Thursday, August 23, 2012

Picture Post: Mister Graves Goes to the Barber {August 14, 2012}

Poor Graves was really past due for a haircut.  I think I said it before, but he had gone from Beetle to BeeGee and it was getting rough:

Poor shaggy boy looks like he's wearing a mop on his head!

The before and after- I think it's an obvious improvement!

My heart was just not ready until last week, though.  I built it up a lot because I really thought it would feel like a *huge* step toward big boyhood, but it actually wasn't so bad.  I mean I did get a little sniffly when I told Minnie that he looked like he was four (she told me he looked two and that made me feel better), but overall it was not as big of a deal as I was worried it would be. It does help that I think he looks perfectly darling.

I think it also helped that I *adore* our hair girl and I kind of trust her and knew she wouldn't do anything too dramatic.  Anyway, here are the shots from the day:

He did so good and was so still! I was shocked, to be honest.  The little drape he was wearing had penguins on it and for some reason that did make me a little emotional because his absolute favorite book right now is Penguin Says Please.  I think when I look back at these pictures twenty years from now, I'll remember that connection.  That's probably what made me so emotional- being in the moment, but stepping outside of it for a minute, too.

I actually think he enjoyed the experience!

When it came time for the back, he just snuggled up to me.  It was so sweet and a good reminder that he's still such a babykins!

I took a few after pictures.  I know I'm biased, but I could just squeeze him!

He looks so grown to me in this one.

And still like such a babe here.

My friends and I talked last weekend about how I have such a hard time with these children growing up and how I deal with it.  We ananalyzed it, per usual, and I'm not sure I can do more than say that it's just me and how I deal with things. It's the healthiest way I know to do it.  For some reason, it's easier to me if I know a change is coming and I'm able to really immerse myself in it even if the emotions are hard. I feel like if I don't let myself feel these things deeply, then I'll never really let myself move past them.  So, I sit down and just let the feelings (and sometimes tears) roll out.  More often than not, ya'll have a front row seat.

But there comes a point where I need a little perspective.  As I said, I did pretty well this time, but not without the help of Minnie. When I got a little choked up on the phone with my mom that afternoon, she reminded me of something she has told me since Annie's early days when I struggled with the passing of every stage and it's something my grandmother told her when she'd get sad about us growing up. She reminded me that I need to rejoice in the fact that he can do these things.  When Annie rolled over and sat up, she told me that it was only by God's grace that she was developmentally capable of doing such. When she walked, Momma said that I needed to rejoice that her sweet little legs worked and were growing normally. This time, I was gently given the reminder of how precious a gift it is that he even has hair long enough to need trimming.  Did I need to go back to Batson (our children's cancer clinic) and put in some more League hours to see that this is truly a good thing? 

I got a little bit choked up again as I added these last blurry pictures, but not because I'm mourning the loss of his hair and his baby days.  Because I'm reminded of what a blessing each and every day with him is.  And I'm a step ahead of Minnie this time- in the next few months when he's compleatly weaned, I will know it's because his body is totally capable of sustaining itself (of course, technically, it has been for some time) and I will fight the urge to do anything but rejoice in that and in his life and his health. Glory be to God!

*One of our friends at church has taken to calling him "Mister Graves" instead of "Baby Graves".  My mom enjoys calling him the traditional little boy title, "Master Graves" (the corresponding boy term for "Miss"), and we do some, too but my father in law informed us that it seems a bit Deep South and could have unwanted connotations.  I have always maintained that he will be Baby Graves until he requests otherwise, but in times such as these when I'm so fully aware of how quickly the days pass, I feel that Mister is by far the most appropriate.


The Taffs said...

Such a good post. The haircut is adorable (he looks handsome, not TOO growny yet!). Eli turns 2 on Saturday. I've had my moments thinking about my baby being an official toddler. I really needed that reminder. I am thankful that he is a healthy and thriving *almost* 2 year old!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Precious pictures! Baby Graves looks adorable with his new haircut. I totally relate to obsessing over each milestone!