Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Weekly Smorgasbord

Here are last week's links:

Posted: 04 Aug 2012 08:47 PM PDT
"My point is that to reduce the tapestry, identity, narrative, history, and fabric of an entire continent (comprised of many different countries) to one angle is irresponsible, dangerous, and simply…wrong. Even if that angle might be accurate, to convey that angle without the context of a larger story is dangerous."
Posted: 04 Aug 2012 08:42 PM PDT
I thought this was interesting because we've been discussing it in our Old Testament study. FTR, I agree with Piper sometimes but I disagree with him a lot, too and I agree with the author of this post on some things here , but not all.

Posted: 04 Aug 2012 06:30 PM PDT
"The more I have read the Bible and studied the life of Jesus, the more I have become convinced that Christianity spreads best not through force but through fascination."

Love this sentence. I want to *make* people ask what's different about me.

Posted: 04 Aug 2012 06:29 PM PDT
" i asked if i could stay with him and breastfeed him through the night. he was starving. tiny ribs poking through, shallow breaths, dry skin & mouth, empty eyes. he didn't even have the natural instinct babies have to suck. slowly as we cuddled under my mosquito net that night, he got it. that night is precious to me--i'm only part of the team that God used to save that baby's life, but i stand amazed at our bodies and whatHe has created. i've seen recent pictures of him &; he is a happy, smiling, chubby baby now."

Such an amazing story!

Posted: 04 Aug 2012 06:28 PM PDT
"I know in my head that it is very, very unlikely that anybody is fabulous at all of these things. But somehow, that head-knowledge doesn't matter. All of this stuff blends together in my consciousness, and it feels like everyone blends together into a perfect, all-capable internet woman. She's vaguely crunchy, conscious, and intentional about everything she does. She's not perfect - oh no! but she's imperfect in an interesting, self-deprecating way, rather than a messy, boring, selfish way (like I am). In short, she has the 'I made it myself during my layover in Hong Kong and then I used it as a teachable moment and then my children wrote a song about it' life that I feel like everybody on the internet is living except for me."
Posted: 08 Aug 2012 02:18 PM PDT
Yes, I know I linked to a post like right above, but I've been playing the comparison game a lot lately, so these are good for me.
Posted: 08 Aug 2012 02:18 PM PDT
"I want you to know that most of the Christian men I meet are unambitious, apathetic, and focused on an easy life. In contrast, most of the men I meet who hold the same passions I do about politics, social justice and life goals are not Christians."

Sadly, too often this is the case, in my opinion.
Posted: 08 Aug 2012 02:17 PM PDT
"A word of caution to the would be story tellers: prosperity does not necessarily implicate providence, nor does it always bring comfort. Sometimes, the providence is in the pain."
Posted: 08 Aug 2012 02:16 PM PDT
"There are worse things. My friend is right.And yet the baby was up all night and my brain is ready to be shut off for the night by 10pm and so I nibble chocolate and read a book.Because diversion comes whether or not I wish it and I hate myself for it."
Posted: 08 Aug 2012 02:16 PM PDT
"People often say "we don't go to church, we are the church." That's a false dichotomy. We can, and should, do both. Coming together as a body of believers to hear the Word proclaimed, to sing to our Lord, and to encourage and build up our brothers and sisters in Christ is such a sweet joy and an awesome responsibility."
Posted: 08 Aug 2012 02:15 PM PDT
"I am standing in the field today, pot and pan in hand. I'm banging them together loud and long. I'm asking you to come out, young ones, no children of a lesser God but children of the fullest God. I'm asking you to join me here, in these fields, to till them, to plant in them, to commit your craft–your words, your art, your laughter, your dancing, your all–to the service of excellence unto the Lord Christ. Let's build the tables of the young alongside the tables of elder. Let's feed the hungry of every age and station. Let's love with abandon and liberty and love proud and loud and full. Let us love with our elders, let us minister alongside, receive from them, gift to them."
Posted: 08 Aug 2012 02:13 PM PDT
Posted: 08 Aug 2012 02:12 PM PDT
Posted: 08 Aug 2012 02:12 PM PDT
"And if we want more Yes to God actions in our life — we need more Yes to God contemplations in our life." I know I need more.
Posted: 08 Aug 2012 02:11 PM PDT
"I will cheer and clap and jump and holler a whole lot more if they will sit by the kid who is a little different in the cafeteria and offer to share their cookies. Or if they will dry the tears of the kid in their class who gets hurt. Or if they are the first to volunteer when a friend has a need. I will be thrilled to death if they save all their allowance money to help orphans or buy poor kids Christmas gifts. My heart will soar if they will share Jesus with their classmates or invite friends to church. I'm already so full of pride when Harper demands we pray at every meal and then says the sweetest prayers. That's better than her being a child prodigy to me all day long."

Posted: 08 Aug 2012 02:10 PM PDT
Interesting post.
Posted: 08 Aug 2012 02:09 PM PDT
Another "must read".

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