Thursday, September 27, 2012

An Experimental Mutiny: What's the Point? 

 I've had several people ask me what I've gotten from reading 7 and/or question the merit of such a project.  Honestly, I was a little skeptical at first and I still struggle to articulate all I've gained from it.  Hence, this post that I'm using to process everything.

  I really do feel like Peyton and I have both benefited from the intentionality such an effort requires, if nothing else. I will say that, overall, I don't think a whole lot of our lifestyle will be changed by 7 and to some that (understandably) defeats the purpose. For example, though I have cut down, and plan to further clear out, my wardrobe I doubt we'll ever find ourselves washing and wearing anywhere near seven clothing items a month. I also highly doubt that we'll ever drive one car for a significant amount of time. It has s been beneficial, though.

First, it has helped us make little changes- I'm more inclined to cloth diaper on the go, I don't have a paralyzing fear of saying "no bag, please" when I forget our reusable ones, and we've started buying a few things locally on the regular (hello, Great Harvest!). I've started to use more discretion in my overall consumerist behavior, but I still have a LONG way to go and I think I'm more aware of how technology can suck my life away (although I still struggle with that MAJOR).

Secondly, it's really followed in all areas that it has just made us more aware of areas in our lives that need work. I read (and linked to) this post recently about a similar sort of experiment.  As Methodists, we practice this kind of self-denial annually (at Lent), but why should it be only once a year? This kind of thing is chiseling and moreover, it leads to finding out a great deal about yourself and your priorities.

Thirdly, it's given me insight into what Peyton and I could do if we had to. Say one of our cars completely goes out in a couple of years when we're thisclose to paying off our house. I know that we could just use one car for a few months in order to finally accomplish our goal of being debt free. Or say for some reason I really needed to give up Coke or some beloved form of technology (I'm looking at you, Twitter).  I know that I could do it and the hardship wouldn't be unbearable. Of course, I've always claimed I could do any of this and I know, through Christ's power and my family's support, I could have.  But it's nice to have a practice run under your belt, ya know?

Finally, it's an exercise in gratitude. For me this has probably been the most powerful take away. Of course I know cognitively that everyone in America doesn't own two cars, that a family of four across the world could live on the leftovers we put in our trash, and that the guarantee of trips to Target and Mellow Mushroom are not listed among my First Amendment rights.  But, in doing something like this, my privilege has smacked me across the face like a tantrumming two year old. The things that are just my ordinaries are really luxuries.  It's helped me to not take so much for granted, but at the same time it's also revealed a converse, though equally powerful lesson-- things are temporal. Another head admission that I'm learning to let be a heart submission. Such a powerful dichotomy- our tangible blessings are not to be taken for granted, but they are not be worshiped and loved above all else.

So, there they are. A few lessons from 7. I'm sure there's even more ways this has stretched my heart, but those are the ones that really resonated. I'd highly recommend the experiment!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Sideblog: Schoolhouse in the Suburbs

I decided that now that we've really started to dip our toes into the whole homeschool thing, I wanted a separate place to write about what we're doing, as well as my thoughts about education type stuff in general.

I have so many posts in my drafts folder and so many things I want to talk about here and I just feel like I want to keep this place as it is.  I think it'll be great for me to have a wholly other place to give updates about our schooling adventures.

Hope to see you over there!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #184 (September 17-23)-- About to be Fall

AP has been talking all week about how it is "about to be Fall".  It cracks me up. She also keeps going to the big closet in her room and asks to wear her "Fall clothes".  It's hysterical.

For some reason, I've been so tired this week.  I've actually been going to bed earlier than usual.  I think it's just allergy stuff draining me and one night I slept terribly because I took a Sudafed too late. Otherwise, it was a good week!

Last Monday was a busy day.  Peyton was working that morning since I had a Junior League meeting that night, so I got up around 7:30 and got myself ready and then woke up the kids and got them ready and fed them breakfast and we headed out to drop AP off at school.  I had planned to go to a consignment sale on the way home, but it didn't start until ten, so I had an hour to kill.  It ended up working out well because Carrie and I were eating lunch near where the sale was, so Graves and I went back home for a bit.  I spent a little time reading with him and then he played while I started dishes and laundry and picked up a lot around the house.  I even consolidated a few piles.  I changed clothes and cleaned the bathrooms and then changed back and fixed Graves some food to take to lunch and we left again.  I stopped by the sale, but I didn't end up buying anything.  I think that's the first consignment sale I've ever been to that I've left empty handed :)  We met Carrie for lunch at Beagle Bagel and we had a great time.  The kids did really well, but the boys are a little messy.  I was carrying my tray to the trash and I dropped my drink all over the floor.  This older guy looked at Carrie and said "Well, they're almost too much to handle" and just sort of stared at me while I was trying to hold Graves and mop up the mess. Carrie and I went to the bathroom and I said some disparaging things about the old fellow and called the guy an asshole.  Carrie was gentler in her approach, but like a good friend, she was mad for me :) [Sidenote: I can't believe the little boys are big enough that I realized after I got in the car I need to watch my mouth in front of them.]

We headed over to pick up the girls after that.  Carrie and I have a nice system already where we watch each other's little kids while we take turns going in to get the girls.  It's nice not having to unload Graves and I'm sure Carrie is even more happy about it than I am! Somehow between myself and Annie, we managed to keep Graves awake the whole time (he had taken a little car nap earlier) and I put him down and read to AP and then she had rest time.  I got on the computer and I made myself do the "business stuff" I needed to do first.  I looked up some library books for AP, sent a an email about Circle, and signed up for a new She Reads Truth study and then I let myself mess around on Twitter and read blogs.

 School wore her slap out!

Peyton got home and I unloaded and reloaded dishes and got ready for my League meeting.

The meeting went well and afterwards I went by TJ Maxx to return something.  Both the kids were already in bed.  Peyton and I talked and I got on the computer and went to bed.

Tuesday was busy again.  I slept late and then got up and took a bath.  Peyton took Graves on a walk and Annie and I did school stuff.  When they got back, I got ready and left for my Junior League project.  I was at the cancer clinic all afternoon.  We actually didn't have than many kids come through to play games and do crafts, but it was fun seeing some friends and playing with the kids that did come.  One little girl was hilarious.  I got home and my mom had the kids since Peyton had to go to work.  We talked a little and then she left.  Annie and I picked up her room and then I folded some laundry and got ready for a consignment sale I was going to that night.  Peyton's parents got here and I left.  I met some friends for dinner before the sale and then we headed over to it.  It was fun, but when I left it was way later than I realized.  I got home and Peyton's parents left and I put AP to bed.  I got on the computer and then when Peyton got home we visited and I fixed AP's lunch and went to bed.

Wednesday was Peyton's day off and I just so enjoy a relaxing Wednesday.  We all got up early and got ready and dropped AP off at school and then Peyton and Graves and I went for a walk on the nature trail by our house.  We went by the grocery store on the way home and when we got home, I put up groceries.  I took a bath and then played with Graves and folded laundry.  Peyton bathed Graves and then went to get Annie and I put Graves down for his nap.  I played on Instagram and ate lunch and got on the computer.  I emailed a couple of friends and then got on Twitter.  Peyton and Annie got home and we put her down.  Both kids took great naps and I worked on some homeschool stuff (I had laminated tracing sheets and I needed to cut the edges and hole punch them) and then I talked to Peyton a little.  I read some in a new book I got and then read some of my old blog posts.  I'm going through and kind of cleaning up the labels and saving them.  I got ready and then the kids woke up and I got them ready for church and packed them suppers and we headed out.  We had another great group and I really need to blog about the book we're reading.  When we got home, I got Graves to sleep and then started working on AP.  Peyton cooked me an omelet and then I spent about an hour cleaning up the kitchen, straitening the house and doing laundry.  I got on the computer for awhile and then Peyton and I chatted and went to bed. I slept terribly that night, probably because I had taken a Sudafed.

The kids woke up early on Thursday and we had a lot to do, so I got up with them (after being kind of rude and grumpy about it).  Peyton mowed the yard and I stuck them both in the bathroom with me and took a bath.  We all had breakfast (and I dozed on the couch for ten minutes) and then I got the kids dressed.  Peyton and Graves had to run to the district office and I did the Morning Meeting with AP and then when Graves and Peyton got home, we headed to the library.  I had some books picked out (I browse the catalog online before) and so I would hand them to AP and she just sat and flipped through them while I looked.  It worked well! We headed to the grocery store and I had her out and halfway in the store and then I realized my wallet was at home.  The store is like two minutes from our house, so I ran home and got it and we headed back for a few things I needed for that night.  We were having a fundraiser at church and so I got some bread to make little cucumber sandwiches.  I worked on them and sliced up some strawberry swirl bread from Great Harvest and then Peyton needed to get ready.  I unloaded and loaded dishes and it took forever because the kids ate really short lunches and were both at my feet driving me crazy.  Anyway, I finished that and moved the chairs out of the kitchen and got it swept and then I put Graves to bed.  I mopped and read AP one of her library books and put her down.  I did some more laminating and then got on Twitter and started a blog post.  I ate lunch and then the kids got up.  They had a snack and I started some laundry and organized some of Graves's Summer clothes to go to the attic. Then I got us all ready for the fundraiser.  We were doing "Paint a Picture" at the church.  It's where an instructor comes and shows you how to paint a cute, fun canvas.  I got the kids dropped off and helped set out the food. The fundraiser was a big success and SO easy to do.  I think we'll have to do it again! We got home pretty late and I put the kids right to bed.  I cleaned up around the house for half an hour or so and then got on the computer.  I went to bed pretty early for me.

I slept in a little on Friday and then played with the kids while Peyton read some. For some reason I was still so tired! I think it was my bad night's sleep on Wednesday.  I put them both in AP's bed and we played with Little People and had so much fun.  My mom came over and helped us hang stuff in the sunroom and when she left we went for a short (forty five minute- ha!) walk.  We got home and I started cooking fish.  I had to get the Parmesean, though, so Graves and I ran to the store while Peyton got ready for work and AP played.  I finished cooking and we all ate and then I had my bath before Peyton left.  I cleaned up the kitchen and we picked up toys an then it was naptime for Graves.  I read to AP and put her down and then got on the computer for a bit.  I started a blog post, checked Twitter and read a few blogs and then I did my She Reads Truth devotional.  I started folding some clothes and Graves woke up. He took a good nap, but AP had been up a good bit asking me a bunch of stuff. We cleaned up and got ready and headed to my parents' house. For some reason, it took forever to get the kids' room picked up and AP was just in the worst sort of mood.  I was about done by the time we left.  We had a good time visiting, though, and we actually got home at a reasonable time.

  Both kids fell asleep in the car, so I guess AP's issue was just being tired.  I got on the computer until Peyton got home and went to bed around midnight.

Peyton had to work on Saturday but the kids slept until nine (well, Graves woke up twice before then, but I put him back, haha!).  Once they got up, we had a super lazy morning.  I just snuggled up in a blanket on the couch while they played for about an hour.  It's been a long time since I've done that! When Peyton's home in the mornings, I do sleep about an hour later than the kids a couple of days a week, but usually on the days I get up I try to get up and get going quickly.  Anyway, it was nice.  We all had breakfast and I took a bath and then we played some more until lunch.  I went through some of AP's Summer stuff.  Peyton and I had been planning on going to see a play I LOVE (Godspell) and I had tried to find a babysitter but nothing was working.  I talked to him and my mom and I just got sort of upset over the whole thing because I really wanted to see it.  I've seen it twice and it's one of my favorite plays of all time.  Anyway, the second time I talked to Peyton I told him about our morning and he was sort of short with me and jokingly asked if I hadn't taken AP for a nature walk to pick up leaves (something I had talked about doing all week but never got around to).  It hurt my feelings a lot and I was already upset after realizing there really wasn't a way to work out going to see Godspell.  I don't know what was wrong with me, but I just broke down crying on the phone with my mom. The kids were both wrecks, too, and I just had a hard time keeping it together.  I talked to Peyton again and Haley texted me about doing something that night and I started to feel better.  The kids calmed down and I cleaned up the den and fed them lunch and did dishes.  Everything felt a little calmer and then I put the kids down.

My mom called me again and I talked to her and then got on the computer for a bit. Around the middle of their naps, I heard AP get up and go rubble in the kitchen cabinets.  Then she walked in the study with my tiniest nesting bowl and said "I threw up a little in your little bowl, Momma" very matter-of-factly.  I looked and sure enough about a tablespoon of vom.  I called Haley and cancelled and called Peyton and my mom just to tell them the story.  AP was acting completely normal and my mom thought it was probably just from sinus drainage.  She offered to keep Annie since it would be just her and we could take Bud.  [She had told me earlier she'd keep them both while we went to the play, but she was working all day and was already tired and Peyton felt like that was asking a lot of my parents. Mainly Bud is just still at an age where nights can be difficult and he misses his Momma, especially with his teeth hurting :)] I called Haley back, but unfortunately, they had made dinner plans with Patrick's parents.  I got to work on finding someone to do children's church for me and that took the rest of naptime.  When the kids got up I fed them a junky snack (Vanilla Waffers) because I wanted to eat Oreos in front of them.  [I'm trying to do better about that kind of steps!] Anyway, they played for a bit and we cleaned up the nursery and then Peyton got home.  We all got ready and went for a walk at the park.  It was nice.  We drove around and then got pizza and the kids fell asleep on the way home. [I had packed "dinner"- sandwiches and stuff- for them to eat at the park.]

We got home and transferred the kids and ate and then I got on the computer and Peyton watched TV.  I watched some of SNL and we chatted and went to bed.

The kids woke up around eight on Sunday and I put AP in our bed and nursed Graves and put him back in his crib.  We got up for the day around nine and I got a bath and then we had breakfast. I started laundry and dishes.  We missed Galloway, so we ended up watching First Pres.  Luckily [or providentially? ;)], Dr. Duncan was preaching on persecution and our response as Christians to it. So it was a very ecumenical sermon :)  I folded a bunch of laundry and put it up between then and lunch.  The kids ate and then I put them down for naps.  I got on the computer and ended up spending a good bit of time Facebook messaging an old teacher about a pro-life picture I had shared. I did some other computer stuff and then the kids got up and we got ready for Bible study.
He loves pickles like me.  And he *loves* pretending to be on the phone!

  It was good, but we got home kind of late.  We gave both kids baths and put them to bed.  I stayed up too late again visiting with Peyton and reading blogs and stuff.

This week should be pretty chill- we really don't have much extra going on at all.  I'm excited about it!

Weekly Smorgasbord

Some lovely links from last week:

    Posted: 24 Sep 2012 12:54 PM PDT
    So sad, but hopeful.
    Posted: 24 Sep 2012 12:50 PM PDT
    Posted: 24 Sep 2012 12:50 PM PDT
    "The "social and cultural conditions" Hunter refers to involve what he calls "authoritative communities." These communities make character possible by teaching the young to subordinate their own opinions and desires to what their respective communities require of them." "The ultimate "authoritative community" is, of course, the Church. At least in theory, the Church is where, through word and sacrament, prayer and fellowship, and in the power of the Holy Spirit, we are conformed to the image of God's beloved son day by day."

    Avoiding Logical Fallacies in Theology – Justin Taylor
    Posted: 22 Sep 2012 01:12 PM PDT
    Very interesting tips for debaters.
    On doing school at home
    Posted: 21 Sep 2012 09:17 PM PDT
    Love this.
    Posted: 21 Sep 2012 09:16 PM PDT
    "And that weekend of investigation began a year of covert surveillance into brothels for my husband and I."
    Why Abortion Should Not Be Politically Decisive for Christians - Red Letter Christians
    Posted: 19 Sep 2012 08:39 PM PDT
    Here's the deal: I found this article really interesting and there's a good bit in here that makes sense and that I'm inclined to agree with. I agree that as Christians should be investing more energy in other endeavors to try to reduce abortions rather than simply trying to make it illegal. I also agree that many times, we conservatives neglect to care for the "least of these" as well as we should. That said, I can't wrap my mind around not wanting to make abortion illegal. Even if it doesn't decrease the number of abortions, I feel like if we equate it to murder (which I do, because I feel that it is) then we need to take a stand against something we feel is morally repugnant, regardless of the practical outcome.
    Posted: 19 Sep 2012 08:34 PM PDT
    "I confess, I have at times wanted to grow it into this thing: this living, breathing organism that is day-job like in its massive responsibilities while providing my family with ten meeeeeeelion dollars…a month! And at other times, I've been perfectly content to invest and care for a small number of engaged readers. I've known any number of readers is a gift, any engagement with my content is leadership and any motive I have will on one day be pure and the next day be entangled with selfishness & idolatry." This post so resonated with me. I've been thinking a lot about my blog lately (beyond just "What should I post about today?") and I'm not even sure what I want from it sometimes. I'll probably write a whole post at some point.
    Posted: 19 Sep 2012 08:32 PM PDT
    "On the one hand, of course, we want to think that this is awesome. Children benefit from being heard; they need to be free to discuss, debate, disagree. Eight-year-old philosophy may not beneficial to the hearer, but it's a valuable process for the one working out her ideas of the world. Isn't it nice that I'm staying home from any potential careers to be the Sounding Board, be the Trusted Adviser, the Philosopher Matriarch, the Unconditionally Interested."
    Posted: 19 Sep 2012 08:32 PM PDT
    Adding this to my reading list.
    Posted: 19 Sep 2012 08:29 PM PDT
    "...there is a fine line between honestly preparing couples for marriage and parenting and casting out random, threatening jabs. At stake in the distinction is not only a healthy theology of marriage and children, but the kind of culture our language creates. In a society where marriages and unborn lives are often treated as disposable, we can't be sloppy with our words. Yes, let's protect young Christians from a romanticism that ultimately self-destructs, but let us do so in a way that honors the institutions of marriage and family. Neither romanticism nor cynicism will lead to the kind of cultural shift that our marriages and families so desperately need." SO TRUE. Loved this one.
    Posted: 19 Sep 2012 08:27 PM PDT
    This was an interesting post that got me thinking more critically about our giving.
    Posted: 19 Sep 2012 08:26 PM PDT
    Well, lots of things. Joy does a great job sharing some.
    Posted: 19 Sep 2012 08:25 PM PDT
    "And instead of wishing days away or waiting for the next big life move to happen, I'm finding myself wanting it to slow down just so my boys are still small enough to both fit on my lap at the same time." Ahh, yes. Erin is so right.
    Posted: 19 Sep 2012 08:24 PM PDT
    One of my favorite of the "letters" that showed up in my Reader.
    Posted: 19 Sep 2012 08:24 PM PDT
    "Cynical, apathetic, narcissistic… the trifecta of characteristics that have come to define the millennial generation of which I'm a member. It's time for us to start turning mirrors into windows. It's time for us to start looking past ourselves." YES.
    Posted: 19 Sep 2012 08:21 PM PDT
    "Here I am: with a real breathing metaphor of contentment and peace, with a milk-drunk, blissed-out, flour-sack of a baby, thick with goodness, and something breaks through the veil between earth and heaven, I understand down in my marrow and now I can't think of God as anything other than Abba." "Here I am: stronger, bolder, fearless, empowered, soul-quieted, a giver, nourished by nourishing, a mama." " And here I am now: nursing a squirming and disinterested toddler, every once in a while, and knowing that one of these times, it will be her last time, and it will be my last time to lay skin to skin, tummy to tummy, with my own babies, breastfeeding, and that time is coming soon." Oh, gah. The tears, man. This was kinda a bit of a dagger-in-the-heart to read, understandably, because we're on the tail end of this journey. Anyway, this is a simply gorgeous post and I loved it.
    Posted: 19 Sep 2012 08:17 PM PDT
    "I wonder if public "authentic" living has first of all, exhausted us, secondly, made us "save" our deeper thoughts and questions for online conversation and caused us to shy away from personal contact, and third, created a culture of "authentic production" that is nearly impossible for the normal human to keep up with." More interesting thoughts on this.
    Posted: 19 Sep 2012 08:13 PM PDT
    "I've learned also that unorthodoxy is not, primarily, a matter of not crossing the correct "t"s or dotting the right "i"s, it is not a matter of not toeing the party line. It is, at a more basic level, a matter of telling a lesser story about a different god." "Admittedly, some of the stories that the Church has deemed unorthodox have the power to captivate, for a time. But none of them can ultimately compare to the story the Church has celebrated each time the people of God gather round the bread and wine."
    Posted: 19 Sep 2012 08:11 PM PDT
    Oh, y'all. Sometimes, I love Pinterest. But sometimes, things like this make me want to scream. Wow.

    Friday, September 21, 2012

    (Because I Love a Little Comparison Study) Flashback Friday: Toddlers Playing {July 1, 2010 and August 18, 2010}

    Ann Peyton = 14 months; Graves = 16 months

    Ann Peyton = 16 months; Graves = 16 months

    Photo a Day Challenge: August

    Um, well, I'm later doing this than I ever have been.  That's okay.  August was also probably my worst month of keeping up. I did most of these three days late and did them batch style like four at a time.  Anyway, here's last month:

    Day 1
    Minnie fixed this yummy enchilada casserole and took the kids (outside) so I could eat in peace.

    Day 2
    (One) down, (one) to go.

    Day 3
    Random Gail Pittman jar that we just for (coin)s.  Basically a Sonic bank account.

    Day 4
    (Somewhere I sat)- my kitchen chair, after fixing dinner at nine thirty and cleaning up at ten.

    Day 5
    A month of bullseye abstinence and I still have succumbed to its lure. I do have quite a few bags still, though, from previous failed attempts at self-control. (Logo)

    Day 6
    It's past time to change this thing out for August. (Writing)

    Day 7
    It's a few minutes past (8 o'clock) and Bud is in the bed.  My guess is that in a few more minutes he'll be out.  Sister's another story all together.

    Day 8
    Annie in her daisy (glasses) after her doctor's appointment.

    Day 9 
    Now that my best helper is down to one good arm, my house sure is (messy).

    Day 10
    My engagement (ring).  Peyton's great grandfather brought the diamond over from Germany, but Peyton picked out the setting.

    Day 11
    Ann Peyton calls the (purple) friend "Purple-y".

    Day 12
    Love these colorful (spoon)s in my kitchen.

    Day 13
    Something so (simple) that makes sweet Annie so happy.

    Day 14
    Can't remember the last time an (arrow) had me this excited.

    Day 15
    (Ready) to kick off Fall Wednesday night activities.  Peyton is leading this.

    Day 16
    Yummy late night snack. (Food)

    Day 17
    Some of my favorite (faces).

    Day 18
    Snuggled up (inside) for the night.

    Day 19
    (Holes) in my Chucks.

    Day 20 
    (Today) at the grocery store.

    Day 21
    This is (cool) for us.

    Day 22

    Day 23
    I'm sad to have to put this (pair) up soon, but I'm excited about this new (pair).

    Day 24
    Grace for all life's (path)ways...we've been learning this during our Morning Meetings and AP loves it.  I'm glad these strong, beautiful words are being chiseled on her heart early.

    Day 25
    (Fresh) strawberries and grapes in a Pooh Bear bowl.  Id' say it doesn't get much better, but he's having Mickey's red beans tonight.

    Day 26
    It's a lovely feeling when your starter home starts to look like your (dream) house.

    Day 27
    The (tap) of rain earlier today on my windshield.

    Day 28
    OMW, why am I still awake? (clock)

    Day 29
    I can't lie- I'm a little (down) about the fact that this is the last time they'll wear these.  I'm sure we'll be much funkier next Summer. If you read my blog lately, you know I mourn stages ending just a little. I may mourn seasons ending a tiny bit, too. [Well, just Summer.  I can't ever remember being truly sad to put up the Winter stuff.]

    Day 30 
    (Card)s in Annie's room- she loves looking at her friends.

    Day 31

    My sewing machine and the gingerbread house (hidden) beside the Pack N Play. Pretty sure my strongest asset in NYC will by my ability to "make space". 

    Tuesday, September 18, 2012

    Weekly Happenings Post #183 (August 10-16)-- Our Baby Goes to Preschool


    Whew, last week was fun!  It was AP's first week at school and she loved it.  And I actually did okay myself!

     [crazy outtake]

    Monday was a BIG day. It was AP's first day of school.

    I got up and got ready and then Peyton helped me with the kids.  We dropped Annie off and it took longer than I thought it would.
     [She's in her ballet outfit because she has ballet first.]

    Peyton and I took Graves on a walk.  We walked three miles at a brisk pace.  I was proud of myself! We rushed home and I took a shower and got Graves ready and we met Carrie at Broadstreet since she had a manageable number of kids :) We had a really good lunch and then we left to pick up the girls.  AP had had a great day.  When we got home, I put the kids down for naps. Graves had taken a car nap and AP was just wired. I picked up around the house and started laundry and got on the computer.  I laid down for a few minutes and then got the kids up.  We cleaned up their room and I fed them dinner and then I folded laundry and watched the news while they played.  I put Graves to bed a little early and then got AP ready for bed.  I got back on the computer and when Peyton got home, I helped him put up groceries and we talked some.

    Peyton got up with Graves on Tuesday and took him on a walk.  AP and I slept in.  I got up before her at around 9:30 and took my bath and then she woke up.  We ate breakfast and I unloaded dishes and we had a quick Morning Meeting and then I loaded her up and we went to the library to get some books about "I" things since that's the letter of the week.  We dropped by home so I could get my wallet and then went to Hobby Lobby to look for a bow.  We really low on white ones and have no red ones.  I was going to order some, but I'm kind of down to the wire.  They were out and then we went by Target to get me some colored skinny jeans.  We got home and I cooked a veggie lunch (corn, okra, black eyed peas, and rolls).  We ate and I finished unloading and reloading dishes and when Peyton left I put the kids down.  I straightened up around the house, got on the computer, and organized a pile on the desk in the study.  I got ready because we had a meeting of all the different ladies circles at our church that night.  I got the kids up and we straightened their room and I got them ready.

    We got to the church and I realized I hadn't cooked and the thing was a potluck! I felt so dumb, especially since I'm the president of our circle.  We were the host circle, so I got there early to help set up.  The meeting was good and pretty short.  When we got home, I got Graves ready for bed and put him down and then gave AP a bath and got her ready for bed. I put up a bunch of laundry while she was in the tub.  I got on the computer until Peyton got home.

    Annie had school on Wednesday and I got up and got ready first and then got her ready.

      Peyton got up with Graves and I took AP to school.  She had a smoother drop off and that was nice.
    [Ann Peyton with her BFF Mary Milton]

     I tried to go get some new make-up on the way home, but the store didn't open until 10:00. I talked to Peyton a little and we took Graves's monthly picture and then they left for a walk.  I started working on a little project on the computer and got sucked into that.  I didn't intend for it to take so long, but it did.  When they got back, I fixed Graves's lunch and unloaded and loaded dishes. I put him down for a nap and cleaned up his lunch and then I finished my project and ate my lunch.  I got on the computer for a bit and played on Twitter and then I did the week's reading for Bible study.  Peyton got home and AP had fallen asleep in the car.  We transferred her and they actually both stayed asleep and I finished reading and uploaded some pictures.  They got up and we all got ready for church.  Peyton wanted to leave early to go by a comic book store to get this.  We got it (it's a little mature- we're saving it for later) and then we headed to church.  We had dinner and the study was really interesting again.  I need to blog about, right after I finish up my Christian Believer posts.  We went by Sephora again on the way home for me to get my make-up.  When we got home, I put Graves to bed and we started working on AP.  I read blogs for awhile and finished Graves's letter and we went to bed.

    Thursday morning AP woke up saying her head hurt.  I had nursed Graves at 7:00 and I felt awful, too, when they woke up at 8:00.  Peyton got up with them and I laid back down on the heating pad for half an hour.  They were going on a walk and I really wanted to go, too, so I brushed my teeth and splashed some water on my face and we went.  I'm glad I did- not just for the exercise, but for the company!

     It was tough, though.  I just felt awful.  We picked up donuts and went to the park and played a bit.  We came home and I took a bath and then Peyton did.  I got something out of the attic and then Peyton had to leave for work early.  The kids weren't really hungry since we had a late breakfast and when I tried to do some Morning Meeting stuff AP said her head hurt again, so I just put them down for naps.  Graves fell asleep pretty fast and I started writing a post and got on Twitter and uploaded and edited some pictures.  He woke up and played a little right after AP fell asleep.  He was fussing, though, and having a hard time and he had made it about an hour and a half, so I got him up.  He had a snack and I had lunch and gave him a bath and then we woke AP up and cleaned up her room. I folded and put up some laundry while the kids watched a movie and then we ran to the grocery store for milk and bananas.
    AP said her head was hurting and later we realized she had a fever, but she was determined to wear her "high heel dress" to the grocery store!

     We came home and I fed Graves and got him down while AP watched Dora.  I read a little and then got her ready for bed.  I put her down and read some in a couple of books and did my Old Testament study.  I flipped through a few of magazines and then got on the computer and finished my post and read a few blogs.  Peyton got home and we ate supper (he had a sandwich and I had oatmeal) and started a movie.  He fell asleep and I was tired so we went to bed.

    I woke up feeling yucky on Friday.  AP had been up with fever a good bit and I was so tired.  Peyton got up with the kids and took them for a walk.  I went ahead and got up and started laundry and picked up around the house.  I organized some of the kids' new Fall clothes and started cooking some chicken for a chicken pot pie (my mom uses canned and I always have, too, but we're trying to be a little more steps).  They got home and I took a quick bath and then I did the Morning Meeting and some tracing and other school stuff with AP.  I washed dishes and made the pot pie and then we had lunch.  Peyton left and the kids helped me clean up and then I put them down for naps.  They did well and I got some homeschool prep (laminating a bunch of stuff) done and wrote a blog post.  I got on Twitter and then the kids got up.  We cleaned up their room and then headed to my parents' house for beans.  We had a good time and got home late.  Peyton got home and we stayed up way too late.  I wrote a second blog post for the day.

    The kids slept until about 8:30 on Saturday and we all got up and went for a walk.  When we got home, I ironed and tagged things for a consignment sale and we took baths and got ready to run errands.  I started laundry and dishes and picked up around the house.  We dropped off my consignment stuff and then dropped something at Peyton's parents' house.  We ended up visiting and then stopping at his sister's for visit.  When we got home, we put the kids down and I started more laundry and organized some piles.  I finally got one in the study that's been driving me crazy taken care of, but I had to do it in stages it was so redic.  I did a few homeschool things (put a binder together) and then played on Facebook.  My mom stopped by for a quick visit and then I made a salad to take to Morgan's and Haydn's that night.  We all got ready and headed to the Roberts' house for dinner and to watch the football game.  We had a great time and got home pretty late.  I stayed up on the computer and then I just couldn't get to sleep.  AP joined us early Sunday morning.

    We had to get up pretty early on Sunday because we were having professional pictures taken.  Yes, I know, at 8:00 on Sunday morning.  But it was really the only time Peyton and my photographer friend could do it.  Anyway, we got ready and went over to my parents' house since it's so pretty there.  We got some good ones, but Graves was a stinker! We loaded back up and headed to church.  Peyton taught Sunday school and then ushered at the late service.  We went to lunch with our friends the Powers and then came home and relaxed a bit.  I took a nap and we fixed stuff for Stewpot and did dishes and headed back to church.  I kept the kids and Peyton went to the shelter. Poor Graves fell asleep in that loud nursery!

      We got home kind of late because we needed to stop by Walmart for some office supplies.  We put the kids to bed and I cleaned up around the house and got on the computer and then went to bed.
    We put him to bed in his jonjons and Keds.  It was that kind of a day.

    This week is starting out busy, but it should taper of and just be fun and relaxing!