Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Few More Inches

We were thrilled when Momma's friend offered us her (twenty five year old) bed. And when we realized that it would fit with the headboard we already had, it seemed like almost Providence...or something.

It's my understanding that many married people don't start out in a double bed. We did. We spent our first year in the bed the exact same size as the one I slept in from the day I started sleeping in a bed until the day I left for college. Don't get me wrong, we felt blessed to have a bed, but when we had the chance to "upsize" our sleeping accommodations to a queen, it was virtually a non decision.

 They tell you that sleeping on a used mattress is gross and unsanitary. I read about it once in an article that advised not using hand-me-down car seats, breast pumps, infant tubs and toddler toilet seats. Truthfully, college SD would have been mortified by the thought of sleeping atop someone else's sweaty secretions. But this girl? Peyton's wife?

He had taught me a few things, that faithful steward I married. I had learned to count our pennies.  I had learned to make a budget and I had learned to life within one. I had learned that decorating (and furnishing) our house would not happen along the timeline I had thought it would.

I had learned that that great big man needed more than a double bed if he was going to be sharing it.

And I was determined to share it with him.

Later, we would even more fully appreciate those extra inches we had to spare.  When Graves had many a hard night and we reluctantly became the best co-sleepers for a season. When Annie broke her arm and just needed more attention than we could really give to her with a hallway of separation. When the night terrors...or the teething...or the thunder...or the strange fears they can't even articulate creep in during the night, those extra inches are precious all the more.

This post is my first attempt at a new project one of my absolute favorite bloggers, eh, writers, has started. I said awhile back that I wanted to use this space to write, REALLY WRITE, more than I did and Amber's prompt was just that...a prompt to do something that I love.


Nicki said...

Hi Sarah! Just stopping by via Amber Haines site. Loved your post and your photos. yoI have similar pics here of daddy and little people all snuggled up ☺ Thanks for sharing a little piece of you with all of us xo

The Niemeyer Nest said...

We started off in a double!