Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weekly Happenings #179 (August 13-19)-- Graves's First Haircut and a Well-Timed Trip

Last week was so much better than the previous one! AP's arm has gotten a lot better and all week long she steadily improved and her attitude did, too.  I felt like I spent the first part of the week being pretty productive, which was good since it made me feel better about leaving things in order on Friday when Carrie and I (and Baby Alaina) took a trip up to Missouri to visit Ashley! I missed the kiddos (it was my first time away from Graves and that went better than I imagined), but after such a trying week last week, it was really nice to just be with my friends and relax.
[Yeah, I was pretty excited.]

The week started out pretty normal. I slept late on Monday and then got up and nursed Graves and took a bath.  Peyton went to the grocery store and I did a few things around the house.  I got some hangers from the attic and put some of the stuff I'm collecting for the Junior League in the office closet.  I played on Instagram a bit and then Peyton got home with the groceries.
Silly face for Annie for breakfast!

 I cleaned out the fridge and put them up while the kids watched a video and Peyton got ready- he needed to go to work early anyway and he wanted to go swim at the Y. He left and as I was washing dishes my Dad came over to look at the paint job so far.  I talked to him and folded diaper laundry and then he left and I fixed the kids lunch.   My mom came over to bring some leftover chili they had and while she was here and the kids were eating I talked to her and scrubbed counters and then cut Baby Graves's fingernails.  After my mom left, I got them down for naps.

I ate lunch, got on Twitter, and worked on my Weekly Happenings Post from last week.  I took care of some Circle stuff and then I put all my Junior League dates for the rest of the year in my planner.  It took awhile because I had a couple of lists and I wanted to cross reference them to make sure and plus it was just a lot. Whew!

I got the kids up and we cleaned their room and then I fed them a snack.  I sorted laundry and swept the  den and then AP had an accident so I took care of that.  Graves got super fussy so I read to him and then fixed his supper and bathed him and put him to bed a little early.
 Listening to Mumford makes supper sans Papa a little more bearable!

  AP ate and I cleaned up the the kitchen some and then she played a little and I folded some clothes.  I gave her a bath and got her to bed and then I got on the computer and finished my post and read blogs a little. I heated up some leftover beans and rice for Peyton and when he got home, he basically ate and went to bed.  I stayed up a little more doing computer stuff and then went to bed myself.

Tuesday was a productive day.  I got up when the kids did and we had breakfast and then I started doing stuff around the house.  I started laundry and cleaned up the kitchen from the night before and then I cleaned up our couch because a kitty decided to "mark" it.  OMG, my poor sofa! I took off the slipcovers and washed them and then scrubbed the actual cushions and put baking soda on it to absorb everything. YUCK.  I changed Graves's bed and vacuumed behind it and striped our bed because AP's pull up had leaked on it that morning.  I hurried and hopped in the tub while Peyton watched the kids and we all got ready because three of the four of us were getting haircuts (I'm holding out with AP).

We all got our hair cut and ran by the bread store on the way home.
[I sat in the back so they wouldn't succumb to car naps!]

When we got home, I got to work and cooked fish and asparagus for lunch while Peyton took another shower to get all the hair off himself. We ate and he left for work and I cleaned up the lunch dishes and put the leftovers in the fridge while the kids finished.  AP played with Play Dough and I got Graves down and then read to her and straightened up toys and put her down.

I got on the computer and checked Twitter and typed up some of this post and then I put pictures on Flikr and did my She Reads Truth devotional for the day. I also started a new post and then I had a snack and worked on my Old Testament Bible study.

The kids woke up and we all cleaned up their room, played and had snacks.  My mom came over and we visited and discussed (of course!) paint colors.  We actually drove around looking at houses and then she stayed while I fed the kids dinner.  She left and I put Graves to bed and talked to Cookie on the phone while AP did a puzzle.  I got her to bed early and straightened up the house.  I changed over the laundry, put clean sheets on our bed, and finished my Old Testament reading.  THEN I let myself get back on the computer.  I read some blogs and organized pictures and got on Twitter and then I finished my post.  Peyton got home and we chatted and watched the news and went to bed.

Peyton worked Wednesday morning, and the kids got up before eight, but I actually wasn't dragging.  I had nursed Graves a little earlier and I fixed both kids breakfast and started laundry and dishes and got our bed made up.  The kids played a little, we actually had our Morning Meeting at  a reasonable time, and then I took a bath and dried my hair while AP watched TV and Graves played in the bathroom.  I ate my breakfast and the kids played (and fought like cats). I folded some laundry and then AP asked for lunch.  Since they both ate breakfast earlier than usual, I figured Graves was hungry, too, and I fixed them both lunch.  They ate and I started ironing a huge stack of clothes.  I got about half way through (stopping to serve Graves strawberries several times) and then he was ready for his nap.  I finished while AP played and then I put her down.  I got on the computer and read some blogs and caught up on Twitter and Facebook and then I ate my lunch and spent some time in prayer. I watched an episode of Lost and did a little project. Peyton got home and the kids got up and we had snacks and then all got ready for church to kick off Fall Wednesday night activities.  It was a good meeting and I'm really excited! We went by Target on the way home (actually we had to stop at home first so we could get my list).  We got all our stuff and came home and got the kids fed, bathed and in bed.  Peyton and I talked some about the shutters and I called my mom and cleaned up around the house and then got on the computer and went to bed.

Thursday was a weird morning.  I don't know why, but it just flew by.  It kind of got away from me, but I was glad because I was getting anxious for Friday to get here.  I slept in and then took my bath and then I just hung out with Peyton and the kids.  We went outside and discussed paint colors and our next door neighbor came over to offer his opinion.  He's an artist, so we were happy to have it!  We all had leftover for lunch and I put up a bunch of clean clothes in the kids' room.  I cleaned up the kitchen and vacuumed out my car and then I got Graves down for his nap.  Peyton left and AP and I cleaned up the living room and read and then I put her down.

The kids took fabulous naps- well, Graves did and AP played well.  I got a lot done.  I got on the computer and typed up the day's happenings, checked Twitter and read a few blogs. I started my post for that day and then I did my She Reads Truth Bible study and jotted down some things I wanted to pray about.  I ate my lunch and went through a bag of things my sister in law had loaned us for Graves and got them folded and decent looking to send back. Graves woke up and I put a book in his crib and he entertained himself while I cleaned both bathrooms top to bottom.  I got the kids up and we cleaned up their room and then they ate snacks and I vacuumed and unloaded dishes.  After that they played and I scrubbed the kitchen  counters and swept the floor really well.  I guess I really wanted to leave the house in good condition, ha!  It was nice to have the rest of the evening to just relax and play with the kids...and fold a little laundry.  I put Graves to bed after he ate and then put AP down.  I got on the computer and then Peyton got home and I packed and went to bed.

On Friday morning, I got up and got ready.  I talked to Todd (the guy working on our house) and ate breakfast and then we took our family picture.  Carrie got here and I told everyone bye and we got on the road.  The trip actually went fast and we only stopped for lunch and I think one other time.  We made good time and got to Ashley's house around four.  We visited for a bit and then had dinner at a very authentic little Italian place and then came home and talked some more...until about three in the morning.

Saturday was fun.  We slept late and then got up and got ready.  We ate lunch at a cute local sandwich place and then went by this really neat shop that Ashley had so sweetly gotten Carrie and me a gift card to.  We went by Target and then to a dessert place for some more yummy snacks.

We came back to Ashley's and visited some more and then we went to a Japanese place for dinner. We stayed up super late talking again.

On Sunday we all went to church.  Ashley's dad preached a great sermon and then we went to lunch with Ash's whole family.  We ran back by Ashley's house and visited some more.
Peyton texted me these.  Poor Annie fell down and hurt herself AGAIN!

Graves had fun in the nursery according to the texts I was getting!

Ashley had a little fun photo shoot so Carrie and I let Alaina get a little nap and we just talked.  Ashley got home and we all went to a burger place for dinner.  We got dessert and stayed up talking.  We did get to bed a little earlier that night since we had a long trip the next day.

This week has been good so far.  I can't believe it's already "hump" day. The trip was so much fun, but I'm glad to be home with Peyton and our sweet babies!

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