or say.

We had a check up for Graves last week and we had you weighed and measured, too.  You're twenty six pounds and in the 8th percentile, which is actually as high as you've ever been.  I'm pretty sure all of your 3T stuff from this Summer will fit next Summer, too, unless something super dramatic happens. You're a precious little munchkin and we think you're so adorable!

Your imagination is so wild, and I know I say that every month, too.  The interesting thing you've started this month is actually making up little stories that aren't based on anything else except our life (or are very loosely based on characters from a book or movie).  For example, you told me the other night that Angelina Ballerina was in your bedroom and a fly flew in there (we've had a problem with fruit flies lately).  You proceeded to tell me that it was okay, though, because Big 'Ol Frog hopped in there and ate the fly! I asked you if frogs ate flies and you said "Yes, ma'am, frogs AND chameleons!".  Haha!

I love when you use more grown up words that you've heard us use, like you'll tell me "Oh, that's interesting, Momma".  Today I asked you if you'd like a popsicle and you said "Actually, they are fruit bars".  When I asked how you knew that, you told me that's what Aladdin (Papa) had told you!

Your memory is excellent.  You are zooming through the Catechism that we're teaching you and Papa and I are so impressed. You seem to love to learn and that excites me so much!

Papa recently introduced you to the ballet and you'll sit still for hours and watch The Nutcracker or Swan Lake.  You're a very unique little girl and are so very special to us.

We've also been watching the Olympics and you've enjoyed pushing the coffee table back and doing "gymnastics" in the living room.  It's so, so surreal when your child starts doing something you vividly remember doing and have special memories of.  This was the first time you did something that just "took me back" to a very specific memory that I loved from my childhood.  It's hard for me to comprehend that you are old enough to be doing things I remember doing! It was was a big milestone and an emotional one.

We are so excited about you starting school soon.  I know that will be another huge milestone for you and for me.  I'm so used to having you by my side all day every day and I know it will take some getting used to for me to enjoy those hours apart from you.  But I know it will be so good for you and I'm excited about all the opportunities it will bring!

We love you, sweet girl, more than I could ever explain or describe.  I don't want to ever take the privilege of being your mother for granted nor take the responsibility of it lightly.

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. You are wearing your Halloween costume from last year.  Papa was kind of shocked I let you wear it for the picture.  These days I'm learning to loosen up and let you do what makes you happy (within reason).

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

I love this letter for so many reasons but your last sentence really got me. It's hard to loosen up but I sure am trying too! I love the imagination and sense of wonder in this age!