Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #177 (July 30-August 5)-- Broken

Well this was a different week.  The first part was great- the kids took the best naps they have in a while.  My computer broke toward the end of the week and then....AP broke her arm.  That's been rough, but I know it could be way worse.  She's still in a good deal of pain some of the time, but she's been such a trooper!

I knew Monday was going to be a long day because Peyton was working a double.  The morning was fun, though, because I was going to a kids' clothes sale (yes, I broke my July 7 Challenge....I'll blog about it, promise). Graves had woken up early, but I got him back to sleep and I ended up having to wake both kids up.  Kind of disappointing, but it was nice to at least be able to get completely ready by myself, because I NEVER "beat" them up these days.  Anyway, the sale started at nine and I woke them up about twenty minutes before we had to leave to get them dressed and fed them breakfast.  We got there right at nine and I racked up! It was honestly the best prices on new smocked stuff I've seen and better than some consignment stuff! We got home and I sort of straightened up a few things and then we had our Morning Meeting.  I got dishes and laundry going and we just played for a bit and then it was lunchtime.
  What happened to BABY Graves? He's so grown.  My one consolation? he's a reader now, like Sister.

 I got lunch cleaned up and put the kids down for naps and Graves took an AWESOME nap.  It's so wild to me that I used to have a child his age that napped 3-4 hours on a regular basis.  I need to go back and read my posts because I wonder what I did with all that time?!? Probably wasted it.

Anyway, I caught up on Twitter and got my (few) pictures from last week uploaded on the computer and organized.  I ate my lunch and watched part of an episode of SVU and baked some chocolate chip cookies.  I started reading for my Old Testament study this week and then AP came and snuggled with me on the sofa.  She got figity and went back to her room to play and I fell back asleep.  When Graves woke up, I found her in his armoire. Peyton put her on the shelf in it once and now she's obsessed with climbing in it.  I've told her it's okay, but a grown up has to be in the room.  I kind of wish he hadn't ever shown her because I know it's such a huge struggle for her to have the willpower not to.  Oh well, I guess it's good for her to learn self control at a young age.

Anyway, when they got up, I folded some more laundry and fed the kids dinner.

Annie didn't have a snack, so she wanted to eat early and it worked out well because I wanted to take them outside for a bit and I thought it might be slightly cooler the later it got. It was so hot, though, we didn't even make it twenty minutes.  And ALL Graves wants to do is climb in the top of the playhouse.  I got up there with them and then we came inside.  
 It amazes me how my prissy, hates to be dirty self is so captivated by his stinky, nasty self.  It's almost like the more disgusting he is, the more obsessed I am with how cute and how "boy" he is.  I'm not overstating this, that's a God thing.

I gave them both baths and put Graves to sleep and then got Annie ready for bed and put her down.

  I got on the computer until Peyton got home and then we ate dinner.  I worked on my August header and went to bed super late.

Tuesday was a nice day.  It kind of flew by, probably because Peyton was home that morning and the kids both took awesome naps.  I slept late and when I got up I took a bath and then we just hung out for awhile.  I was glad Peyton was home because the kids were kind of tag-teaming.  I went to the bathroom for like two minutes and Graves was eating ashes from the fireplace and AP had colored on some furniture in her room.  I cleaned up Graves and while Annie was in timeout, she colored on the wall! I was livid.  Peyton helped me take care of Graves and then I started scrubbing the wall with Comet.  It took a lot of elbow grease, but I got it clean.  Peyton read some and took a bath and then went to Kroger for some fish.  When he got home, I cooked it and asparagus for lunch.  We all ate and he left and I cleaned up dishes and unloaded the dishwasher and then I put the kids down for naps. 

They both fell asleep and slept for a long time- I got on the computer and then read my Bible and had a snack.  I read a little in my book on Elements and then took a short snooze myself.  They woke up and I debated taking them outside again.  It was just so hot, so we stayed in and watched a movie and I folded clothes.  They played dress up for a little while and then it was supper time.
 Both kids love this clown costume that was Peyton's like thirty years ago.

Annie told me that "Angelina Ballerina" was in her room during her nap and then a fly flew in (we've had some fruit flies in the kitchen), but Big Ol' Frog hopped in and ate it.  I asked her if frogs ate flies and she said yes and chameleons do, too! I love her age right now!  I changed Graves's sheets and AP got Nutella on his dust ruffle, so I cleaned that up and then I put him to bed.
Wearing a smocked bathing suit as loungewear and drinking out of a reusable straw- so Herrington. 

I let her watch the Olympics while I swept the kitchen and den and vacuumed our kitchen chair cushions.  I got her ready for bed and put her down and then I got on the computer.  Peyton got home and we chatted and fell asleep and then woke up and had another little chat.

Graves woke up super early on Wednesday and I fed him and put him back down.  He was up again by seven, so I fixed his breakfast and dozed on the sofa.  I took a bath and then AP got up.  I striped her bed because her pull up had leaked and started laundry and dishes.  I ironed something and picked up piles and then ate my breakfast.  We had the Morning Meeting and I made egg salad and we just played until it was time for the kids to eat lunch.  They ate early and went down for naps early.

I got on the computer for a bit and then watched TV and ate my lunch.  I snoozed a little on the sofa and when the kids got up, I helped AP clean up the nursery and fed them a snack. Peyton got home and we all loaded up and went to the park and then to a sporting goods store to get AP a life jacket.  We drove around a bit and came home and put Graves to bed.  Peyton and I ate supper and gave Annie a bath.  We got her to bed and then I wrote a post and went to bed.

Peyton was home Thursday morning and (of course) I took the opportunity to sleep late.  I got up around nine and had a lazy start.  Somehow, the morning kind of got away from me.  I ate breakfast and played with the kids and Peyton and did my typical morning chores (laundry, dishes, ect.) and it was 11:00.  We had two different painters come by to give us estimates for painting the outside of the house and then Peyton and started cleaning out the sunroom, which has kind of become a junk room and then I baked a pie shell. I went in the attic to take a bag up and get some stuff down and then we took AP's monthly picture.

 I threw together a chicken pot pie and popped it in the oven and took a bath and then we all ate lunch together before Peyton had to leave.  I let the kids play a little and I picked up around the house and then it was naptime.

I got on the computer and checked Twitter and wrote Ann Peyton's monthly letter.  I even got her picture uploaded and edited and was doing a few last things and the computer broke.  It shut itself off and was completely black with a tiny flashing line when I turned it back on. I called my dad in a panic, but he didn't answer.  I read some in my Elements book and baked (Slice N Bake) cookies for our Circle picnic that night. The kids got up and we straightened their room and got ready.  The picnic was at our friends' house that have a pool, so that involved getting a lot together.  Anyway, we made it a few minutes late and my dad called back to reassure me he'd take care of the computer stuff the next day.  We had a great time at the party and it wasn't too stressful- I was really worried about manhandleing both kids in the pool, but I had lots of help! We got home late and I got the kids to bed and got on Peyton's laptop for a bit.  He got home and we talked and I fell asleep on the couch.  I moved to the bed and at some point(??) AP joined.

I went up to Annie's school on Friday morning to help put notebooks together and Peyton kept the kids all morning.  When I got home my dad and his tech, Andrew, were fixing the computer and Peyton had made spaghetti! We all had lunch and he got ready for work and we cleaned up the house and I put the kids down for naps.  They did good and I got things back running on the computer and got on Twitter.  When they got up, we got ready and headed to my parents' house.

 I had a big scare while the kids were playing- AP was trying to pick Graves up...by the neck.  He started screaming and she told me what he did when she grabbed him and of course, it was a choking noise.  We had a talk about not trying to pick him up and then we headed to my parents'....right after Graves fell of his little spinner and busted his lip wide open.  We had an enchilada casserole instead of beans and rice for a change and that was nice.
She was so sweet to share her ice cream with Brother!

When we got home, I got on the computer and worked on Annie's overdue letter.  Peyton got home and we talked and then I he helped me work on a sewing project for Simeon's birthday the next day.

We went to bed pretty late and then around four in the morning we heard AP screaming.  We both ran in her room and she had fallen off the bed.  Peyton noticed that her arm was pulled behind her and then we saw that it had gotten stuck between the boxspring and the bed frame.  We got it out and called the hospital and Peyton got dressed to take her to the ER.  I helped him load her up and got Graves back to sleep and just waited.  I thought I'd never be able to sleep, but I did.

Peyton called around six on Saturday something to tell me that her arm was broken. They ended up putting just a sling on it, no cast because it was a pretty minor break.  Peyton said they were so impressed with how brave she was- they asked him what he'd given her because she wasn't even crying and he told them nothing, she hadn't had Tylenol or anything!  He also told me that he had been planning to surprise me.  He was supposed to be working, and I had gotten a babysitter so I could got to a workshop at AP's school.  I was so sad Peyton couldn't come to it or to Simeon's birthday the next day.  Well, he had gotten off and was going to surprise me at the workshop and then take me to lunch. When he got home, AP was doing so well that we assessed the situation and decided it would be fine to leave her with the babysitter.

The workshop was good, but like the last time, it was a TON of information. We talked about memory work, critical thinking, and scheduling.  I'll probably blog more about it later.  We went to lunch at Amerigo and came home to a sleeping Annie and also a puddle of teetee on the couch. Poor thing was so out it didn't even wake her up. I got it cleaned up, straightened up the house and got on the computer.  We decided we'd still stop by the birthday party, so I wrapped the present and we got ready and left.  We had a great time.  It was a swimming party and Peyton even took off Annie's sling and let her very carefully get in the water with him.  We did realize how hard it was to get her in and out of her carseat, though.  We got home and fed the kids supper and bathed Graves and put him to bed and then we played with Annie.
sweetest little girl ever!

I ate supper and got on the computer and tried to teach myself some about Elements.  Peyton and AP went to bed and I read some blogs and then went to bed myself.

Annie and I stayed home from church on Sunday.  She was so tired and I didn't want to put her in a situation where she'd potentially get bumped/pushed down/ect. by other children and I knew she wouldn't be able to sit through "big church" with her arm bothering her.  Peyton took Graves so we could just have a relaxing morning.  I did get up and get him dressed and fed him breakfast while Peyton was getting ready.  I had some breakfast and started laundry and tagged some stuff for a consignment sale that's coming up and then crawled back in our bed with AP. She slept until past ten and then we just laid in bed and watched some cartoons.  I got a bath and Peyton and Graves got home.  He had fallen asleep in the car and Peyton tried to transfer him.  I knew it wouldn't work and it didn't.  Anyway, we fixed the kids' lunches and I worked on editing some pictures and then I got ready to take my stuff for the consignment sale. 

I dropped off my stuff and then went by Kroger and Target to make a return.  One of my receipts had expired and the other dress I was returning had bled and the tag was pinned on.  I noticed that it had bled and that's why I was returning it, but I didn't see the tag.  They told me they wouldn't take it back and I came home.  Peyton convinced me to go back and ask to speak to a supervisor.  I was SO nervous, but I went back and explained again that that's the way I purchased the dress.  The lady gave me my money and I came home.  We all played for a few minutes and then Peyton went outside to do yardwork.  The kids and I (really I) cleaned up the house and then I had a snack and we all went for a walk.  It was a pretty long walk and when we got home, we fed Graves supper (AP wasn't interested) and gave them baths.  Bathing her was kind of difficult- having her arm out of the sling made it really hurt.  I vacuumed the whole house and mopped in the kitchen and then emptied the dishwasher and put the slipcover back on the couch cushion AP had used as a potty the day before. Peyton went back to the grocery and I let her watch a movie in our bed and got on the computer and read some blogs and caught up on Twitter.
She's all wrapped up in the Ace bandage that keeps her sling secure.  She's all wrapped up in him that keeps her whole self secure.  As it should be. 

This week should be really low-key, which is good given the situation.  Poor Annie's is doing okay and being really brave, but everything is a crisis it seems like and she's so emotional.  Of course, I don't blame her, but it's tiring.  I'm praying her little arm will heal quickly!

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Jenny said...

Poor girl! She is so pitiful!
I was wondering if your brick floors are hard to clean. Do you vacuum them or just sweep?