Thursday, August 16, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge: July


Well, I'm a little late on this, huh? I also need to post my 7 recap from July.  I guess I"m always a little late with these things, but August is slipping through my fingers faster than any month this year.  I'm not sure what it is.  Maybe the broken arm jut threw me for a huge loop? I really don't know. Anyway, here are last month's prompts and pictures:

Day 1 
Sweaty, windblown (self-portrait) in the car.

Day 2

Last week was so (busy). I'm so grateful for a much less colorful page this week.

Day 3
Sometimes, when AP reaches the two hour mark and Graves is still napping, we watch a movie together.  The obvious condition is that she has to spoon with me- (best part of my day).

Day 4
Waking up these people from naps, one of whom was up last night with the pukes and one of whom was up last night watching the "show", at 5:45, is probably not going to make for a (fun) bedtime.

Day 5
Playing (on the floor) with her new favorite toy, a box of bibs- "I snap them all". It's nice how well she can entertain herself.

Day 6
Love my retro (chair)s. Authentic vintage courtesy of Peyton's grandparents.

Day 7
We didn't do a whole lot with our (garden) this year.

Day 8
Eating leftover soup for (lunch) and working on tonight's craft for church.

Day 9
My (big) girl after her interview for school this Fall.

Day 10
Y'all guess my (favorite color).

Day 11

I don't think I'll ever actually wear this pin, but it's so special to me. It belonged to my grandmother's grandmother (my great great grandmother), Sarah Denley Harrison, who I am named for.  My mom gave it to me when Peyton and I got married and I shared all three (letter)s in my monogram with her. FTR, I typically use my maiden name in my monogram, too (SDPH- all big), but it's still special.

Day 12
Annie's favorite (texture)- her "strawberries and cream" blanket from my mom.

Day 13
"Hey Minnie, (open) up!"

Day 14
I almost never wear jeans in the Summer, but church was so cold this morning, I just couldn't put on a sundress to go back in that (building).

Day 15
That one (finger)nail drives me nuts. Can't stand it when I don't have time to fix it.

Day 16
Using our chalkboard for this could become a habit, now that I'm consistently cooking meals for the first time in our marriage. It's kinda a (sign), I think.

Day 17
My new (addiction) is this amazing egg salad.

Day 18
I've told y'all about my Melamine habit, right? These (plate)s come in handy when we have a party and EnviroSweetie doesn't want to use disposable dishes.

Day 19
Guess which (pet) is the sweet one and which is the bully. It's really a no-brainer.

Day 20
"Yours are the sweetest (eyes) I've ever seen"

Day 21

 Fifteen minutes past (9 o'clock) and everyone is in bed.

Day 22
This one was hard...(upside down) gingerbread house.

Day 23
The three (mirror)s in front of my front door.

Day 24
I hate weeks where this guy feels like (a stranger). Thankfully, this one hasn't been as bad as I expected.

Day 25
Little (heart)s around the girl who will forever have my (heart).

Day 26
(Sunshine) and raindrops. Perfect.

Day 27
(On the road) to Peyton's parents' house for a little grandparent time.

Day 28
This heart (cup) reminds me of my '90s childhood, for some reason.

Day 29
The (last thing I bought)- got a pie and a restoration of my sanity.

Day 30

 Just a (calm) afternoon around here- drinking out of a reusable straw and wearing her smocked swimming suit as loungewear. So Herrington.

Day 31
Graves's baby (toothbrush). This thing is awesome.

Every month I have so much fun with these because it's a little peak into our lives.  This month has been a little harder with the challenges, but it's still so fun. Can't wait to share those, too!


Katie said...

Love the photos! It's so fun to see a glimpse into daily life. I have tried to do this photo a day twice and every time I quit around day 5! haha Maybe next month.

Mallory Pickering said...

I love your pin and namesake--that's so special! And I think AP and Baby Graves look so much alike in that "eyes" picture.